Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Daily Note - Hard Rock' in Venezia

So what am I doing in the Hard Rock Cafe in Venezia. You would think I have much better things to view and do  than an American Bar. Yet here I am. I was actually looking for an  old "standby" or more accurately, an old favorite restaurant when I happened on the Hard Rock Cafe. As you know my belief about there being no accidents, I decided why not. This is the 3rd Hard Rock Cafe I remember being inside, Hollywood and San Francisco being the others. Well, it IS America's Cup week here after all, so why not be American, I thought. Having an Italian Spritz in the Cafe makes me feel like I'm in Venice so all's well.  It's after 2pm here and markets in USA are getting ready to open.  So what better place to do work? You get my jest?

Being real and looking at AAPL it's at a critical point and I suggest you check the weekly chart to see what I mean. 550 hold or lose to 525 area possible. I say that as I watch Billy Idol. now you know why I want to trade and travel at the same time. What a great way to watch the markets than to  listen to Rock 'n Roll.  My wish for you is to enjoy, as another article is born and I will go over the the Arsenal to watch the practice of the fleets this afternoon, have some music and apertif early in the evening and be back in time for the close.

That's how it goes for my afternoon, but stand by for more.... tomorrow perhaps?

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Daily Note - On Wine and Welcome

The fun thing about being a trader and vacations is that you don't have to feel like you're on vacation or that you are working. You can do both and still feel like you are at home. Mind you, if you don't like being at home, this may not appeal to you but I happen to like being at home AND I like being away. The feeling at home comes from comfort or being at ease with one's environment.

Take for instance the other eve, on my way to dinner, my feet stopped at a wine bar. It didn't look like a wine bar until I stepped inside but outside it looks like a sidewalk cafe except for the name, Ca' del Vin, which caught my attention. I may come across a wine bar in many places around the world but this one happens to be in Bardolino, Italy. Wines on the shelves are varieties of the local, near local and famous quality. (Namely, Veneto wines: Bardolino, Valpolicella, Amarone but other more famous regions are also well represented.) Settling onto a bar stool, perusing the offerings brings some warmth to recognize a couple of labels, but I'm not here for the familiar, I'm here for new memories. Usually one gets those by doing and trying new things. I settled on tasting some Valpolicella wines because they are not so popular where I live in the States, but this article is about the place and comfort not the wines, so let me just say that they were on the superior side.

Hospitality is part of the reason we feel "at home" anywhere we are, because being treated with genuine welcome puts us at ease and it is what I look for when I travel. Of course it helps when one is also familiar with the activity, in other words when one's familiarity with the subject helps one's feeling of ease. In this case, I know wines, so it's easy to strike up conversation and of course it's helpful if we are able to converse in a common language of two or even three when needed; one way or another we are able to communicate. It is also not necessary. Just by being in a welcoming surrounding makes it a pleasant experience.

You may not even think about it at all, or think on it often, but being in comfortable surroundings while you trade is of great importance. Most of us know that it helps our results when we trade in a friendly atmosphere where we can express ourselves or stay quiet and still feel part of the group. So, examine your surroundings and see if you feel like you belong on that "bar stool", like what you are doing, and truly enjoying the experience. If you haven't already had such a feeling, I suggest you go on a holiday and see what new fun experiences you can find in the trading world and remember that you have to make the effort and not just expect it to happen without your interest and participation.

When I left Lake Garda last week, I dropped in the wine bar for my last evening in Bardolino, and was greeted with a welcome as if I've been going there for years. It's the type of experience I will take with me and remember for a long time.

Of course I can't forget that there is music: European & USA mix, and the best bruschetta in town or maybe anywhere.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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