Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Daily Note - If, Then and Other Caveats ~ $AAPL $AMZN $CMG $LNKD $NFLX

*****We are all familiar with the If-Then scenarios of our lives. They occur constantly in our brain even if we are not consciously aware of them. We become conscious of them and program them as we make plans, goals, and have hopes, so we can take action when the scenarios get triggered and the possibilities are seen and can be considered in order to actualize what we want. It is precisely where we need to take action to actualize what we want or, in other words, to make them real.  It is at such trigger points where we cannot hesitate because without action there cannot be realization.

Most often we don't hesitate to take action unless  the fear factor enters and changes or delays achieving reality. The fear factor is different from the "if-then" scenario although they too are programmed but not by our hopes but by our fears; they are better known as "what if"s. We're all familiar with those also because they are the stop-action triggers of our plans, hopes and desires. It is why the "if-then" often fails the planner. As these other caveats get triggered  they create a battle ground in our psyche needing to be yielded to or won over.

We, as humans,  in a  trader's world are very well acquainted with all these scenarios on a daily, if not moment to moment basis, and our battles are either successful or not based upon how well we have overcome the instinct and trusted the plan. Remembering that doing nothing is equally a form of action, we can then realize that from infinite possibilities our actions actualize our reality.

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My  PlayList and SwingTrader List are designed with the "If - Then" scenario in mind considering both long and short trigger entries and possible outcomes. The results I post are based on the maximum result possibility of a single trade and unless perfectly executed in every case, it is not achievable. I post these results because a trader can more easily compare and discover their own caveats and at the same time see possibilities they may have not considered. My lists include a live chart commentary giving my view and a tool.  Any trader's "what if" scenario cannot be accounted in them as they are individual therefore leading the trader's outcome to be equally unique and individual. Proving again, that it is the action we take that determines the outcome we experience.  

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