Friday, April 30, 2010

The Daily Note - The Next Stop

It is not a far fetched idea to ponder what will make the market stop and correct. In fact it is something all traders ought to keep in near thoughts especially when the market has had such a long successful run. But it is not a thought that should be made of fear but only of awareness.

Being prepared for a market turn and drop is good; being intimidated by it and therefore not partaking in trading opportunities is not a good thing. What should you change for the inevitable change?

Nothing really, if you are a trader. As a trader you should be aware of the pulse of the market, at all times. Your stops should be set up for trading and a set of strategies should be at hand in case of a turn.

If you are an investor, or longer term holder, your stops should be adjusted fairly frequently and analyzing your positions may be better done more often.

Panic is never good during a sell off and preparation is what allows traders to keep their heads.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Daily Note - A Missed Beat

Some say perfection never misses a beat, so now you know I am not perfect since I missed the beat on BIDU. LOL. I will remember this one for a long time since not even during the 1999-2000 frenzy have I seen such a rocket, if they could bottle that energy none of us would worry about solar or wind, let alone oil. Nearly 100 points from halt at 621 to 714 top after hours.

I've been know to scalp after announcement, but I stepped away from desk during the halt (644) and when I returned a few minutes later it was already in the stratosphere (699); short of closing eyes and pulling trigger, an entry was hard to find by then.

Now, being a BIDU follower you may think I am always on top of the watch, but after the pullback on Monday I decided to let it rest and was looking for an entry around 600, but the mistake did not lay there, where I committed an error is in review of the recent adjustments to price upgrades. Have I done so before earnings, I would have been ready for the possibility, since two brokers upgraded the stock with earnings outlook of $720-$735, mid April. So, no excuses that this dancer certainly missed the beat and did not dance this one well.

If it's hard to keep up with the music, there is a different tune always available and if one is practiced, it can be danced, .. well, to a semi-perfection. It's a slower paced and more subtle one, but I just have to contend myself with it. Dancing the FSLR rumba may be more sultry, don't you think?

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Daily Note - The Falling Knife

Falling knives do not occur as frequently as many traders think. It's probably because of definition that we don't necessarily agree with or understand. In my opinion falling knives happen when there is a long, upward trend when many people are lulled into the steady skyward heading of the market and forget about the downside.

We tend to forget not because of being stupid, we forget because we get comfortable and cozy with our confidence of the market's trend. We also forget because there already have been a few pullbacks where traders may have bailed only to see the market again continuing the uptrend. It is also reinforced by the continual happy news and the lack of reaction to the not so good news. In other words, the market shakes off more and more any worry about a possible serious reversal, despite the longevity of the trend or evidence of history.

When the reversal happens, because of the aforementioned comfort, traders at first believe the reversal will be short lived and therefore will hit bottom within a short period of time, so they try to time its bottom so they can again be in the comfort zone of the climb. Therefore they buy on the pullback and when it fails they get stopped out.

One stop will not make a serious impact about the seriousness of a reversal, where eager bottom fishers are willing to take chances. It will take many and a series of stops for most traders to be finally convinced to the contrary. It is the participation of many traders in a continued attempt to time the reversal bottom which creates the falling knife, because there are many sellers wanting to take profits fearing a meltdown.

Falling knife trading requires eager buyers looking for a bargain and panicked sellers looking for the best possible top caught holding profits during serious pullback. Bargain buyers are met shortly with panicked sellers, who then follow the buyers down to a lower low where the eager bottom fishers are waiting to drive the stock back but always to be met by sellers now willing to sell at a lower top. So the frenzy continues until... the buyers go away bleeding and the last seller was driven to sell at the worst perceived low.

