Monday, December 16, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - Remember When, Remember Now ~ $DJIA $SPX $NDX

*****I remember when  we watched the Fed's every move. I remember when we watched who would be the next big record breaking  IPO: $EBAY $ELNK $TGLO ...  I remember when unemployment figures made the market day's decision, and when the consumer confidence was hottest, then came the housing market and bank interest rates. I remember arguments about who will beat out cableTV via the Internet Napster, Hulu, Netflix, or Apple.

We watched with confidence our economy rise and markets hitting all time highs and  then in disbelief  fall on news of bubble busts, attacks and wars.

That was then, and so it is now.

We watched Greenspan and we've been watching Bernanki and now we'll watch Yellen;  We saw IPOs from $TGLO $AOL $GOOG $AAPL and  now we watch $FB, $TWTR and the next high with a rising fever. Housing is gaining attention with talks about flipping and focus on increasing interest rates

$RIMM was the phone as $AAPL is now and we saw Netscape,  $AOL Napster shine then fail with $NFLX $AMZN and $AAPL  in TV biz. once more,  who will shine and who will fail next, we must ask?

We're watching with confidence our economy rise and markets hitting all time highs and then ? In markets and life all things are in a cycle and importance of what, who and when is in the media.

Free Fall by Jesse Cook on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Cycling

The Daily Pick - The WeeklyOutlook $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Daily Note - A Wish For Cooperation

*****I may have omitted some thoughts from my article on Monday, namely that in order for wishes to come true they need cooperation. Not only our own cooperation with the thoughts that created them  but also cooperation from others around us that could help them come to life.

Thinking on a wish is nice, make it come true takes not a wish but an action, but with that action there must be a reaction in the form of cooperation. If I wish to buy a share of any stock I need not only the wherewithal to make an offer, I also need the cooperation of a seller. Cooperation comes when I put out an offer and that offer is accepted with a sell order so I get my wish.  Even if I don't know the giver, cooperation was the catalyst which actually fulfilled two wishes. One of sale and one of buy.   Capisce?

It's also true with wishes for gifts, I not only have to make my wish known, subtly or directly, but also the giver has to cooperate in order for my wish to become reality. A willing partner in order for the result to become real is a must in most of our wishes. Once again fulfilling two wishes, one of giving and one of receiving both very satisfying.

I bring this, perhaps an obvious, knowledge to paper because it's the Season for giving and receiving. Some of us think often that we act alone and maybe we think that what we wish for can be made true only by another, not including us. Both those thoughts shut out the opportunity of another to fulfill our wish rather than include them, when in truth we must participate and cooperate in order for a wish to become reality. In other words, we need to remain open to the possibility for our wishes to become true because by doing so, we actually help fulfill not only our wish but that of a cooperating partner.

Likewise, in order for markets to hit new highs we have to have the cooperation of buyers willing to invest and corporations or brokers having shares to available for purchase. More people having that same wish in the markets, creates the volume for the possibility. The companies get their wish for investors in order to increase  production, innovation and sales, and the investor hopefully gets their wish in profits and dividends. A bit more tricky but, as far as markets are concerned,  it usually pays off in the long run. Showing that there's no guarantee that a wish will have an immediate result nor a cooperating partner.

Wishes are not always timely and sometimes we must wait for one to arrive. Until then, we can dream. Think about it next time you wish for something like World Peace or whirled peas even.

A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes by Jim Brickman on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Wishing

The Daily Pick - In this Season of Giving, send me your wish for a chart and I will post it here for you for tomorrow.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - Life's Too Short for (Just) Wishing

*****I sent that message to a friend of mine, realizing later that the information is very much in line with the Season. The Season being the end of year Holidays. No matter which Holiday you celebrate, regardless of beliefs we all celebrate something at this time of year. The celebration usually involves shopping, partying, reflecting and worshiping as well as wishing.

This time of year more than any other that wishes are talked about and accepted as a matter of course. Wishing each other Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays or New Year is easily spoken as wishing one a good day. This time of year we don't question wishes because they are naturally spoken and also because the wishes are usually for things to be most likely received.  

We do not talk about the wishes we have the other times of year as openly, because then they are more personal and therefore vulnerable to reveal. Yet those are the wishes from where goals are to be planned and action to be prepared. Those are the wishes with which we plan our future and those are the wishes that we are able to control the most. The wishes I speak of are the ones we can make true.

Wishes can be whimsical or serious. Wishes can alter our lives. Wishes can come true which can be scary at times and happy at others. Sometimes wishes remain wishes due to lack of intention which perhaps reveals a lack of desire. Sometimes wishes are stagnant for a long time until we feel ready. At all times however, our truth is revealed by the way we act on them. At the end of the year, assessing our wishes, which we made true and which we let by, reveals what we really wanted to achieve and nowhere is it more revealing than when we assess what we have achieved in trading.

Keeping wishes for a long time without action, should give us clues about our intention and perhaps a way to reveal what we really want is to put our wishes where we put our energy. Think about it; if you have put your energy in one thing and wished for that to make you happy, you would have made your wish come true. It is important to note that living in the moment is exactly what I have just described and nothing can be more truth revealing than noticing how we spend our time. Just wishing, and hoping and  thinking and praying.. sounds like a song .. it is truly amazing. Make it come true 'cause life's too short for just wishing.

Dusty Springfield "Just Wishing and Hoping"

Wishing And Hoping by Dusty Springfield on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Wishing

The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Daily Note - Thanksgiving PlayList

*****Thank you to my trading community and readers everywhere. Below is my  PlayList for the Wednesday with all the stuffing.*  Happy Tday to all .. that is Turkey and Trading .. and have a safe and happy weekend.


