Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Daily Note - Scripting Your Future

Okay I won't repeat here what I wrote there but it's related to what I am about to continue to write here.

You see, all that hate and bad news purported back then created our present time. Although it was not reality then, it is reality today. In other words, we scripted the future which we are now living just as we are scripting our future with our present thoughts.

We not only script our futures collectively we also script them individually so it stands to reason that what we are thinking about ourselves today will be reality not only in our tomorrow but it can be also argued that it is our reality from minute to minute. So if we can script our present and long term future, we can also script our present trades and future wealth.

Each action we take has to be preceded by thought. Each thought we have has energy behind it to drive us into action. The higher the energy, the more decisive the action the lower the energy behind the thought the less we are likely to follow through with action. No matter which action we take it reinforces the thought which in turn makes the thought more powerful the next time around. Therefore the more predominant the thought the more we are likely to make it happen or create its reality.

If you don't think your thoughts are writing your future, at least be aware of them. Prove it to yourself that they carry no weight in your actions and decisions about actions you take. There is only one way that I know which will bring you face to face with your thinking. That is to physically write them down. Each thought which occurs needs to be written down. Of course, that is an overwhelming task and nearly if not totally impossible. So then perhaps what is a better more focused way of tackling the task is to pick a topic which you wish to do better and write down your thoughts on the subject each time you notice it. The more you write, the more you will notice when they occur and eventually, you will discover a stream of reoccuring thoughts which when examined show why you are taking the action about the subject in a certain direction.

Now, apply that to your trades. Each and every time you think about a trade. Write down your initial, continual and final thoughts about it. The thought which prompted you to look, analyze and take action on a trade; and also why you discard or dismiss them from becoming reality. Add to those your thoughts on how it feels while you are in and excecuting a trade. Make note if your mood changes from initial action and continued progress. Noting your feelings and your mood signals that a thought has occured which you may have missed because if your mood or feeling change, your thoughts have already changed.

As you examine your notes, notice how your thoughts have followed the progress of each trade. Notice how and where your thoughts lead and notice how your thoughts guide your trade and give you advantage or disadvantage over the trade you hold. Thought scripts can be old and are a habit from the sheer number of times they occured and got reinforced. They can be difficult to break, but the more conscious we are about them, the faster we recognize them and the easier it becomes to turn them into thoughts we desire for our future. In other words, what we recognize we can change and manage in order to create a more positive outcome. It is thus that we can consciously script our future.

By practicing thought supervision while trading you can literally pre-script your outcome just by directing your thoughts. Scripting the trade or planning it is visualization which then is reinforced by the positive execution of it. It's energy created by thought and patterns created by repeated thought practices. I don't mean that you can literally change the top of bottom of the trade, because that takes collective concious thought, but I do mean that you can recognize that collective thought and that you can literally make the best trade available to you as a result.

Just as it takes negative scripting to have a bad life, it takes positive scripting to have a good one. We all have heard about people who have made conscious decisions to literally change the outcome of a bad situation. Those people literally changed their script at that instant. You can make your script change just as fast provided the thoughts have enough power behind them. Life or death situations illustrate the example the best.

It is also true that how much we enjoy what we do carries an enourmeous power behind it therefore enjoyment reinforces the repetition of the act. As negative thoughts are brought about and create dissatisfaction, it stands to reason that positive thoughts are then brought about and create satisfaction. Each satisfying outcome helps us script another one which at first will need an effort but later as it is reinforced will become effortless. Each trade we execute well will help you to script another one at first with effort but later with much more ease allowing you to enjoy your trades more and more often.

As you start loving what you do, you will not only have better trades and a better present but also you can count on a better future. When you do what you love, there is no room for anything but happiness. So, enjoy your life and enjoy your trades and script your future well.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Daily Note - How's Your Act?

Let's go to the circus and see all the fun and pretty acts. They make it seem so easy don't they? Riding bareback on horses, tumbling, juggling, swallowing fire. Taming the beasts and daring the heights and watch the clowns as they act as if it's all a joke and make it seem easy. You can see it all at the circus. Does it sounds like a day at the markets?

We can close our eyes and imagine ourselves do those acrobatics and daring deeds without difficulty in our imagination but when it comes to actually doing it, reality sets in. Even if we could do a few things and feel marvelous about the outcome, the most talented amongst us would not look like the professionals.

What we need to remember about the circus is that each and every one of the performers train for years and then practice daily. What's more, they do it fully focused and conscious because they know that the slightest error can take them out with injury or worse, death. With each move visualized over and over again, they approach the ring and their performance with grace and knowledge of the outcome.

So it is with trading. There are many available ways to learn your skill in trading and many offers out on the stream to teach you how to trade, each with success stories to back them up; but the reality is that it takes time to learn the "trade". It takes weeks, months, years and decades to become your best depending on how much time you devote to your skills, how much are you willing to invest of your time to practice, research and actually do your act.