How do you avoid the falling knife? Trust your stops and when you observe that more than one stop has occurred, sit it out. Wait and watch and don't be too eager to re-enter until the frenzy has abated. Only then should you check your charts for the next pattern. As a friend so often has told me: winners are not the bottom buyers or top sellers, winners reside in the 60% in between.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Daily Note - The Killing of Wall Street II

Hope you all had a great weekend and are rested for what I think will be a turbulent week. So started my message to my members yesterday, where I also wrote:

"The continued earnings report and a lot of economic changes, examinations and general shake up the world over. World monetary decisions and governments are and will be allowed more and more to shape our country's future. As traders, our world will change and we'll be required to meet new sets of rules, and we'll have to pay more attention to what is happening everywhere."

So are you paying attention? The killing of Wall St. is now so evident that one would have to equate it to a brick upside the head. Yet most are discussing the issues, as if separate and unrelated. They prefer to look at issues of Goldman Sachs as a "who done it", looking for a deep throat, even as the foundation underneath their feet has already been dismantled. The select few who will "suffer" under the microscope will have served their purpose for the "greater good" called restrictions. What is next is regulations, bureaucracies and entanglements via which traders will knowingly and unknowingly be part of the transition. In the end most who remember what used to be will have faded into a ghostly past, and remembered with disdain. History will be unkind to those who created, innovated or invented anything other than what will be approved.

What will take it's place is a fine tuned machine which will regulate all that we can do, love or enjoy. But what we'll lose is more than freedom. We'll lose dignity and as a result our self worth. Motivation is the key to the trader but traders who will be allowed to trade will be made to follow rules which reward the new ultra elite class. Taxation being one way of destruction but the death of spirit is the ultimate goal. No less is expected of slaves to the socialist state.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Monday, April 26, 2010

The Daily Note - Trade Your StockScript

As I watch a daily outpouring of "look at this" postings on StockTwits I am constantly reminded that there are a lot of good eyes out there for trade ideas and probably as many good traders. Along with the ideas there are probably hundreds of individual articles offering advice, approach and analysis about trading.

Since I like to know, I follow many, Since I like to read, I read a lot and since I like to learn, I absorb much. But how much is enough? How much is too much and how much is adequate, I must ask myself? Certainly I look at it as a daily reminder of how much I don't see, know or miss in my day to day interaction with the markets, and it is a continual reminder to keep up with news and changes. Yet how much is too much information?

The constant look/see research and endless scroll of information can render a trader without a plan powerless with inability to make a decision. When one gets so much call to action, a trader can actually be numbed to non-action. When there is too much to choose from it can be too much to act upon.

For those overwhelmed with trading thoughts, advice and picks, I have one piece of advice: Intermittently tune in for 30 minutes, then tune out; lest you get overwhelmed with information, some too soon and some too late because it is tough to be there to get the one that is just right. Instead, develop your own style and trade it; it too will change with the seasons as you learn and grow. At some point as you gain your own confidence, you too can join the crowd of "look at this" shout outs, and get to overwhelm some other trader with endless stream of good ideas.

Learning to trade is not a bunch of set ups, it is knowing which set ups are right for you. So write your own StockScript for success then you'll be able to use StockTwits for additional ideas and for those you may have missed.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Daily Note - Skipping a Note

Not every note is played by musicians, but most of us do not notice it; if a singer skips a note it's more noticeable but when a trader skips one it is undeniable. Miss a beat and you may not get the optimal in/out of a trade, or worse miss the last possible exit before the winner turns into a loser.

It is why we have stops and why we all must use them unless our purpose is to be in the trade for a long haul and are willing to be in the red or green several times before our goal is reached. This could take weeks, months or years even and then, the name changes from trader to investor.

So you must ask yourself who you are in this game before committing any funds, realizing of course that you can be both, but then the hats cannot be confused and the notes have to be played either as a song or a symphony.

If you carve a song out of a symphony, the notes have to be skipped so you lose edge as an investor, re-entry is more difficult and timing is lost for the long term range taxation on profit. Turn a song into a symphony and you mix your styles losing notes as you skip possible profitable trades within the long haul. It is why we keep the accounts separate.