*please note that  The content provided herein is not to be construed as recommendations to buy or sell stocks of any kind and it's just for information, education and entertainment purposes.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Daily Note - Amazing Disconnect

*****I am amazed about the disconnect this market has with reality or as I call it, actuality. We are daily hitting new highs yet the consumer confidence misses consensus by a large margin. Mid 2000's that miss would have dropped the  markets by a large margin, and as we witnessed this morning we did drop initially, yet it was considered to be good for the markets, like all bad news has been  these past 4 years, especially this one.

We can continue to compare the past with the present as to how the markets reacted in the mid 2000s to good news vs. bad, but what's the use in that? Well, we can learn from it by noticing that all those dips and slides eventually became gains anyway; which means that the majority saw opportunity or what I call possibility. So here we are, in the actuality and we can envy those optimist or we can learn from them; they did not get here because of a special crystal ball, but by knowing that the markets in the long term go up and not down. They had to have patience and also had to disregard the reality of a recession, and burst of the housing bubble and have infinite great timing. Do you believe that or will you see that they too have an amazing disconnect from reality.

The truth is that in the mid 2000's the market had an amazing disconnect from actuality also. Low unemployment was bad news because the media said so, consumer confidence had to be beaten each time or markets plummeted and when the manufacturing index was not gaining by much higher margin than we currently accept as great; also, the housing market and starts were not fast enough for some. Get the picture?

We can always believe the numbers and what others say currently or we can stay a bit disconnected from the hype and look beyond to see the possibilities. We have no worries, the debt is not rising and it will not hit us smack in the face anytime soon because the Fed. will protect us from that reality. Right? Besides,  hopefully the "boomers" will die soon enough leaving their offspring rich to take care of it all for their children, and so on.  As you can see, if we continue seeing actuality, we'll go terrible depressed or go insane, so perhaps staying a bit disconnected from actuality is good and maybe even amazing for us.

A Charming Spell by Splashdown on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - Current Swing Trader Plays still in Progress
$BA latest entry 106.70  Sep 04
$GS latest entry 163.5    Nov 08
$BIIB  latest entry 236   Nov 11
$GILD latest entry 70.50 Nov 18
$OPEN latest entry 83.00 Nov 20 (short)
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Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - Giving Thanks ~ $DJI $SPX $NDX

*****This week is traditionally a slow one in USA when it comes to trading, but what I'm seeing is further enthusiasm among traders and perhaps shoppers as well. I think we all like to count our blessings when we assess everything in our lives. Even if our lives are in turmoil and maybe not all our wishes have become reality, we all look forward with hope to reach that next possibility on the horizon.

Certainly the markets have shown that many have done just that this year. The danger perhaps with some is that temptation to look back and wish to have done better and become overly anxious to make that next trade the home run into the end of the year. It's what I tend to caution against in all my writings because we always do the best we can at the time of our actions. So I'd like to remind us all that trading is a marathon, and not a sprint.  Second guessing ourselves is not being kind to ourselves, instead give thanks to yourself and appreciate all you have achieved. Then, give thanks to those who have been your cheerleaders and guides along the way. We all have them.

So, with that, I wish to thank you all; all who have taken the time to read these articles that I've been writing, all who have listened to my outlooks and opinions. I thank you for your patience and faith in all that you do, because you have also been my guides and cheerleaders this year. Wishing you all a happy and safe Thanksgiving Day.

Thank You by Dido on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook- $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Daily Note - Trading with Illusions ~

*****No matter where you are on your investment plans, it is important to make a note to yourself about illusions. Illusions occur to support our view of things as we wish to see them but not as they actually are. We are all prone to illusions because we are successful liars to ourselves.

Please don't mistake my thoughts to be negative.  Illusions help us to see the positive while hiding the negative so they are a two edged sword. They are part of "hope" therefore often necessary to get us through our day. Most often a daily routine. Trick is to be able to balance them and not allow them to rule our lives.

When they become predominant is when we tend to go off course and maybe even off a ledge, so keep your dreams and illusions simply clear.

In trading what puts us often into an illusion is when we get lost in the possibilities. If we dress our charts with too many indicators, we don't see clear movement of the patterns because we see too many possible outcomes. When we second guess ourselves about the satisfactory outcome of our trades, we get lost in illusions. Being lost in illusions is when we tend to "overthink" or even "underthink" a trade. When a trade hits a target too easily an illusion may run away with us that the "sky's the limit".  Or if a trade turns slightly against us and/or near our stop we may second guess our plan and quickly exit before our planned trade finishes. In either case we don't trade our plan therefore allowing the illusion to rule our actions.

Besides alerts, what helps me is to keep my ledger and a post it note for reminders in plain visible sight. It helps me to remember my original plan and thinking, as it keeps reminding me of my targets, so I can view the possibilities without getting lost in them. Remember illusions are not magician tricks in trading; amusing at best as entertainment, but in real life they can also be dangerous sideshows.

The ponies run, the girls are young,
The odds are there to beat.
You win a while, and then it’s done –
Your little winning streak.
And summoned now to deal
With your invincible defeat,
You live your life as if it’s real,
A Thousand Kisses Deep.

A Thousand Kisses Deep - Leonard Cohen (lyrics)
A Thousand Kisses Deep by Leonard Cohen on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Daily Note - Don't Lie to Me - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

***** I used to think that what hurt us the most was that others lied to us and that if we only stopped lying to others, the truth would set us free to make choices of our own. I've written about it in the past, stating that without lies we have choices, with lies we still have choices but they are false ones based on a false premise.

