Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Daily Note - Comfortably Numb

By record I have written 388 articles on this blog about trading, life and current events as they relate to each other. Often I have used the past to point out what can happen in the future. It works for trading and it works for the lives we live. Although we oft say we do not have a crystal ball toward the future, we do very much have a clearer picture about the past and bringing timelines forward, we can predict our futures pretty well, unless we make different choices in the present and thereby taking action that will alter the outcome.

If we look at our trading patterns, we will see the same mistakes repeating. Why? Because we refuse to make choices in the present. The "now" where everything accumulates and happens once again, because of our repetitive action or our continued persistence that the action we took before must and will work this time. Hence the saying. Of course if you like the previous outcome, keep repeating it and the cycle begins again, each time our action is a repetitive one.

What will jolt us to new action? I have no answers for you. No amount of suffering seems to do it, no amount of anger either and sadly, no amount of love. If all those would make the difference, then our world would have no problems since the outpouring of charity is ever greater each year. There is no lack of giving, however there is a lack of receiving.

If we were content to reach our apex without our own actions, everyone would be content, bellies full fat and happy with jobs and roof over heads. So, somewhere deep in our soul we recognize that the struggle is our own to solve and true contentment comes from conquering that challenge. The founders of our country knew it, most of our good leaders have too but many do not, including those in leadership around the world today. I cringe daily when I hear our leaders, yet again, giving us another "solution".

Recent, history keeps proving that Socialism, in it's worst and best forms do not make us happy, or happier in the long run especially. Nor does it give us incentive to be our best. Yet many insist that this time it will be different. Note who insist on that view, then ask yourself if you are ready to take new action. In reality, those governments want us to be comfortably numb because in that state we'll take no serious action and just let them play on their own chessboards living the life we will only continue to dream about.

Now that the Fed is beginning to admit, in small doses, that in effect, they have failed with their solutions, are we too comfortably numb to take a new action? When we realize that those in power will never have our solutions for us then we'll begin to stop history repeating yet again another depression.

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