Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Daily Note - The Flow of Agreement - $DJIA $NDX $SPX

***** We have all heard that what we think and believe take on energy and become our reality. In fact some argue that the way we think is how we create our reality. In other words, we as individuals as we see and experience create our outlook, our environment,  our way of being, living. Depending on those thoughts we judge our likes and dislikes, and throughout the process make choices.  When you consider the billions of people living on the planet that is almost totally incomprehensible unless one considers agreement.

Without agreement there would be utter chaos. We figured out long ago that in order to survive, we cannot be only individual, we also have to be social and in order to become social, we had to somehow agree, or form social circles of  agreement arrived at perhaps easy or heated discourse. If we follow the lines along these thoughts, which cause or create our reality then as a whole, by agreement we can do the same as a society in whole and as groups and our thoughts then can generate order out of chaos. All arguable you might say.

What is also true is that the markets and other shapes and forms in the Universe have most likely since conception formed order our of chaos. As we keep witnessing the markets, where patterns undeniably get created over and over again, we may realize that it's  not by any magic but by agreement and as many that participate it's hard to imagine having communication is any other way. So if what we think creates energies that now get agreed upon by other thoughts,  it may explain why and the therefore of market movements, patterns and the like in the short and the long term.

This is not to go against any creation that may take place by a higher being we worship, but we cannot expect that Creator to do it all either. After all, He gave us the power of choice. It's also true if you're not a believer of a Higher being.  In either case you cannot deny creation and if  you like to think in conspiracies, you may be part of the very conspiracy you complain about.

Finally, we may consider that instead of asking why this or that happens, we ought to wonder whether we are part of the thoughts that create our reality and thereby also being with the flow.

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