I still think that it's true but more to the truth about what hurts us is the fact that we lie to ourselves. That natural wonder which we all do so well. You can lie to me because it's a way of presenting illusion, but I, deep inside know when you lie and the moment that I chose to accept that lie, I am lying to myself.

We do this everyday believing and accepting the lies we are told daily by the government, markets and media, even family, friends and lovers. We elude to the fact that we want to make intelligent clear choices with our living and lives yet we continue to believe others that mislead. In the end though it's that belief that hurts us the most, when we fall down, fail and succumb yet to another lie,  that blames the cause to be the other.

Not all lies told us are intentional but I think that all lies we choose to accept are. Therefore, if we continually blame somebody else for what we accept as a lie then we will continually believe that our strategy should work and our trades are safe, even when all evidence is contrary.  Perhaps looking ourselves in the mirror saying and repeating "Don't lie to me" may help but more to the point acknowledging that we do it may be the most freeing to ourselves and our lives.  It frees us to quit blaming and let's us move on to accepting which is the biggest step before that forever sought after change.

Imagine applying it to all parts of our lives and imagine the change that is could bring. So, lie to me or don't, the choice is still mine to make.

Don't Lie To Me ~ Motorhead  (lyrics)

Don't Lie To Me by Motörhead on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Daily Note - Being Ahead of the Game ~ $DJIA $SPX $NDX

***** Isn't that SPECIAL! ? !  As the "Church Lady" used to say on SNL (Saturday Night Live)

I said on Monday's Weekly Outlook that the markets are looking for something special. I honestly did not think that Janet Yellen would be that significant special news which would propel the moves I was looking for. Nor did I think it would be happening so fast.  

Aside from my political views, it is not exciting for me to hear or learn that the main continual objective of our government is to ignore the debt, keep inflation to the upside (especially the one they don't measure: food and energy) and call it "good" for the people. Obviously my thoughts differ from the markets in this, as this bit of "good" news was what inflated it more; and "Why not?" I say, "it worked thus far".

These are the kind of significant "surprises" that developed my thinking and started my planning to be set up both ways. You see, I prefer to be at the ready than to scramble.  Since it's impossible to predict when or why the markets will move this way or that,  it's easier to plan for  possibilities instead.  So,  if  I know ahead of time what I'm looking for and set up accordingly, I'm already ahead of the game.  

Ahead of the Game by YuGiOh on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Outlook Update - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Monday, November 11, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - Looking for Something $DJIA $SPX $NDX

*****Frankly, I have no clue about what to write. Many thoughts have crossed my mind about the markets and its direction, but really what is being reflected is the growing concern about tops.  I think most likely we are all looking for something. Something to indicate a more solid direction; notice, that I said "solid".  So the markets want more information, or more leadership and maybe more assurance that these times will march on the same road as before.

When I look at what lies ahead, the holidays come to mind along with the end of the year. The current unknown is whether the consumers will again open their wallets to reflect an optimistic outlook on the economy. Since it's a bit early to tell and since some indications are the opposite, we are feeling uncertain about the direction, therefore patience and tolerance is perhaps the best course of action.

One day there's going to be a correction, that is for sure, but no one will know ahead of time when that day will arrive or for how long it will last. Multiple top tests is a consolidation of a different kind. It may indicate a serious concern or just a time for taking a breather therefore temporary adjustment.  Volatility tends to indicate profit taking and  buying and ranges reflect how traders tend to see when each reaches the opportunity.  We all know that opportunity is a two way street. Both buying (long) and profit taking (short) are opportunities for traders and volatility gives us more in each direction, even if nerve wracking.

So, it's a good time to look toward the indexes because noticing what they show to you may be at this time your most friendly indicator about what's happening. Be ready for a direction change and be tolerant of snaps. Notice the ranges and notice the supports along with the resistances. Markets are never one way or another they are always both and it's why I like to be ready for both,  long and short. when I set up my charts and plays.

Looking For Something by Darren Ockert on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook ` $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Weekend Note - Trading for the Good Times ~ AAPL AMZN BIDU CMG LNKD NFLX

***** The past couple of weeks I spoke about various possible reasons why people might try trading for a living. What I often presume and not mention is that traders enjoy what they do and their motivation to make money at this quirky, difficult and frustrating and risky business is really for the good times.

Good trades like good times propel us to try once again. I won't go into the the chemistry of it because I have very limited knowledge about the science of chemistry, but trust that the brain gets motivated by chemicals when we are feeling good. They get triggered by touch, taste, smell, and sound which we all know, but they also get triggered by knowledge. Just the sheer fact that we think we 'know' something makes us feel good.  Apply that knowledge to a task resulting in feeling of achievement and success, and you have that feeling of satisfaction, and the release of more feel good chemicals.  Test it out for yourself or recall when you shared or taught what you know. Parents can related this best when passing on or teaching their kids what they know.  When that feeling of achievement/satisfaction occurs is when we know more chemicals were released for us to enjoy that feeling.

I was not good at chemistry but I know that those little gray cells like to be tingled and anything that has a chance to give them that feeling they will encourage, so we try and to do it again. Many of us try it over and over again perhaps to the point of addiction and quite possibly it's this feeling which propels us forward to success or at least to try and succeed again and again.

Does that give you an answer to why we do something over and over again and whence the definition of insanity is born?  Perhaps now with this understanding you now know why you try repeating that trade over and over again and will help you to give yourself a break, both figuratively and literally,  May take only one taste of success at this business which hooks us into the loop and recognizing that in itself can perhaps will help you get off the hamster wheel.

