Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Daily Note - Snowed Under

Perhaps all this snow is a metaphor for the times we are currently living. I feel it is for me. Maybe it is a sign for us all to take it slow, ease back. Life will go on like it has for eternity. We need to quit trying to hurry things through, but instead, think things through.

There is a lot of hurry to fix, the economy, the ecology, the currency, the commodity, the climate, the budget and jobs, will only get us into more confusion, conflict, dilemma and chaos. It gives us more to do which may make us feel like we are getting somewhere, but it only results in more running around without reaching accomplishment. Maybe the snow is sent for us to realize there is a time for reflection and no action.

Regardless of the fact that I am living in California, I feel snowed under, so I will heed the signs. To my snowed under friends across the lands and seas, let it rest and enjoy the quiet life if only for a day.

Happy Trading, Living and Resting

BIDU was a great play yesterday. with a total of 31+ point gain. Don't push it today, don't be too eager. Let it play for you in other words, become the dancer.

Posted 04:31 AM Eastern