Investors must keep away from the daily vigil and take only occasional looks at the score, since the score is known by heart and need only a glance at the conductor for direction. Sure, notes are skipped here and there, but the consequence is not dire because the symphony as a whole is carried by many musicians and the occasional lost note is picked up by others. The short term trade is like a new song played solo, so we have to be careful to learn all the notes and keep repeating them until we know the right time to execute it to perfection.

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Happy Trading, Living and Investing

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Daily Note - Earnings Season

This is really bizarre for me, but the thought occurred to ask you, my readers, about how you play earnings season and compile a story on it.  Many of you who have read my musings for a while, know that I trust what is given to me to write; but I sat on this one for hours thinking surely something else will reveal itself for me to write about. So I waited, and nada, nothing, blank. So, as always, I succumb to the muses and ask. I hope you're replies will not be nada, nothing or blank. Thanks in advance.

Do you have an earnings season plan?  How early do you start it? If not, how do you play the earnings game?

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Daily Note - Flying Higher, Feeling Whooped

I don't know about  you but it seems this market may be feeling a little tired. It seems that now it's all about earnings and not much more, which is the way it was in 1999.  Earnings kept being better and better and when a stock was upgraded with a new target, eager traders snapped it up, or dumped it on a downgrade. Earnings forecasts were everything then along with whisper numbers and well, charts were not often mentioned. Who needed charts when the market was making new highs and not showing signs of slowing down.  It lasted over a year and it was wonderful especially for the amateur who could not do wrong as long as they were long and a day or two would correct an early entry with good rewards. 

The great debate on CNBC was whether the Dow will reach  10,000 and the Nasdaq 4,000. The Dow reached it and closed above it on March 29, 1999 for the first time and those who bet against were out, allowing the Dow to make continual higher highs. The Nasdaq took a bit longer but reached the "goal" at the end of the year on December 29, 1999. By that time the Dow was over $11,000 and the re-newed optimism into the year 2000, or the misnamed new millennium (actually the last year of the 20th century) was propelling the markets to higher highs. 

The Dow closed breaking two records at a new high above both 11,600 and 11,700 on January 14th, 2000,  but was showing signs of being tired by the beginning of March, when the Nasdaq closed above 5,000 for the first time on March 9th, 2000. Most traders were riding the wave and no one was listening much to the .com bubble debate; nobody could see the end as being near.  

Yes, it very much feels the same; yet it is not hyped as much. Today's traders are not  so quiet, they don't rely only on information from one source, CNBC, and they have a lot more information and advice available on the net. They are more savvy and more educated and it seems they are much better equipped.  But we, who have been there, know it's not all about equipment; it's about timing and being ready. The turning point can happen fast and your reaction depends on how fast you can recognize it, let go rather than hang on. It may take a day, or weeks with teasers in between allowing many to think it was only temporary reversal, and it can play with your head unless you have your stops firmly and convincingly set.  

Whether you agree or not with my analysis or anyone's about the current condition of this market is not the issue. The issue is whether you can survive the downturn and not give back what you have so painstakingly gained. 

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Daily Note - Nature's Power

The thought that nature's power can strike at any moment without warning is obvious and known my all of us yet most of us do not think about it from day to day because it would be depressing if not paralyzing to development, so the best we can be is prepared. Some are easier to prepare for than others and some of nature's force is far more reaching than others. 

The dreadful damage brought on by a hurricane can be prepared for planned and because it is visually observed in development, we can be forewarned about its timing. Others such as tsunamis are less predictable, yet we are in development of a track and warning system, so the can be minimized. Then there are earthquakes which strike without warning and still without a system which can predict its timing.  Volcanic eruptions are somewhere in between. By observation, scientific measurements of gaseous clouds, we can predict an eruption and warn of imminent danger for evacuation, yet it has  the potential to create the most costly and disastrous effect. 