Equally, if you do succeed over and over again, it too propels you to keep repeating the task again and again. So I could argue that ultimately,  whether we get them or not, we are trading for the good times.

Ready For The Good Times by Shakira on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing,

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Below is an actual  PlayList tape for last Thursday.
PlayList Week45 for Thursday 07 November, for - $AAPL $AMZN $BIDU $CMG $LNKD $NFLX

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - Trading Here and Now ~ $DJIA $SPX $NDX

*****In physics it is said that two cannot occupy the same place at the same time. All evidence that I know, studied or read points to this to be true. So, I may expand the point  that we cannot live our past in the present.

True, I've often said that history repeats, and evidence also shows that it does otherwise traders could not trade patterns and the markets would not move in cycles; but the cycle rather than being a circle, it's a spiral. Thus, it's not in the same place ever again. I'm not only talking about the price but also where we are. Our thoughts our positions our experiences all have changed from one cycle to the next, spiraling also along with the earth we are always moving through space.  Therefore, we cannot be where we were previously no matter how we try. It is why we cannot apply the same solution.

Looking for the exact same occurrence in the markets is a useless exercise.  How often have we said we will never do that again, just to find that we are doing it once more? If we were to recognize the exact same occurrence we probably would not repeat the same action if it hurt us before or repeat it if it did not, but we seldom can just due to the fact that we are not in the exact same spot.

I realize that I'm speaking of seeming minute differences but oddly enough, they are not minute in our psyche. Let me know when the next time an occurrence repeats that brings memories of pain. Do you not hesitate? The frustrating evidence is that we don't realize our hesitation often until after it happens, or that if we notice it, we give it a different label, until we can analyze our decision moments or days that follow, recognizing a past pattern. It is why I prefer to let my trade entries and exits trigger and it is also why machines become better traders; they are always in the moment.

I know that often I can define a problem and give it a solution, but in this case I don't have one; other than staying in the moment, I have no other advice.  Being in the present moment or the "now" tends to make us become more harmonized with the natural flow of life. No resistance, no support, only the being.  Worry, fear, anything negative usually comes from memory and creates hope or fear, which means we are not current.  and as we know, trying to occupy the present and the past or the future at the same time is, after all, impossible.

Be Here Now by Ray LaMontagne on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook  - DJIA SPX NDX

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Weekly Outlook ~ A Trader's Motto ~ $SPX $NDX $DJIA

*****Perhaps traders could use a lesson from Arthur Ashe, winner of 3 Grand Slam tennis titles, who said: "Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. " A great philosophy to live by and could be motto for everyone and not just traders.

Many traders get into this business and start trading with the thought that it will be an easy road to wealth; a way to make up what they have perhaps not done before, like saving for the future. Many of get into this business thinking that we have no other option due to loss of job or ability to work;  and I'm sure that many start trading out of sheer boredom, having no other hobbies, as I also think that many people become traders because of their love of the "game". It makes no difference why we start the journey the important part is that we keep our wits about us. Reasons make no difference about the results but the approach does. Those who get into trading thinking that it's fast money will burn out faster than those who get into trading with caution, but no one will be saved without the practice of the above motto.

First, we have to start with where we are; which really applies to getting to know your tools and how you need to use them in order to have good trading execution and results.  There are people who've done this before you, so take lessons, read, and get a mentor or coach if you need it, because, your intelligence is a tool.

Second, we have to use what we have; which means no borrowed money and no money that is needed to keep up our standard of living. Only we can control our own debt ceiling.

Third, do what you can. Meaning apply yourself and what you learned, and practice it. We need to constantly keep up with the exercise of trading. We cannot slouch off or get comfortable and expect to get back in with the same knowledge as we left.  Learning is constant so keep constantly learning.

Markets change from day to day and if we apply this motto daily, we will more likely stay with our plan and not over-trade or extend ourselves to the point of high expectations and low return.

Learn to Live by Darius Rucker on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook- $SPX $NDX $DJIA  

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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Daily Note - Icahn, You Can ~ $NFLX ~ Riding on Icahn's Coattails

*****Warning! I'm going to say it like it is! I always have said it like I see it,  but today the gloves come off.. well just a bit. No apologies. I see the streams full of Icahn bashing for cashin' . Come on traders! Can one of you say you'd hold through $389 when you bought at $58?  Many of you would cash at $389 buying at $358. I bet you many did.

The point that this is the free markets. Unforgiving real life free markets. It's not your Mammy or Dada holding your hand free markets, although many of you think you'll be safe if only the government would put in more regulations. Regulations make markets more volatile or haven't you seen history? More on that later.

So Icahn sold much of his shares in $NFLX, my my, you forgot perhaps that his money helped make the company also that you could invest in yourself at much lower share base? That's how it works. Someone takes the "bigbucks" chance that a company will do well. We ride their coattails. Media hypes it by announcing about the "bigbucks" investors and their views. We chase it.

The burning question for you is, how much homework did you do before you chased it, trashed or cheered it?  We can trade along the direction of the market as we see fit and trade against it as we see fit. If we pick the wrong way, we suffer the consequences. If we don't do our homework and only believe someone else about the direction, we suffer the consequences.

On my blog you can still see my bullish calls throughout 2010-2011 all the way up  the previous high on $NFLX. I kept talking and instructing about the clouds on the charts until the last one dispersed and the drop was inevitable.  The drop was unforgiving as you can see it in history, which shows how much traders chase direction. (Not bragging, just bringing you up to day in case you missed it.). I also spoke of the loyal subscribers of $NFLX, including me, and how people just don't change those habits unless they are forced.