Don't fool yourself; if you do not take the steps, the steps will take you out. Every time you open your trading platform, think about your act. Are you trained well, and do you practice your trades daily to hone your skills? Are you prepared to do your best or just hoping for the best? How well are you focused on the days outcome? Those questions are not to hinder you but to help you realize what is important to be successful at your trade.

Trading is much like the circus, you can be part of the freak show or part of the main act depending on your desires. Just remember that whether you're a high flyer or a clown, your skills are your tools and your performance reflects in the outcome. Your audience will appreciate the act but only you know if you've done your best.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Friday, June 24, 2011

The Daily Note - To Greece or not to Greece

2011-06-23 15:00:21 [Message] Anni -> Trading Room: Greece reaches agreement with EU/IMF inspectors on 5-year austerity plan that's the reason for the bounce here.
Told you all bets off if Greece agreements reached.

So, that fixed everything? Of course not, but it's a relief. In my opinion it's not a good thing either. The EU can keep pretending they were not to blame, along with the IMF complicity. It's easier to cover it up and blame Greece. It's a shell game. It's the same as what happened with housing in the USA. Government forced banks to lend via the CRA and then blamed the banks for their greed, force a bail out and collect good money in return for bad, allowing banks to write off loans for more than what they were worth and viola everyone happy except of course the homeowners, businesses and people who want to work.

Same thing in Europe via the EU who required countries to comply with their idea of a stable economy and bringing their currency to an artificial level in order to keep the EU strong. It basically forced the countries to borrow and to sell their resources to outside corporations, leaving very little margin of safety. With the new found "wealth" eastern nations began rebuilding themselves into the modern age and getting into debt. Same thing as allowing poor families to borrow for a home they can't afford.

The EU forces small countries to comply to their money standards, force them to borrow to do it and then blame them for inflated false prosperity and mismanagement of funds.

Who wins, who loses?

They know that paper money will trigger the good feelings. Just as what is happening with the markets now. Paper money is inflationary because prices rise but value falls. We, traders know it yet we play along because we win that way and follow the trend but we will pay in the end. Devaluation of our buying power already happening. Food prices, clothing, other goods keep rising and people not calling out yet, but they will! We will have our Greece in the markets.

You cannot sustain prosperity when high unemployment is plagueing the nation especially in that most prosperous of states, California. You cannot sustain it at this level of living standard.
You'll live, but you'll be the new Rome, the new Greece, the new Japan.

Ever wonder what happened to the old Greece, the old Rome and yes, Japan? Ever wonder why they can't return to their old "glory"? How much debt can we take on and think we will sustain ours?

Happy Trading, Living and keep on Dancing

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Daily Note - Played or Playing?

The inevitable question we all must at one time or another ask of ourselves is whether we are playing or are we being played. Paying too much attention to the many opinion mills available tends to cloud the issue to the point where we may wake up on the wrong side of this bed of nails.

CNBC, CNN, FOX all spout an agenda, so do most politicians and especially the various hearings they hold. You will also find much misinformation along with good information on all streams of social media and of course you can read a billion blogs and find the same. You can drive yourselves and others crazy in the long term and certainly confused in the short, but one thing you need keep in mind along the way is the question of: who has got what on their list of desires for the outcome? It will help your sanity if you want to trade the news.

I have found years ago that what most news outlets tell you in the headline is either misleading or plain wrong. Reading about 2000 headlines per day during a 5 year period made me some sort of expert on the subject. Pick up any tabloid and it becomes obvious, pick up the NY Times and it's almost subtle or at least it used to be. Read Reuters, UPI, AP headlines and read the meat about 2/3 of the way down and you'll get the idea. Inevitably along the way I realized it was no accident. Making others alert to it is quite another matter but I keep trying. The alternative would have been to stay dumb and become numb, which is not in line with my style.

Also inevitably I had to realize that I could play or be played. Since I prefer to make up my own mind I chose the former so in the end I had to become the trader I am today.

The best way to play the head games they play is to become part of the stream. "Be the ball" "Go with the flow" which in the long run allows you to anticipate and act in near unison. Rather than be contrary, which I can be often enough just for the debate, I prefer to anticipate and go along for the ride. Am I being played? I've found myself on the nail end of the bed at times but, I'd like to think, not nearly as often as before; but when one is sure of something is when they are most vulnerable to being played. Keep it in mind when listening to the Fed, and all the players next time, that they too can be played if you hold your own thoughts clear and take THEM for a ride.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Monday, June 20, 2011

The Daily Note - A Not So Daily Note

Pardon my lack of posts this year, I can't believe we're nearly half way through and I find that The Daily has become the Weekly. Truth is though that my lack of posts have troubled me as has my lack of motivation for quite a while.

I am looking at the many articles started and abandoned and as I read them I wonder why. Certainly they seemed interesting and timely enough, yet, for reasons forgotten, I did not finish them. Did not finish; my thoughts incomplete, my search abandoned. Again, I wonder why? Have I lost interest in writing or am I just burned out and need a long hiatus?