 All of nature's power can wreak havoc and cause great cost in damage, but the damage is limited to the area of occurrence. A volcano, as now witnessed by the current generation, has a much wider area of fallout, and a much larger associated cost. 

The ash cloud of Iceland's volcanic eruption is the prime cause of damage currently being assessed. As I stated last week on twitter, the then reported airline industry's halt of operations was just the beginning of this cost "fallout".  The IATA (International Airline Transportation Association) estimated conservatively that the airline industries cost would be about $200 million per day. That cost does not include the additional costs to the industry  due to re-routing, and care taking of passengers. The cost is conservative also because there are no real measures of cost to airline travel other than the cost per passenger mile, which presumes that an aircraft can fly. In this case however, aircraft are stranded in one place reduces the ability of service at another, requiring additional stress of the airline fleet and possible reduction in service at other areas due to reduction of flight staff; but none of that includes the cost to the travel industry as a whole. 

Airline travel supports more than airlines. Airports lose landing/take off fees, airport vendors lose fresh customers to just name the immediate. But the nature of travel is that the passengers traveling need necessary amenities which are provided by ground transportation, restaurants and hotels. Additionally, the sight seeing or tourism industry on ground suffer as well, so the cost can run into the billions and we are not done yet. 

Mount St. Helen's eruption of 1980 had a cost estimate loss of 2-3 billion dollars which included tourism and cost of housing damage. It effected a large area and buried 24 square miles (62 square kilometers) yet the detectable ash fallout covered 22,000 square miles (57,000 km2). Compare that to the size of Austria at 32,378 square miles, or the size of Maine at 33,265 square miles. Once put into perspective we are beginning to see the potential damage to Europe, and we are still not done.

Besides ash fallout, there are other gaseous materials which are spewed into the atmosphere eventually to fall down somewhere. The SO2 released is by far the most damaging. It produces acid rain wreaking havoc with plants, crop growth, wild life and buildings in addition to human tissue and other internal complications.  It also produces a reflective cloud which can account for as much as a  measured 5 degree of cooling. This cooling effect may be good news to the global warming enthusiasts in a way, but it is not good news for the agriculture industry, as long as this fine ash cloud stays aloft, consequences will be felt. 

The good news however in this is that we, humans, adapt well as things change but the bad news is that human society is territorial by nature and therefore will invade in order to lay claim to better areas as climate or other disasters necessitate. Further bad news is that cultures, civilizations have declined and disappeared much more often due to nature's power rather than man made disasters.  

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

P.S. I had a disaster of my own this morning. As I was about to publish my first draft of this article my entire essay except for one smidgen of a sentence, disappeared. I still cannot remember which button I hit for that to happen, but it did.  Some of you who write may know that it takes a bit of time to put a piece together but with research like for this article,  it took much longer.  Needless to say, I was not in a jovial mood following my disaster since I wanted it out before today's trading for the airline stocks of course re-creating it fast was impossible so I took some downtime to adapt. This, my current work now published is the second draft, and I will say again that everything happens for a reason, because I consider it much better than the first. You, my readers, of course will not be able to judge so just take my word for it.  I scrubbed today's trade since it was an airline stock and it is now past it's prime.

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Friday, April 16, 2010

The Daily Note - Delayed Plans

There's a saying which states that "If you want to hear God laugh, tell Him your plans." I keep it in mind often enough when my plans get sidetracked, delayed or otherwise blown to the four corners. I've lived long enough to actually realize how much truth is to that statement yet I still insist on laying it out. I guess I like to hear Him laugh. Eh Well, didn't get to the story today, yet.. but I have big plans!

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Daily Note - Speaking of Taxes, Part V: It's a Hat Trick

It's April 15th, do you know where you're taxes are? Most likely still being collected and counted. I wonder how they'll spin the fact that tax revenues will be lower than last year, despite the market recovery.

