Friday, July 29, 2011

PlayList Report for July 29

A Daily Review of the Member only PlayList

CRM Hit short pre-market 146 near low target 141 at 141.60 +5.40 2x 145.98 to near 144 target at 144.10 +1.88 no Long entry Total Net short +7.68

SODA hit long entry 71 2x and targets 72 for +1.00 and 74 for +3.00 TTL long +4 No short entry Total Net long +4.00

NFLX hit short entry 266 target 263 1x +3.00 and short 266 target 264 1x +2.00 no long entry Total Net short 5.00

DECK hit short entry 91 at open and target 88 1x +3.00 hit long entry 92 and last target 99 total net long +7.00 Total net short +3 total net 9.00

MCP hit long 64.50 near target 65.82 1x 1.32 No shorts Total Net long +1.32

SOHU hit short 86 1st target near 85.32 + .68 No long entry Total net .68

LULU short open 60.85 target hit 58.53 1x +2.32 No long entry Total net +2.32

AGQ long entry hit pre market 214 target hit 218 1x +4 long entry hit 216 target 218 hit 1x +2 Total long +6.00 Short entry 212 target 211 hit 1x Total short 1.00 Total net +7.00

SINA Short entry hit 110 target hit 107 to low of 106.03 total long +3.97 No long entry Total net 3.97

WYNN hit short 153 target hit 150 1x +3.00 No long entry Total net +3.00

Total Potential points $43.97

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - SODA

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Thursday, July 28, 2011

PlayList Report for July 28

A Daily Review of the Member only PlayList

$NFLX hit short entry pre-market: 268 and 264 target; market hours plays: played well between 268-266 short 2x, only 2x long at 270 1x stop -1; 1x gain of .70 Total gains: +8.70 total loss -1.00 Net total +7.70

$DECK hit long entry 92 and target 95 1x play Total gains +3.00 Total loss 0 Net total +3.00

Earnings play: long 95 hit near 99 target (98.57)1x +3.00 ; short 91 hit target 90 2x +2.00 total gains +5 total loss 0 Net total +5.00

$MCP hit long 63 target and high 66 1x +3.00 No short Net total +3.00

$SOHU hit short 87 to 86.35 1x +.65 Long hit 89 to 89.90 2x +1.80 Net total +2.45

$LULU hit long 62 target 63 1x +1.00 No short Net total +1.00

$AGQ hit short 216 and target 210 and lod 206.79 +13.21 No long Net total +13.21

$SINA hit short 110.00 on open target 108.11 1x +1.89 ; No long Net total +1.89

$WYNN hit short 159 and targets 157 to 155.57 1x +4.43; No long Net total +4.43

Total potential Net +41.68

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - DECK

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Weekend Note - Another Tragic Life

Amy Winehouse found dead, July 23, 2011, age 27. Like with Janis Joplin there seems to be a pattern of drug addiction forgiven when talent is involved. They are given cult heroine/hero status and heralded into the future as "also did drugs which took their lives, how tragic at such a young age". While alive, focus is on their talent not on their problems, which does not help them on a personal level where the help is needed.

A society which forgives "mistakes" takes not into account the consequences later, nor does it take resposibility for them. By forgiving, while alive, what are we really doing is enableing the person to continue their habit. This does not only apply to drug use but also to any so called "lesser crimes" that break the law; and it does not only apply to drug users, but also to those who continually and habitually keep committing the same acts against society.

As jurors and judges keep giving second, third, fifteenth chances to commit the same act by the same person, we, as a society, need to realize that we too are to blame for the outcome. Not only do we enable those acts to continue but we help create an often deadly underground society to become wealthy. Many then, who advocate the legalization of such acts, need to think again about the creation of consequences. Legalization does not get rid of the underground society nor wealth, it just allows them to show more of themselves and to become part of the elite society. Their crimes unpunished, their wealth and control assured.

Which gives the reason why morality is important and why shame and shunning could be still the answer for a society to save itself and those with talent to live longer. Scarlet letters were given to those that broke societies rules. Arguing against those rules is allowed, but not knowing or understanding the reason behind them brings us to forgiving the acts and creating ever increasing undesirable consequences, part of which is the tragic enabled death of Amy Winehouse.

R.I.P. Amy

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Daily Note - Change It UP!

Am I too serious or too flippant. Am I too optimistic or a pessimist; too chatty or too quiet; too wise or too foolish? Full of myself or full of BS, which I believe is the same thing. Either way, I've been called all of it and more which brings me to this point. No matter who you are and where you are on the trading grid, to thyne own self be true.

If you are happy with dancing through your trades or think that it's best to keep a straight and narrow approach, what works for you is what you should be. Yet we all need reminders from time to time to take a wider view of life because no matter how much experience you may have, this work will take its toll on your health as easily as your wealth.

