Monday, June 27, 2011

The Daily Note - How's Your Act?

Let's go to the circus and see all the fun and pretty acts. They make it seem so easy don't they? Riding bareback on horses, tumbling, juggling, swallowing fire. Taming the beasts and daring the heights and watch the clowns as they act as if it's all a joke and make it seem easy. You can see it all at the circus. Does it sounds like a day at the markets?

We can close our eyes and imagine ourselves do those acrobatics and daring deeds without difficulty in our imagination but when it comes to actually doing it, reality sets in. Even if we could do a few things and feel marvelous about the outcome, the most talented amongst us would not look like the professionals.

What we need to remember about the circus is that each and every one of the performers train for years and then practice daily. What's more, they do it fully focused and conscious because they know that the slightest error can take them out with injury or worse, death. With each move visualized over and over again, they approach the ring and their performance with grace and knowledge of the outcome.

So it is with trading. There are many available ways to learn your skill in trading and many offers out on the stream to teach you how to trade, each with success stories to back them up; but the reality is that it takes time to learn the "trade". It takes weeks, months, years and decades to become your best depending on how much time you devote to your skills, how much are you willing to invest of your time to practice, research and actually do your act.

Don't fool yourself; if you do not take the steps, the steps will take you out. Every time you open your trading platform, think about your act. Are you trained well, and do you practice your trades daily to hone your skills? Are you prepared to do your best or just hoping for the best? How well are you focused on the days outcome? Those questions are not to hinder you but to help you realize what is important to be successful at your trade.

Trading is much like the circus, you can be part of the freak show or part of the main act depending on your desires. Just remember that whether you're a high flyer or a clown, your skills are your tools and your performance reflects in the outcome. Your audience will appreciate the act but only you know if you've done your best.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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