Many states will spin recovery because they have collected more tax revenue from increased taxation and the only solution they are contemplating is more of the same. You can read about the future tax plans for your state and while you're perusing that, consider the VAT tax in addition to it.

The spin has also begun with the publicity that retail sales are up. Well, I have news for you. Retail sales usually pick up this time of year for two psychological reasons: first, it's spring!Spring brings growth and renewed optimism and people just like to replace the winter dingy, locked-in feel. In other words, people just feel better with more light and flowers around. The second reason is the mis-named tax "refund". Which we all, once adjusting to reason, know that it is not a refund but an repaid interest free loan to your government. This so called refund along with tax credits allows people to feel they have more to spend. The trick is known by governments, and was used last year, when they reduced withholdings from your w-2 pay throughout 2009. Of course the less withholding ended in a surprise tax due situation for many, but most got less of a crunch because there was also a "making work pay" credit calculated into the return. If you do the math it's almost laughable, if it weren't so tragic that people always fall for the slight of hat trick: giving with one hand,while taking with the other.

So now that I succeeded in confusing and boring you, perhaps a little reprieve will help. Most of you think that tax freedom day arrived on April 9th, right? Well, the news said it, so rejoice and shop. Oh well, I tried. Sorry to again be bearer of some more bad news but the actual day is May 17th, adjusting to the deficit and interest owed on debt; the second longest period since WWII but take heart it is a full 4 days less than last year. So I guess we are truly in recovery.

OK, OK I'll stop and let you go out and party, just after this: States are already projecting another fiscal shortfall, despite of increased taxation, so get ready for further increases in just living your daily life. Cities and governments are increasing dues, fees and creating new ways of reaching into your pocket. Further, while the news is focusing on recovery and Federal taxation, State governments, while increasing taxes, have driven away many corporate and small businesses and are now in another crunch just this side of a crisis. Imagine what they are planning. Of course that leaves the Federal government who have just gifted a tax increase on your income and all future generations via a health-care bill which will increase you FICA and Medicare taxes not to mention pharmaceuticals, doctor care and medical equipment. Now, add on a VAT (Value Added Tax*)to your shopping bill!

But, "Wait!" you say, "aren't we supposed to spend our way into recovery and out of a deficit"? Oh, no, it's another hat trick!

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Happy Tea Party Day!

*EU collects a minimum of 15% maximum of 25% VAT tax

New World Encyclopedia
NCSL - National Conference of State Legislatures
Tax Foundation

Today's BlogPick Continue Earnings watch GOOG midday update looking for it to strike $600, $605 and give a chase after $BIDU. Earnings are key. Low side watch $587- $585 Good luck into earnings.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Daily Note - The Final Countdown

Just Two Days to Go! I am thinking tax deadline and you are thinking GOOG earnings. It will be a tumultuous day for sure, at the office as well as the market.

Like I posted in the wee hours on StockTwits today, "There's a lot of anticipation built into this market and today's $INTC just added fuel to the fire. Expectations about $JPM will signal financials and further set the tone or perhaps confuse it. $GOOG already set to roar and good news & earnings can propel it perhaps as high as $625, catching up to $BIDU which could be the key to it's further upside." So, Google is ready to roar or dive.

Nothing is totally predictable in life or the markets and I try to reflect that on the trading charts I send out and post on this blog. The long and short call is for that reason. The direction is usually set in the initial few minutes of market open, but reversals are not unusual even if for just a short time, that is part of the test. Whether the reversal will stop out a set up trade depends on volatility which of course depends on price and structure of the setup.

My best calls will not touch the other directions trigger and will exceed the set targets. The second best is when one target is met before the stock moves into reversal and can meet a target the other way as well. The third is when some gains are met in a tight range. Of course the worst is when a stock gaps and is untouchable the rest of the trading session or is tight because the call was made too soon. VMW comes to mind from the other day, when I made the call two days before breakout.