When Icahn bought $NFLX at $58 many still said it was going to $3.00 or worse.  The question becomes did traders ride on Icahn's coattails this year? Of course they did because it was a huge investment and it started the current move back up.  At the same time I doubt that it was what made it go ballistic, that "blame" lies with the traders who chased it.

So the question is not how Icahn may have screwed investors.  The question is more like did the investors and/or their advisers keep track and manage their money well?  In truly free markets, investors of all sizes have a right to make money as they have a right to preserve it also, without needing permission. Of course today with all the regulations, that's not totally the case. We have "permission" to trade the markets depending on certain rules for our "protection", but nevertheless, it's traders like us who move the markets, lucky for investors and us.

The bottom line is that traders drive stocks up by chasing and traders drive stocks down by chasing also. If you can't admit that to yourself than get out of the markets.

It's Up to You by The Jayhawks on Grooveshark

 Happy Trading, Living and Dancing,

The Daily Pick - $NFLX

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Monday, October 21, 2013

The Daily Note - 'Tis the Season $AAPL $AMZN $CMG $BIDU $LNKD $NFLX $PCLN

*****'Tis the 4th quarter earnings season of course, which is like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all rolled into one.

It's Halloween when we let other people scare us about it. Because in trading as in life:  Caution is a friend, Fear is an enemy.   Unfortunately a lot a traders/investors don't do enough homework which means that they have to trust someone else's opinion more than they trust themselves. This includes the broker/ advisors whom we pay and follow. Even if we don't follow markets daily we should know what our money is doing so a monthly checkup will keep monsters away and educate us as well as our broker.

It's Thanksgiving when we know we're on the right side of the trade, and our investments are doing well. It's when we also have trusted our targets for profit taking and manage our stops wisely. On a draw-down, you'll be thanking your diligence; on a breakout you'll be doing the same because if we know what we're looking for, surprises will be the positive kind and we all know that, no matter how much work we do, often this job can seem thankless.

It's Christmas when we have earnings that surprise with "beat the street" gifts like $GOOG, $CMG last week and $NFLX today with monster breakout gains that leave us in wonder and thank our lucky star. We earned it!

Come to think of it, if we all do our homework, we could enjoy these "holidays" four times a year, not just one.

Oogie Boogie's Song by Elfman, Danny on Grooveshark

Happy Spooking, Thanking & Prancing

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Daily Note - A Good Day for Meditating ~ $DJIA, $SPX, $NDX

*****It seems that the markets were moving the past couple of days but when closer inspected it was moving in place. Washington is in deadlock,and anticipation for a solution is palpable, yet all the optimism and pessimism in the world will not convince good traders to jump in when waters are murky.

Meanwhile earnings are being reported, disappointment not forgiven. Some are dumped,  others are pumped  on matters of revenue, earnings and outlook. When looking at history or remembering from past results as such, "tomorrow" it may be all reversed, depending on the whim and thoughts of one analysis or another; in other words, business as usual.

Washington games are being played as usual as well, in the end not much will change unless we allow real leadership to emerge, or, I wrote last, unless we change. It is amazing why not more of us shout out about the dangers of raising debt limits after seeing how the debt tends to meet the limit rather than the limit capping the debt for so many years. Is that too cerebral? If it is than we will never understand what  another trillion $ debt means. It may help perhaps, to ask yourself:  when the last time you could raise your own debt limit without worry?

For one, you can't raise your own debt limit. You are only allowed to raise it if the lender allows you to have it and believe me they check your ability to repay before granting such. Second, why would you wish to be in such high debt?  A debt which you have is no chance of you repaying in your own lifetime is sheer slavery of your own making.

Last I remember, slavery was long ago outlawed.  So then why are we allowing the government to make slaves of us by raising our debt limit and spending it without worry?  Taxing us into the future equates such a fate, in my opinion, and even if you don't feel the taxation part, you feel the inflation part of the "bargain".

So the markets meandered today as if uncertain, as if not being ready for the next "surprise". Oh come on now, we know that no one makes a move unless certain of the outcome! Isn't that right Washington, isn't that right traders?  So then, why make moves when markets are uncertain?

Yes, it was a good day for meditating and you can see it in the results.

This Sacred Land by Ah*Nee*Mah on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Outlook Update $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - It's the Government We Deserve ~ $DJIA $SPX $NDX

*****If anything, I'm anticipating a difficult week. Not for traders but for all the predictors, analysts and commentators. They will have their analysis based on last week only to need to change it based on the next move on the  market. After many years of listening it still amuses me how much they can talk and question so little.

Reasons are given and taken as if they were written in the Heavens and the ones that don't fit the theory are discarded as unimportant. Questioning is no longer in vogue. Having read, hundreds of tweets, listened to hundreds of commentators, I find that none wish to be questioned but only listened to; or better said, none want a real conversation. Just like what is happening in our government today, where not many want to discuss or consider what their elected purpose is. Following reality of any situation is out of the question  yet they threaten the very people that got them into that powerful office with shutouts/shutdowns thereby feeling  their power as more important than their oath to follow the written Constitution.  They dismiss questions, if a real question is even asked them anymore;  they hide from discussions, state opinions as gospel and they use their own self-importance as reason for it all.

