Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Weekend Note - Another Tragic Life

Amy Winehouse found dead, July 23, 2011, age 27. Like with Janis Joplin there seems to be a pattern of drug addiction forgiven when talent is involved. They are given cult heroine/hero status and heralded into the future as "also did drugs which took their lives, how tragic at such a young age". While alive, focus is on their talent not on their problems, which does not help them on a personal level where the help is needed.

A society which forgives "mistakes" takes not into account the consequences later, nor does it take resposibility for them. By forgiving, while alive, what are we really doing is enableing the person to continue their habit. This does not only apply to drug use but also to any so called "lesser crimes" that break the law; and it does not only apply to drug users, but also to those who continually and habitually keep committing the same acts against society.

As jurors and judges keep giving second, third, fifteenth chances to commit the same act by the same person, we, as a society, need to realize that we too are to blame for the outcome. Not only do we enable those acts to continue but we help create an often deadly underground society to become wealthy. Many then, who advocate the legalization of such acts, need to think again about the creation of consequences. Legalization does not get rid of the underground society nor wealth, it just allows them to show more of themselves and to become part of the elite society. Their crimes unpunished, their wealth and control assured.

Which gives the reason why morality is important and why shame and shunning could be still the answer for a society to save itself and those with talent to live longer. Scarlet letters were given to those that broke societies rules. Arguing against those rules is allowed, but not knowing or understanding the reason behind them brings us to forgiving the acts and creating ever increasing undesirable consequences, part of which is the tragic enabled death of Amy Winehouse.

R.I.P. Amy

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