Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Daily Note - Post Storm Outlook

***** Hard to tell the exact effect of a two day closure of markets due to the storm. There could be an initial euphoria about the re-opening and then a drop off due to concerns about the coming reports this week, and the uncertainty of the elections. There will be added impact of the economic uncertainty of the effects of this storm also.

Further impact will probably take some time to assess. We already know that the airlines and transportation will have suffered losses due to cancellations of thousands of flights but the storm could effect the coming holiday markets negatively also. On the other hand, demand will likely be up for the building sector and for the energy sector.

Other positives could be that there should be a surge of available jobs due to need for clean up and re - building as well as the holiday markets ahead which economically speaking are short term positives for the 4th quarter of this year.

As always, not knowing which way it will go, we can only trade them as we see them. So, it's best to keep positive attitudes up and, as always, keep you eyes on the charts and trade them well and carefully!

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The Daily Pick - $DJIA Weekly Outlook

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Daily Note - No Such Thing as "Good" News

***** It's no news that "good" is bad and "bad" is good or the that "sick" is really good but being "well" well, who knows. Confusion is the mother of invention now anyway and thus earnings reports may not be the "news" anymore but only the vehicle to load up on future promises be it "good" or "bad" may make no difference. I am speaking strictly post earnings announcement and after hours market trading today.

Witness $AMZN report of missed revenues, earnings and downgraded forward outlook. If we were in "before time" the drop would have been real, retrace perhaps the usual 50% but the drop lower almost guaranteed. Today, it retraced almost 100%. $AAPL which announced much later, was halted prior to announcement then with a minimal drop it too is rebounding as we speak.

For day traders this is just another alert to adjust the way we trade. For others, less experienced, it is startlingly unpredictable and perhaps it is best not to look at the havoc but just wait out the results in the following weeks because nothing is as it seems in the first hours/days/rhythms of this market anymore.

Is it really "the bomb" this way? You be the judge, just don't use real matches.

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The Daily Pick - $DJIA Outlook Update

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Daily Note - $NFLX Watcha Gonna Watch?

***** Watcha gonna watch? It's been over a year since I followed and traded $NFLX to the long side. It was an uphill battle, both figuratively and literally, against all opinion and well rewarded for those who followed. When you look at the longer term weekly chart it looks something like the forming of the Sierra Mountain range here in California; sloping to one side, steep decent on the other. The downside was easier because it finally went to the side of the "non-believers"; how many of them suffered on the way up, I cannot guess.

I was following the daily charts then, seeing many cloud formations which I spoke about in my posts and followers may recall. They were compelling the way the breakouts formed and continued upward with gaps, just like the way down. I am not abandoning those pattern thoughts this time either, but I am not watching the dailies as much and I'm not trading Netflix frequently.

I often mention that I must pay attention to something that grabs my notice, and this time it's the weekly where I see a possibility of continued breakout. Of course with the question of the earnings report this afternoon it's not a good idea to jump on today, but see if the pattern will continue tomorrow after the announcement today.

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The Daily Pick - $NFLX

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Daily Note - $GOOG The Courage to Continue

*****Much will bewritten about $GOOG Google earnings leak today so pardon me for adding to the mix. I'm hoping that I may help by being somewhat philosophical about the day and the markets.

I doubt if the results would be any different if the earnings came out at their due time; in fact I believe that the next day may have been much worse due to the likely gap at open. This way, much of it was alleviated save for the halt which was inevitable with this rapid drop.

The rules about trading don't change but many will learn about keeping them as a result of today's dip on the market. So the good thing is that we learn, the bad thing is if we don't. Of what I speak, once again, is keeping stops real and not imaginary. Those who keep mental stops may not look at the the progress of a stock at the right moment but even if they do, the reaction time takes much away from result. Therefore a real stop, or entered stop, will be the life saver at such events. Your attention will be there soon enough to see some of your gains kept or losses kept to a minimum. In trading you cannot be more accurate than that. Which is really the lesson for today.

I did not post any earnings plays today because of the nature of today's GOOG results, and the nature of the way it happened. Any earnings announced post market may be met in an unrealistic way, not worth the gamble. Most people are unreadable in a "panic" mode and since most traders are people, I'll keep my hands away from trading platform. My stops and triggers have been set and played for today. Tomorrow is another day and the courage to move on will forever be the key to trading success and living life passionately.

Because of the nature of my PlayList reporting and GOOG results for today, I will open my subscriber PlayList for week #143 for all to see. Subscribers can play the list any way they wish the results are posted to the maximum possible with any trade when the rules are kept. Each day presumes cash out at end of day unless overnight (o/n) keep is posted (very rare).

I hope today's lesson will help all traders in some way to become better. As to how you feel about today, I see no better philosophy than that said by Winston Churchill "Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts." I wish you all the courage to continue.

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