We too are full of opinions we want to voice. We tweet and blog all over the universe wishing for a response but seldom for a real discussion. Mainly we look for those who will agree with us and praise us. Discussions are rare and excuses are usually the lack of time, yet we pass information which is most often accepted as real or for a fact. In short, questioning has become unimportant.

The markets all over the world wait in anticipation and react in anticipation according to the whims of these leaders. Markets rise and dive according to opinions that may or may not be accurate even if true.  It's no wonder that the saying fits: "Each nation deserves the government it gets." Which means that in the USA, we get what we voted for and in my opinion we vote for representatives who most likely reflect our current nature and behavior.

Joseph de Maistre also wrote that "All grandeur, all power, all subordination to authority rests on the executioner".  Namely, us. Perhaps when we all start taking responsibility for what we say, how we behave and who we are, then perhaps we will start electing officials who can reflect those qualities back to us.

Half the Perfect World by Madeleine Peyroux on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook -  $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Daily Note - House Games or Reality Watch $DJIA $SPX $NDX

*****Whether it's House (Congress) games or reality always be careful of  long awaited news announcements. Especially at these times trade it well and carefully.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing,

The Outlook Update - $DJI $SPX $NDX

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - Patterns and Reasons ~ $DJIA $SPX $NDX

*****When markets rise and when they fall, followers look for a reason or for reasons. The bigger the rise, or fall the more people tweet, write and talk about why and the wherefore of its rise or demise.   Actually, in my opinion,  it was already foretold in the charts and reasons are searched for after the fact while patterns largely ignored.  So the question is do patterns follow reasons or reasons follow the patterns?

Perhaps we have been duped into not seeing the obvious, over time, in order to keep everyone interested in our opinion.  Perhaps it was ingrained in us since babyhood when our parents kept naming reasons for every move or function we did as if it was a long unknown mystery never seen prior to our birth. Even though patterns of behavior have been known about babies and children and occur the same way most of the time.

You may argue that each baby and child is unique and you are correct again, I agree, but still the patterns of growth and development are played out regardless of that fact. Rarely do they make a different turn in which case reasons are seriously needed, but until then, reasons are the patterns and nothing more.

If it were not for patterns and the usual scenario with them, we could not function as a society nor would there be order in chaos. We all agree to behave in a certain way in a certain situation. That is a pattern. and we don't look for reasons for them in our everyday lives. We grow and develop and age in a pattern. When someone does it differently or acts a.b. normally (thanks Young Frankenstein) we notice and then we ever more look for the reason until we're satisfied and perhaps put it in yet another pattern box.

So each time a pattern plays out in our day to day living and acts as we expect, all is well in our lives and our world, unless we're traders and follow the markets in which case, each move within or without the pattern has to be analyzed as a new born baby.

Reasons Why by Nickel Creek on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

 The Weekly Outlook $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Friday, October 4, 2013

The Daily Note - Can't Fear a Mistake $AAPL $AMZN $CMG $LNKD $NFLX

*****Living life in fear will actually make you do more mistakes than if you takes chances. It really depends on where you put trust in your judgement; from the head or from the heart (or gut). I say you have to follow your heart/gut otherwise you'll judge yourself in hindsight. In other words, you view the possible when you take chances, and you view the impossible when you see what was possible in hindsight.

How often have you seen the charts of AAPL AMZN CMG LNKD NFLX which I follow and update on my PlayList daily? How often have you thought it impossible that it will go higher, thinking from your head and how often have you wished you listened to your heart/gut ?

Wishful thinking is hindsight in large part and it will actually create fear looking forward. In other words, you won't see it as possible, making it less likely that you will take that chance. Hindsight only reveals your fear of making a mistake and an excuse to reinforce your negative judgement of yourself, creating more fear for action. Instead, chances are taken from the heart not the head and chances actually are the actions you seek to make your dreams & plans come true. Chances you take actually reveal results quicker and allow for adjustments leading to the right path faster than any long term thinking.  Note that I said long term thinking, not planning which is different.

Long term thinking is taking a long time to analyze an action, therefore delaying action, which allows only for hindsight. Hindsight actually reveals your fear of making a mistake, but don't beat yourself up for you will only reinforce that fear, rather, give yourself credit for noticing it. Then, remember that, noticing something, or awareness, is the first step for action or change. Embrace it, accept it and make taking a chance possible because change can't happen while fearing a mistake.

Crossroads by Calvin Russell on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - From Wishing to Seeing ~ $DJIA $SPX $NDX

*****Have you noticed that change seems to take long time to achieve, but what if I told you that change depends not on the time but on action. It's no surprise I'm sure and you think I'm stating the obvious, but then why do you think things move so slowly. Or as the aphorism states : I used to be different but now I'm the same. Truth is change will  happen with action but prior to action there is preparation or perhaps better stated .. awareness, acceptance and then action. It's the awareness and acceptance which take a long time.

First we have to be aware that change needs to take place, then we have to accept what that change needs to be in our thinking or behavior and then we can decide on the action to make it effective or for it to take effect.

Now carry that a bit further and realize that we cannot expect for things to change without all of us going through the process whether small or large. In short, Government will not change unless we do. Hence another aphorism stating : If you want things to change, change yourself.

What a concept! Now try viewing the charts from that point of view. In other words, see what is, accept it and then you can act according to what it is. Changing your trading habits from wishing to seeing is a big step toward being successful in trading.

