Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Daily Note- Let it Play

It was a very difficult day yesterday from what I observed. Most plays seemed tight and the market, although regaining substantial ground, seemed unsure of itself. I find that no matter what the day is like, if I let the day play out, it will eventually show me some harmony, and here it is

What the chart shows, I would venture to guess is a repeat of last July. In which case we are heading for higher highs. The 10400, I mentioned a couple of days ago, still looks like the one to cross for confirmation. On the other hand, we are not out of the woods yet, so don't leave your seats as the "fat lady" may still sing at this concert and we shall see if another reversal takes place to revisit and perhaps breakdown the lows. So let this tune play out, no matter how discorded, one day this tune shall end and another dance will begin.

I think I danced too much last night
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Play List

USO has been moving well in opposite of DTO

Posted 07:50 Eastern