Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Daily Note - The Matter of a Miss

Oh puhleese! Dear news media or anyone doing any tweets regarding reports, quit calling it "a miss"; it's "a result"! It's a result due to pure mismanagement, by this government, of all things financial. Period. In case you are wondering, I'm talking Philly Fed today, but it applies to all things economic by the current or past administrations.

A miss is an oops we goofed with a few figures. A result is what happens when the fox is in the hen house. It's a result of not reading bills prior to passing them, and a result of all politicians not knowing what it's like not having any.. be it sex or money. (Thanks Weiner for that line) It's a result of proving, yet again, that if you, dear taxpayer don't give a hoot about who's is running your country you'll get the "result" not a "miss", (be it a she or a he) in your private affairs.

In short (actually in the long run), a result is when you don't use your stops. A miss is when you do and get stopped out before you bleed out.

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