I am not sure what it's like for professional writers, as I am just an amateur and still learning. Do they have the same problems? It would be easy just to blame it on writing woes, but deep down I know I've been avoiding the truth about the matter.

I hate these moments .. really I do. It's when I realize that once more, whatever was not faced the last time, I must again try to overcome. I think we all want the easy answers for any dilemma and rather not go on a soul search for deeper meanings, yet if we really want to grow, the challenge must be faced.

I've always viewed answers as simple and dilemmas as complicated only because we avoid the truth. Once truth is faced, the answer is simple. The most time any answer takes is in the facing the truth not in the solution of the dilemma. Action can only happen once both of those are in alignment at which time the simplicity is sweet relief.

So, if the truth is sweet relief then why don't we embrace the search and quickly arrive at the truth? The answer is unfortunately the source of all complications and the main source of all trader's problems: Fear

No matter how often we experience relief when discovering the truth, we fear the next one. There's got to be some way to back track that to our ancestry or is it just me? Is it only my history, my past, my experience? Judging from the vast material out there and what I read, the answer is that I'm not alone. The example most in news currently is Greece. Over borrowed, over lent, over paid, over extended and Europe, the world and the markets are overwrought which complicates the dilemma and avoids the simple answer: failure.

Nature keeps proving daily that without failure there is no progress, no growth and results in stagnation and decay. Our world is experiencing decay on a large scale, and we keep accepting the lies told us due to our fear of loss, failure and need for one more day of feeling good.

So, what is my truth? I dislike being negative and complicated; when confronted by those, I prefer just getting at the bottom line. Why have I been so hung up about the topics I've started and not finished? I, too, tried to avoid failure. Fearing that I will fail if I write about politics, news, economy and other "distasteful" subjects rather than music, trading or dance. Fearing my topics would not be fresh and keep the interest of my readers. But, if failure is a necessary step of growth, then we must embrace it with both arms, kiss it and wish if farewell before we can start again.

So, I shall start writing again no matter what topic comes to mind, be it negative or positive. I won't hide it as it is all a part of who I am, but as always it will somehow be relevant to trading and life, because I cannot be what I'm not and somewhere there'll be music and dance because I cannot be who I'm not. Simple as it may be.

Thanks for reading &
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Daily Note - The Matter of a Miss

Oh puhleese! Dear news media or anyone doing any tweets regarding reports, quit calling it "a miss"; it's "a result"! It's a result due to pure mismanagement, by this government, of all things financial. Period. In case you are wondering, I'm talking Philly Fed today, but it applies to all things economic by the current or past administrations.

A miss is an oops we goofed with a few figures. A result is what happens when the fox is in the hen house. It's a result of not reading bills prior to passing them, and a result of all politicians not knowing what it's like not having any.. be it sex or money. (Thanks Weiner for that line) It's a result of proving, yet again, that if you, dear taxpayer don't give a hoot about who's is running your country you'll get the "result" not a "miss", (be it a she or a he) in your private affairs.

In short (actually in the long run), a result is when you don't use your stops. A miss is when you do and get stopped out before you bleed out.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Daily Note - Comfortably Numb

By record I have written 388 articles on this blog about trading, life and current events as they relate to each other. Often I have used the past to point out what can happen in the future. It works for trading and it works for the lives we live. Although we oft say we do not have a crystal ball toward the future, we do very much have a clearer picture about the past and bringing timelines forward, we can predict our futures pretty well, unless we make different choices in the present and thereby taking action that will alter the outcome.

If we look at our trading patterns, we will see the same mistakes repeating. Why? Because we refuse to make choices in the present. The "now" where everything accumulates and happens once again, because of our repetitive action or our continued persistence that the action we took before must and will work this time. Hence the saying. Of course if you like the previous outcome, keep repeating it and the cycle begins again, each time our action is a repetitive one.

What will jolt us to new action? I have no answers for you. No amount of suffering seems to do it, no amount of anger either and sadly, no amount of love. If all those would make the difference, then our world would have no problems since the outpouring of charity is ever greater each year. There is no lack of giving, however there is a lack of receiving.

If we were content to reach our apex without our own actions, everyone would be content, bellies full fat and happy with jobs and roof over heads. So, somewhere deep in our soul we recognize that the struggle is our own to solve and true contentment comes from conquering that challenge. The founders of our country knew it, most of our good leaders have too but many do not, including those in leadership around the world today. I cringe daily when I hear our leaders, yet again, giving us another "solution".

Recent, history keeps proving that Socialism, in it's worst and best forms do not make us happy, or happier in the long run especially. Nor does it give us incentive to be our best. Yet many insist that this time it will be different. Note who insist on that view, then ask yourself if you are ready to take new action. In reality, those governments want us to be comfortably numb because in that state we'll take no serious action and just let them play on their own chessboards living the life we will only continue to dream about.

Now that the Fed is beginning to admit, in small doses, that in effect, they have failed with their solutions, are we too comfortably numb to take a new action? When we realize that those in power will never have our solutions for us then we'll begin to stop history repeating yet again another depression.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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