Key to the Highway by Dave Hole on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook -  $DJIA  $SPX $NDX

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Daily Note - If, Then and Other Caveats ~ $AAPL $AMZN $CMG $LNKD $NFLX

*****We are all familiar with the If-Then scenarios of our lives. They occur constantly in our brain even if we are not consciously aware of them. We become conscious of them and program them as we make plans, goals, and have hopes, so we can take action when the scenarios get triggered and the possibilities are seen and can be considered in order to actualize what we want. It is precisely where we need to take action to actualize what we want or, in other words, to make them real.  It is at such trigger points where we cannot hesitate because without action there cannot be realization.

Most often we don't hesitate to take action unless  the fear factor enters and changes or delays achieving reality. The fear factor is different from the "if-then" scenario although they too are programmed but not by our hopes but by our fears; they are better known as "what if"s. We're all familiar with those also because they are the stop-action triggers of our plans, hopes and desires. It is why the "if-then" often fails the planner. As these other caveats get triggered  they create a battle ground in our psyche needing to be yielded to or won over.

We, as humans,  in a  trader's world are very well acquainted with all these scenarios on a daily, if not moment to moment basis, and our battles are either successful or not based upon how well we have overcome the instinct and trusted the plan. Remembering that doing nothing is equally a form of action, we can then realize that from infinite possibilities our actions actualize our reality.

Swingin' Machine by Mose Allison on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

My  PlayList and SwingTrader List are designed with the "If - Then" scenario in mind considering both long and short trigger entries and possible outcomes. The results I post are based on the maximum result possibility of a single trade and unless perfectly executed in every case, it is not achievable. I post these results because a trader can more easily compare and discover their own caveats and at the same time see possibilities they may have not considered. My lists include a live chart commentary giving my view and a tool.  Any trader's "what if" scenario cannot be accounted in them as they are individual therefore leading the trader's outcome to be equally unique and individual. Proving again, that it is the action we take that determines the outcome we experience.  

Monday Review -  PlayList Week39 for Monday 9/23/2013

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Monday, September 23, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - It's Not Over Until ... ~ $DJIA $SPX $NDX $ORCL

*****Take your pick for the ending of that saying but nothing proves the theory better than what is currently unfolding on San Francisco Bay where the oldest trophy race us currently taking place. The 34th America's Cup, which has been a hot expensive race for the coveted Cup for over 150 years looked to be a sure winner last weekend with only one more race to be won.  Oracle Team USA was down 8-1 and  Emirates Team New Zealand  only had one more race to win to take home the Cup.

This past weekend Oracle Team USA has won all races closing the gap to 8-5  and leaving Emirates Team New Zealand  and their fans disappointed.  One can blame fate weather, rules, etc. but one also has to consider that the other team had to bear the same. So it must come down to analysis, performance, learning and determination most of all.

The boats were not equal at the start of the race and certainly with  #ETNZ having won the Louis Vuitton Cup just a few days before the start, gave them the advantage of practice and ability to tweak their equipment to the conditions. Something that the defender of the Cup, #OracleTeamUSA could not, as they had to wait for the outcome in order to race against the best challenger, or the winner of the Louis Vuitton Cup. Add to their disadvantage also by being given a -2 start position due to a penalty, so they were 0 to -2 before they hit the first start line together. EmiratesTNZ quickly showed dominance of the waters as you can judge from the score but OracleTeamUSA did not give up even as many around judged the races to be disappointing and the New Zealand boat to be better designed and faster.

We, traders know well that that practice trading and real trading are vastly different for only one reason: actual risk and the unknown of the competition. How we analyze and pith ourselves against the challenge will prove our learning ability, reaction to adverse conditions and our determination to reach our goals. Being able to quickly adapt is most often the key to such a challenge but also the confidence in our selves  and abilities which will propel us to move forward.

Watching these markets over the years is not the same as trading them. Learning to trade is not the same as the actuality of trading. Being the the "waters" with other traders moving with or against the currents of the markets, catching the winds in our sails with a lucky report or two, but most of all being able to adapt to conditions and tweak our plans to be able to take best advantage of the conditions.  That is what the best traders do and must do to become winners.

 So now standing at 8-5 points, and realizing that the score is actually 8-7 wins, we can now see that the race is much closer and more exciting and neither race nor teams can be deemed disappointing. So if you cannot be By the Bay watching with me, you can see the live action online

Start of race #15 on 22Sep2013 San Francisco Bay, California, USA

See you on or By the Bay, California, USA
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing (and Racing)

Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX ~ From Possibilities to Choices

*****Once again I'm confronted with the "Where are we going?" question and once again I can only report what I see are possibilities. It would be nice to be able to tell everyone with certainty that the markets are definitely going to do "this" or "that" but I have learned that it's best to be open to changes rather than be closed to them for one simple or, perhaps, not so simple reason: Choice

Being open to market change allows us infinitely more choice than if we stay steadfast to one position. I tend to liken staying steadfast to being frozen, and maybe even being in fear. Of course, that is maybe too simplistic as both sides have their challenges.  Too many choices may make us equally frozen by indecision (fear of making the wrong choice) or perhaps too active; whereas, if we restrict ourselves and remain steadfast in our position, we may find ourselves stuck with riding markets against them and then again, if we can hold out long enough, we may be proven correct in the long term.

Nobody said that trading is easy, nor that more choices make trading easier. I can only say that the choices each of us make are strictly our own and that they reveal our conviction and direction. Therefore ultimately we make the decision of the possibilities we see, as to which direction we travel.  The Markets take all the choices in consideration:  up, down or sideways, and will follow the consensus made up by the many, thereby creating more possibilities and choices, ad infinitum.

