Monday, April 21, 2008

After I Stop Laughing

Wow it feels sooo good. Tax season's over and I'm back to what I hope soon to be my single occupation, that is, until something else catches my interest.. Ha Ha like becoming a sommelier. Oh how I missed writing!

It's been a busy and challenging tax season, one of the most interesting I've done. Although mostly I have returning clients there are always new ones I am happy to receive. Bad fortunes, good fortunes, what I've learned throughout the years is that we all go through cycles yet I've also learned to tell the difference as to how we all accept and deal with them makes a world of difference in the outcome.

There's something to be said about the way we view people's occupations, careers, life's work, education. We tend to have a preconceived notion about what it takes, what it's like and especially what it's worth and we tend to think we know what their fortunes will be based on those preconceptions. Yet life is not that simple; everybody arrives at what they do to earn a living from different experiences, twists and turns in life and everyody manages their life and fortunes from those very same experiences and learnings. What we witness in our youth greatly influences the way we look at money and the way we spend it. Although it's not from that point of view that we chose our occupations.

We also tend to judge people by what their occupations are and think we know their standing in life and who they are just by their titles. Notice what comes to mind when you hear them: teacher, lawyer, doctor, waitperson, firefighter, president, CPA, dancer, retail clerk, trader, mechanic. You'd think that one might be better off than another just by what the reputation of their occupations is. Yet I'm constantly amazed how incorrect our preconceptions are. I've seen great earnings without savings and I've seen low earnings yet great retirement.

I have not been in the habit of sharing with people what I do for the very reason that being a trader has many misconceptions and is somewhat difficult to explain. Yet this past year I've decided not to hide behind some other titles I've had and found reactions of mostly surprise and awe with only a judgement or two; and mostly I've also found absolutely no understanding about how the markets work. Mind you these very same people think they have total understanding about capitalism. I'd like to say that these comments lead to a spirited discussion about trading and it's contribution to the state of the economy, but alas that is not the case; instead the subject is dropped very quickly with a comment such as "I couldn't do that" . Whatever that means; I've learned not to pursue the subject.

I'm sure I'm not alone being so evaluated as to my worth to society; as I'm sure I'm not alone when admittedly I've sometimes wondered the same. After all, the object is to make money and ultimately the object is to make more money with money. Doesn't sound very creative, until you look at and truly understand what it takes; when you do, you also realize that it contributes to society in a far more outreaching way than most can imagine.

This is not an easy occupation, as wel all know, yet it's the one that I always share with a grin on my face. Those of you I trade with on a daily basis know just how much fun it can be. It's what we make of it each day and it's not so much as the pursuit of money but the challange in creating it. I can't help the grin, it's like a cheshire cat grin now that I think about it, so no wonder they look at me funny. Of course, when I stop laughing, I will pursue other occupations of interest, like becoming a master sommelier; oh I've said that already haven't I? GRIN!