So change it up, move about, do your trading, notes and charts in a different environment; with the internet accessible from so many areas, it's not hard to do. Enjoy your daily life and you will enjoy your work better. You will notice in time that your trading will improve with your new outlook on life. Then add a little more spice with exercise and your body will thank you for it, and you will thank yourself for the added energy you'll receive in return. Exercise is good for trading because of the added oxygen to the brain. It improves your memory, your acuity, your agility which in turn will allow you to better react to any situation, be it physical or mental.

So rather than sitting at your desk all day trading, take breaks and do something physical regularly by the hour or take off for a couple of hours and do a sport you enjoy. Alternatively, if you want to get the money and get your exercise same time, I'm known for dancing at, near or on my desk ;)

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Daily Note - Being Right, Being Ready

I was told in no uncertain terms that wanting to be right is an American disease. I am somewhat of a cynic but that's the last thing I'd accuse Americans of. In fact I see them constantly questioning themselves even when they should not. What I see mostly is Americans losing themselves and that IS a disease. All because they tend not to know themselves anymore. They've forgotten their history, allowing many to rewrite it for the very reason I started this article about. They question themselves now in hindsight especially, and they've become a bit paralyzed, unable to take action because of it. In short, they are cannot be ready.

When citizens do not know their true history and culture, a people get lost and a country crumbles. So rather than suffering from a being right, I'd say Americans are suffering from not being ready.

I can say the same thing about traders. Being right is nice, of course, but not knowing the history of the stock you are trading you cannot be ready. The inability to be ready for a possible up/down swing can trap you and will turn a good trade into a bad one. There are days where the next action is determined not only by fear, news and mood but also by confusion. The increasingly obvious & deliberate creation of confusion.

Confusion creates chaos, chaos creates desire for normalcy, which many will demand especially when suffering quick and painful losses. The Fed. is talking as if they don't know what their next action will be which is an outright lie. But traders and news media react as if The Fed was just dumb. Nope, they're not dumb, they're foxes. Again, it's history which teaches us what is being created and the likely outcome and if you don't pay attention, you'll miss it. Traders will get what they ask for in the form or regulations upon regulations all designed to further limit the ability of the "retail" investor/trader to do business and increase the ability of those on the elite side to do better.

What are they doing? They are creating the need for another TARP/QE because their job to bring us to our knees is not yet done. The illusion is already part of the norm, which is the acceptance that the Fed. HAS to do something. (translation: do anything) But it was the illusion that a rescue was needed in the first place, which got America into this mess from the beginning. So, I ask you, do you care if I'm right or would you rather be ready?

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Monday, July 11, 2011

The Daily Note - Will Your Day Be A 7 or 11?

It's beginning to feel more and more like we're gambling. We're not so much gambling on what we see on the charts but more like what we think the global thinkers will do with the $ Dollar, the IMF chiding and $ Moody ratings. Banks and Politicians continue to mate with each other, but like incest, they create more uncertainty about the healthy birth of a new world order.

Where are we headed changes in theory from day to day. The futures market is beginning to wobble on its own axis threatening to spin out of control. Each day brings on a new challenge and further speculation. So where do we find normalcy? How do we adjust?

Reading the tape becomes more and more imperative rather than betting on it when one sees the seven not too far from getting hit. We must stop presuming how the markets will start, finish or where it will travel within the day. We must not presume that each step will follow the other in the same direction. Because the world is no longer (if it ever was) predictable. So, as traders don't presume it will be one way or another, just let it roll and bet accordingly

Often enough we have started the day on dismal notes and along the way someone from somewhere says: "Hey, it'll be all OK!" to which the markets reply with a rally. So follow the trend as it unfolds, and you'll probably finish the day well, rather than just lucky.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

P.S. Apologies to gamblers if I misuse terminology, not a gamer myself, but I'm trying, trying. ;)

The Daily Pick - USDX

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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Daily Note - Happy Independence

We all like to think that we wish to achieve independence in our lives and yet most of us demonstrate the opposite with our actions. It is not an easy goal to achieve when it's much easier to stay with the familiar for which we know the result. It is much easier not to take the risk involved when we commit to such a goal.

Examine what independence means then examine what it means to you. One dictionary defines it as "freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others." which is good enough for most, but in the real sense that is really impossible in today's world unless you own an island and play survivor. What strikes me however is that the word competence is now archaic whereas I think competence is exactly what we are speaking of when we talk of independence for ourselves. Independence means I can take care of myself using the tools available to me. It also means creating the environment where I can be my best at my most comfortable state. Perhaps most important, it means that I do not rely on government to restrain myself and to practice self control. In other words, competence.

to embark upon the quest for independence requires courage for achieving independence is no small task. It takes total commitment, total devotion, total belief in oneself, total immersion, total risk, total clarity and total self control. It requires never giving up to reach the dream, to reach the freedom. After the struggle to get there, if we are lucky, we can say that we've become totally competent at what we do allowing us to enjoy the independence we strove to reach.

It's no wonder that the same is required to become a successful trader. Yet, the work is never over, for we must continue to repeat and do all the tasks required for its upkeep. It's no wonder that the same is required to keep our freedom, America.

Happy Independence Day

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