Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Daily Note - It's a Beautiful Day

It's really difficult to think about trading when there's so much beauty in nature of around us. It's difficult to realize that this beautiful world is made up of so much tug and pull. So much resistance of the good.

There is really a great deal of abundance available to everyone. The formers of this great nation of the USA knew that. They knew that relying on man, that was not the case but relying on spirit, it was indeed the key to the riches for all. Hence, "All men ARE created equal". (And please don't read stupid thoughts into that about gender or other crap that has been the nature of tearing that great phase apart by those who wish to dismantle, destroy and trample those great words.)

Sit in nature for just 5 minutes a day, without your music, phone, games or comuputers, and you will hear spirit using nature to overwhelm your senses with beauty and possibilities. I am convinced that is exactly what our forefathers meant when writing the constitution.

The US Constitution was written out of abundance of possibilities, not like the Communist Manifesto written out of envy, greed and victimization. If you need further comparison, just look at people in nations under that regime, they tend to be depressed; unfortunately just like people in USA are showing more signs of depression the more we get socialism shoved into our everyday lives.

The mistaken belief that socialist flag waivers keep repeating is that they think, they will be lifted up under such rules, and become "rich" as they believe, is their "due". The opposite is the case however and it is the "rich" who get pulled down to the lower level becasue there's no reward for innovation, creation or any other uplifting desire. Only those of the inner political elite, and the higher echelon of our version of the politburo: Franks, Dodds, Pelosi, Reed would enjoy the elitist riches they keep saying others take from the masses without consideration. Indeed they want the massess to be of lower class than themselves because they know not of abundance and therefore they only know how to suppress with their power.

That is the sadness that we will endure, unless we wake up to our ignorance of the facts and read our true history as our forefathers meant, and not the way the Socialist suppressors want us to believe. Wake up and read quickly before the books are confiscated, altered or forever banned and the people forget, and another dark age is upon us. Ever read "Fahrenheit 451"? Imagine it becoming reality. I know the internet and all that but the internet which is rewriting history can just as easily rewrite reality or any publication. You think I'm kidding, it was a concern cited by Germany when Google wished to archive their publications. They should know of what they speak. Having lived through Soviet alienation and alteration of the truth.

So perhaps, it would be wise to memorize before we lose all memory of what freedom was and what it was meant to be.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Daily Note - BP Is A Cheap Short

BP has been relentlessly pounded into the ground by the government, media, entertainers, followers of the previously named, and traders. Most of them have absolutely no idea how a company is formed, structured and run. Even traders, who should know better, fall into this category; when one replies to my plea to contribute gains to those who suffer the oil leak results, retorts that the investors deserve what they get and are at fault, another says that he need the money more, shows the lack of education at even the higher levels. Are these the same people who call the companies greedy?  Jim Cramer even calls for it's destruction, but then what may one expect? He is part of the problem of the mob mentality.

But I maintain that BP is a cheap short. It's easy game. There is no sport in it.  It takes no research, no plan, no chance and no psychological  reward. The gains are cheaply won, on the backs of those who worked they bottoms off for years, for less perhaps. Where is the glory in that? These thoughts cross my mind, when a stock plummets off the bad fortune of a company.

You may run happily to the bank with your gains, but does it cross your conscience that the gains you got were off of someone else's hard work?  Do you ever think of the people who lost as a result of this tragedy their life savings, their future or that many may need the funds more than you in this case?  Do you think that the funds may be needed for the solution of the problem? Have you considered donating some funds to those whose lives have been devastated by this tragedy?

Become a solution by donating your cheap won gains to a good cause, namely: The Gulf cleanup.  Then, if you want to short a stock, well do some real homework, research and then the glory be with you for your hard earned gains.


Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Monday, June 28, 2010

The Daily Note - Have You Something Positive?