What is important to remember is that to really meet all these conditions, market has to cooperate along with your open mind. Being open to both long and short is what makes my trades; when I anticipate one or the other, to which members are witness, I, just like anyone else, can be snapped up. So keep an open mind, focus, put on a song and then let the countdown begin....

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Daily Note - It's a Spirit Thing

There are days when I sit down and have not a clue about what topic will call on me to write about. Usually then I do not post a title until the end. Other times, the title comes first and I flow out of that theme. Oft I start with one theme and end with another, changing titles as I go. It is fascinating how the spirit moves and gets in touch with the soul to reach consciousness.

Actually if you allow it, trading opportunities are born much the same way. Observe how one may draw your attention more than others; examine the attraction. Did you see something more special about it than you saw in other similar setups? More often than not, I cannot pinpoint the reason other than, spirit. And much like in writing, when it's all said and done, it is the correct topic and the correct trade for today. Then, drawing comparisons after the day, I notice that it is magical how the unforced trade performs better than the one that is insisted upon.

If I want proof, I just look at the many recorded trading calls I have posted here and over the years. I have no other answer reason for the accuracy than spirit, the soul was reached to awaken the consciousness to the possibility.

Notice I said what is the "possibility" not what will become reality. Possibilities are around us but the reason for the consciousness is to make it reality. The choice is never taken from us by spirit but it is left up to us to execute the opportunity. All of it involves trust but it's not the kind of trust to put outside of ourselves rather it's the one in ourselves.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
"A Matter of Trust" Series

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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Daily Note - Going Along for the Ride

Tonight, it's Beethoven who is keeping me sane. Classical alpha waves. All things considered, the computer is an instrument of great intrusion on ones life. It is a necessary instrument in today's world, but with all the information, twitting sound bites, must read information alerted with chirps and dings, alerting bells off charts hitting points needing immediate attention, it is difficult to keep in focus and in tune with ourselves.

There are times of total disconnect with reality due to the hypnotic nature of what we do as traders. It would be wise to remember that we allow it to intrude on us. In fact we invite it as we seek connection with others who, like us, make our living in some way or another on the internet. In other words, we allow it to invade our mind and let ideas grab on, even when the information is not critical.

To be the best at who we are and what we do, alpha waves are one of the key factors in allowing us to stay centered and focused on what we need to accomplish. Tests have proven it, we all have read about it, lived it and also forgotten just how much at peace we can feel when in tune. We seek ways to achieve it, via sports, meditation, outdoor activities, love, but music is the center core of it all. It's the universal language and that is why it resonates so well with our brainwaves. In other words the music we listen to makes a huge difference in shaping our outlook.

We all need a good dose of alpha waves everyday regardless of occupation and it is the best way to trade. It keeps me on track while viewing bumpy charts, jumpy ticks, and gyrating numbers and it's what helps put things into viewable rhythms. Music is what keeps me in the zone and allows me to go along on the ride, but it's the alpha waves it creates that helps me reach my destination.

Beethoven Piano Sonata no.17

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Daily Note - Gold Like Fire

Go for the Gold is a cry we hear often in sports. We don't say go for the diamond or the platinum although they may be more valuable, we identify with gold as the most precious metal. Psychologically the metal also brings feelings of warmth because of its resemblance to the sun. Visiting museums all over the world it is gold that was the most widely used symbol of wealth. It was reserved for kings and queens as symbol of leadership and worship.

We in our modern history have left much of its worship behind, but if we really assess the recent condition of our economy it would not take to much a leap to realize that it's value could be again most widely coveted. Imagine if the paper currency got devalued of worse if it totally failed.

We are so tied into a world economy that the reality of too big to fail comes home fast but the answer of who will bail us out is nowhere in sight. Look at the difficulty of Greece and then multiplying that, the result is panic. What will you use to help yourself survive and consider what would be first confiscated by a desperate government. It has been done many times and it could happen again.

