Monday, June 20, 2011

The Daily Note - A Not So Daily Note

Pardon my lack of posts this year, I can't believe we're nearly half way through and I find that The Daily has become the Weekly. Truth is though that my lack of posts have troubled me as has my lack of motivation for quite a while.

I am looking at the many articles started and abandoned and as I read them I wonder why. Certainly they seemed interesting and timely enough, yet, for reasons forgotten, I did not finish them. Did not finish; my thoughts incomplete, my search abandoned. Again, I wonder why? Have I lost interest in writing or am I just burned out and need a long hiatus?

I am not sure what it's like for professional writers, as I am just an amateur and still learning. Do they have the same problems? It would be easy just to blame it on writing woes, but deep down I know I've been avoiding the truth about the matter.

I hate these moments .. really I do. It's when I realize that once more, whatever was not faced the last time, I must again try to overcome. I think we all want the easy answers for any dilemma and rather not go on a soul search for deeper meanings, yet if we really want to grow, the challenge must be faced.

I've always viewed answers as simple and dilemmas as complicated only because we avoid the truth. Once truth is faced, the answer is simple. The most time any answer takes is in the facing the truth not in the solution of the dilemma. Action can only happen once both of those are in alignment at which time the simplicity is sweet relief.

So, if the truth is sweet relief then why don't we embrace the search and quickly arrive at the truth? The answer is unfortunately the source of all complications and the main source of all trader's problems: Fear

No matter how often we experience relief when discovering the truth, we fear the next one. There's got to be some way to back track that to our ancestry or is it just me? Is it only my history, my past, my experience? Judging from the vast material out there and what I read, the answer is that I'm not alone. The example most in news currently is Greece. Over borrowed, over lent, over paid, over extended and Europe, the world and the markets are overwrought which complicates the dilemma and avoids the simple answer: failure.

Nature keeps proving daily that without failure there is no progress, no growth and results in stagnation and decay. Our world is experiencing decay on a large scale, and we keep accepting the lies told us due to our fear of loss, failure and need for one more day of feeling good.

So, what is my truth? I dislike being negative and complicated; when confronted by those, I prefer just getting at the bottom line. Why have I been so hung up about the topics I've started and not finished? I, too, tried to avoid failure. Fearing that I will fail if I write about politics, news, economy and other "distasteful" subjects rather than music, trading or dance. Fearing my topics would not be fresh and keep the interest of my readers. But, if failure is a necessary step of growth, then we must embrace it with both arms, kiss it and wish if farewell before we can start again.

So, I shall start writing again no matter what topic comes to mind, be it negative or positive. I won't hide it as it is all a part of who I am, but as always it will somehow be relevant to trading and life, because I cannot be what I'm not and somewhere there'll be music and dance because I cannot be who I'm not. Simple as it may be.

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