Choices by Xavier Rudd on Grooveshark

Happy Trading. Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook ~  $DJIA $SPX $NDX  for Week of 16 September 2013

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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Daily Note - The Flow of Agreement - $DJIA $NDX $SPX

***** We have all heard that what we think and believe take on energy and become our reality. In fact some argue that the way we think is how we create our reality. In other words, we as individuals as we see and experience create our outlook, our environment,  our way of being, living. Depending on those thoughts we judge our likes and dislikes, and throughout the process make choices.  When you consider the billions of people living on the planet that is almost totally incomprehensible unless one considers agreement.

Without agreement there would be utter chaos. We figured out long ago that in order to survive, we cannot be only individual, we also have to be social and in order to become social, we had to somehow agree, or form social circles of  agreement arrived at perhaps easy or heated discourse. If we follow the lines along these thoughts, which cause or create our reality then as a whole, by agreement we can do the same as a society in whole and as groups and our thoughts then can generate order out of chaos. All arguable you might say.

What is also true is that the markets and other shapes and forms in the Universe have most likely since conception formed order our of chaos. As we keep witnessing the markets, where patterns undeniably get created over and over again, we may realize that it's  not by any magic but by agreement and as many that participate it's hard to imagine having communication is any other way. So if what we think creates energies that now get agreed upon by other thoughts,  it may explain why and the therefore of market movements, patterns and the like in the short and the long term.

This is not to go against any creation that may take place by a higher being we worship, but we cannot expect that Creator to do it all either. After all, He gave us the power of choice. It's also true if you're not a believer of a Higher being.  In either case you cannot deny creation and if  you like to think in conspiracies, you may be part of the very conspiracy you complain about.

Finally, we may consider that instead of asking why this or that happens, we ought to wonder whether we are part of the thoughts that create our reality and thereby also being with the flow.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA SPX NDX

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Daily Note - $DJIA $SPX $NDX - Return of the Past

*****Coming back from a vacation is never easy no matter what your occupation. Besides the physical dislocation and relocation, the body clock adjustment and memories, one has to come to the realization that they have to adjust to being back to the way they were before; in other words, experiencing a return of the past. It's also true that it's in someway surprising that it does not take very long to adjust back because we're back to our comfort zone.

Can't deny that we like to come "home" because it lets us relax another way; knowing that the familiar is still there, we feel safer and  more comfortable.  It's been studied, and it's no surprise, that many people experience more stress during vacation than when at home and feeling safe and feeling comfortable are of high importance for our feeling of well being; until we need a new adventure or a break(away)out again.

So now it looks like we are on the way to another revisit of the past or return to a comfort zone.  When looking at the markets, I am for the first time realizing that it too experiences the return of the past when the pullback revisits areas it has been before. It's a different view than I have had before.  Yes, it can be a test and consolidation, a check on the past before courage for the new; taking comfort in the past that it is still there as a support.  Looking at the markets in this light may help you eliminate the negative view of a pullback and perhaps help you see that it is just a natural flow.  In other words there is no negative in comfort nor is there negative in a new adventure, or the next possible breakout.

Southern Comfort Zone by Brad Paisley on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Friday, August 16, 2013

The Weekend Note - Back from Vacation

***** Hello everyone, I'm back from my extended vacation!   Hope everyone is having and had a wonderful Summer. Thanks for the inquiries, I will be online again starting Monday and will post a Summer update before then.

Happy Summer Trading, Living and  Dancing

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Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $AAPL ~ Don't Wanna Fall

*****In short, I've been on vacation and the markets have not. Obvously the outlook is and has been on a more positive note needing no vacation. Well, maybe just a pause. Earnings season is now going hot and heavy along with the weather in most parts of the world.  Reporting not necessarily the best of reports but certainly not disappointing the followers so far yet the market's just don't seem to "wanna" fall.

With $AAPL reporting Tuesday, I'm wondering how much influence it will have on the current market which is for all intensive purposes in a Summer mood. Will it lose its heat after the report or will it become a more tepid marker overall? Certainly it will be watched and the usual suspects, namely the cult followers will have their say and make their move, but will the rest follow as before? It's influence will be noted one way or another by me also. $AAPL 's future is not over yet it is now where I remember $MSFT to be years back, not devoid of criticism. It's a place where maturity sets in, but I don't wish to get ahead of myself here. I'm just taking note. Placing a marker and looking at possibilities.

Possibilities are interesting because they can result in actuality. Which possibilities work and which don't always depend on choices we make. Individually or collectively, we decide and like it or not it's what changes the World and ultimately our lives.

Don't Wanna Fall by Walter Trout on Grooveshark

Now, back to my vacation
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook $DJIA

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Monday, July 1, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX

***** The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX

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Monday, June 24, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

***** The Weekly Outlook $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX ~ Everything Is Possible

*****Sometimes I wonder where some of what I see on the charts comes from. Certainly I have the experience viewing the charts and have the memory of how it may have reacted before, but what about times where I just can't see what the rest of the reported opinions out there in "Twitterland" see. It would take a lot of study to allow for a documented and factual answer, but I think I prefer the version that keeps coming to me from within. Not my brain, but also not without my brain.  It's where all is combined and all knowledge is available to be received. Knowing, Seeing, Feeling. It is where total peace is felt with oneself as well as a knowing that all is OK including myself.

Once again I felt it today as I was doing my weekly outlook. How do I know that what I put forth from there is good and correct? I don't, so I trust that it will be. Proof being in the future from where we analyze the past. In other words I, like you, will have to trust first, be patient second, and be open to surprises, 'cause wishes do come true.

June Afternoon by Roxette on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing,

.The Weekly Outlook - $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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