Monday, July 4, 2011

The Daily Note - Happy Independence

We all like to think that we wish to achieve independence in our lives and yet most of us demonstrate the opposite with our actions. It is not an easy goal to achieve when it's much easier to stay with the familiar for which we know the result. It is much easier not to take the risk involved when we commit to such a goal.

Examine what independence means then examine what it means to you. One dictionary defines it as "freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others." which is good enough for most, but in the real sense that is really impossible in today's world unless you own an island and play survivor. What strikes me however is that the word competence is now archaic whereas I think competence is exactly what we are speaking of when we talk of independence for ourselves. Independence means I can take care of myself using the tools available to me. It also means creating the environment where I can be my best at my most comfortable state. Perhaps most important, it means that I do not rely on government to restrain myself and to practice self control. In other words, competence.

to embark upon the quest for independence requires courage for achieving independence is no small task. It takes total commitment, total devotion, total belief in oneself, total immersion, total risk, total clarity and total self control. It requires never giving up to reach the dream, to reach the freedom. After the struggle to get there, if we are lucky, we can say that we've become totally competent at what we do allowing us to enjoy the independence we strove to reach.

It's no wonder that the same is required to become a successful trader. Yet, the work is never over, for we must continue to repeat and do all the tasks required for its upkeep. It's no wonder that the same is required to keep our freedom, America.

Happy Independence Day

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