Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Daily Note - It's a Spirit Thing

There are days when I sit down and have not a clue about what topic will call on me to write about. Usually then I do not post a title until the end. Other times, the title comes first and I flow out of that theme. Oft I start with one theme and end with another, changing titles as I go. It is fascinating how the spirit moves and gets in touch with the soul to reach consciousness.

Actually if you allow it, trading opportunities are born much the same way. Observe how one may draw your attention more than others; examine the attraction. Did you see something more special about it than you saw in other similar setups? More often than not, I cannot pinpoint the reason other than, spirit. And much like in writing, when it's all said and done, it is the correct topic and the correct trade for today. Then, drawing comparisons after the day, I notice that it is magical how the unforced trade performs better than the one that is insisted upon.

If I want proof, I just look at the many recorded trading calls I have posted here and over the years. I have no other answer reason for the accuracy than spirit, the soul was reached to awaken the consciousness to the possibility.

Notice I said what is the "possibility" not what will become reality. Possibilities are around us but the reason for the consciousness is to make it reality. The choice is never taken from us by spirit but it is left up to us to execute the opportunity. All of it involves trust but it's not the kind of trust to put outside of ourselves rather it's the one in ourselves.

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"A Matter of Trust" Series

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