Yes, gold could again be used as currency and we could worship it again and could use it again as the reason to kill many. We'd like to think we are civilized beings obeying all rules, but the rules of survival are not civilized; survival is at the very core of our evolution and without faith, yes, a faith in God, it could spark anew.

I propose it's our faith in God that will keep us civilized, not a lot of man written rules. Our forefathers knew that and that's why they wrote so few.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Daily Note - On Dreams and Wishes

I think we all work on wishes and dreams and we all don't realize that the operative word in that sentence is "work". Wishes and Dreams that we want need work to make them into reality.

Dreams need planning and a goal. If we don't work on those steps the dreams are not fulfilled.
Wishes need precise definition if we don't define them exactly they don't come true exactly as we wish. That is why we have to pay attention to the saying "be careful what you wish for, it may come true"

So quit dreaming without planning and quit wishing without doing your research. The trades you pick need your attention and your labor. In other words, it takes work, no matter how easy anybody makes it look.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Daily Note - Taxing Times

This tax season is particularly hard for me and I'll be glad when it's over.  It is difficult to advise clients about what is around the corner when we are not getting any clear direction.  We've had hard years before, but none so unknown. Besides the coming new tax burdens, there are other troubling tax plans brewing in the vats of Congress.  On top of which there are a lot of giveaways.

It seems to be like the IRS has become a welfare agency for about 50% of taxpayers paying roughly 3% of the total tax revenue. It is really scary if you consider that the other 50% has to support them with the refundable credits which keep increasing in titles and volume:
Earned income credit, Child credit, Student credit,  Work credit, Housing credit, Renters credit, Energy credit, Car credit and I didn't list them all.

They might as well say, "name your own credit".   I really don't see any of them ending, although they keep saying they will, and then extending them another year or two until they become a permanent fixture and a permanent cost.  No one reports on the cost of these credits to the tax payer although I'm sure they are costing many a $bill and unequalizing even more what is already unequal.  Chaos is the best way to describe the tax system and we know what causes chaos,  don't we?  It's when everyone is trying to get their wish without regard for another, something like how our Congress operates.

So now you know, if you didn't already, why the tax system is so screwed up and remember Congress just passed another tax bill by the nom de plume "health care".  In case you are wondering what this article has to do with trading, it is a warning of what is coming to your doorstep next:  The trading tax.
Yes, a tax. You weren't expecting a credit were you? Sorry to disappoint.

Happy Trading, Living, Dancing

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Daily Note - In Company of MEE

I have MEE in my portfolio and yesterday it was looking good, as I calculated and decided not to close it out at the new high. I left for the day forgetting a new stop, which should be automatic but for other thoughts and other concerns, I did not.

I have MEE in my portfolio today and except for the tragedy that hit yesterday afternoon, I may have done well, but fate did this trade in. Fate I must pay but shorting it would just be cruel.

I had MEE in my portfolio today, and I took a loss, a loss not well received, but a loss
far less than of those who suffered the ultimate loss yesterday.

I have the families of MEE on my mind, in my prayers and in my heart, I hope God gives them rest and gives them peace.


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Monday, April 5, 2010

The Daily Note - The Gypsy In Me

Something out of a song or a novel swirls around in my glass as I look for the sign about when to leave. Sky's grey and stormy nothing's going my way. It's when I desire to travel the most. Look down the highway and you'll find me looking for the next adventure from somewhere I haven't been to someplace that draws me. A little bit of nostalgia mixed with heightened need for action.

It's like searching for the next play, when in someways I know what I'm looking for yet I do not know where it will show up. A higher sense of being on alert, drawing from what is known while looking into the unknown. When it meets and where it meets is an instant recognition of a place to be.

You can always tell when I'm in this mode, because I can't settle down, I trade less and look more for an escape perhaps or just for a familiar run....

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Daily Note - Spring Break

I am taking a few days off. I'll be back on Monday, April 4th.
Happy Easter and Happy Spring.

Happy Trading, Living and Hopping