I have always counted on people for inspiration; people who I encounter, read about, listen to during my days as I go about life. To be quite honest I have not found any positive inspiration of late. When I witness continued relentless bashing, without any thought of reason, I feel a profound deep disappointment and loss. To witness such behavior in the United States is disheartening.  People it seems have no sense of control or decency especially in the media, but also on social networks.  It's not even a slogan, it's more like a march. The kind of march that kills. Once the banner is picked up, and followed blindly or not, it becomes a dangerous mantra bringing destruction in it's wake.  Break anything just because it's in the neighborhood, mob mentality rules. Intelligent people turn to mentality without reason.

The people who tend to do this type of action have absolutely no comprehension of history. Nor do they care to know, lest they find out they are part of the mob. Claims are actually unreasonable, but people cannot stop themselves once they whipped into a frenzy and as such, creating the mob that destroys and suggests no solution with its action. It's easier to follow and chuckle and laugh along with the rest of the unintelligent media, night show hosts or any number or "rich & famous" in their camp, than to take a problem and evolve the same energy toward a solution.

It is this kind of bashing that plays into the hands of rulers who wish to take over all control. We are dangerously close as it is, with further help from the mob, we will witness the outcome.  You want all major companies to be dictated to by the government? You want them all to be nationalized?  Then you do not want freedom. I can't put it more plainly than that.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Daily Note - Great To Be Back; Are Things Better?

Hi everyone, I missed writing to you.  It has been over a week which surprised me actually, but all us writers need some intimate time with our muses, you know. Well I am happy to say that all is well in Muse land which may not be true on our land, judging from the reports of late. It looks like the problems are coming home to roost, but I also wonder how long it will be before they kick it yet again down the road.

Let's examine that the housing problems, as predicted, are not over. Let's also examine that the Congress  continues to ignore and not restructure FNM and FRE making it more likely by the day that the taxpayers will be stuck with even more record holding debt, and let's consider that they have yet to change the rules for those CRA type loans.  Do taxpayers know that they are on the hook for owing all that debt? Just wondering?

The perpetual growing debt is made even worse by extension of the first home buyers credit because it gives a distorted report of home sales.  Whether these credits are scammed, we have yet to know the cost, but I have witnessed such attempts. Do you even know how it works? It basically gives $8000 to first time home buyers provided they stay in their "new" homes for minimum of 3 years.  In addition,  now, homeowners who owned their home for longer term, like minimum of 5 years, and lived there during the entire time, and wish to sell and buy another home, are now also eligible for the credit.  Okay it is "only" $6000 for those people.  Does that sound like they are encouraging flipping to you? It sure should. Do you think it is why perhaps housing prices are on the increase again and foreclosed homes are being bid on again?  I am not saying yeah or nay.. just wondering?

Yep, it not a tax credit, it is a subsidy as in handout and you apply for it via the tax return.. Does that sound like a handout perpetuating itself? It should. This is the 3rd time they have extended it. Did you notice that the housing sales report showed a large activity of home sales during the last couple of weeks? There was a reason for that:  The credit was supposed to expire July 1st.  

Well I was not going to return with an article of bad news or a reminder of such, but just had to get it out since I feel like the lone rooftop dweller here: In other words people, it seems, most just wish to keep their head in the sand, and I keep sitting on the rooftop looking for hope and change.

Happy Trading, Living, and Dancing

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Friday, June 18, 2010

The Daily Note- Will Return

Hi, I've been busy building new places to go. All will return to normal soon. Thanks for your visit and continued support.
We had a great week on the "DanceFloor" members are learning some new steps to add to their trading skills. Next week I will host a new Webinar. Details to follow.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Daily Note - Time for a Review

Sometimes I have to make a note to myself... as a friend says post it notes all over the place. Well yes. I tend to have notes for reminders, 'cause I ask you who can watch it all and remember everything. That's why we have alerts, ten pair of eyes and a fog horn or two to bring us to reality; but a review is always good. 

I plot charts every day; sometimes as many as 10 per day, each with entries and target notes.  The list builds until the end of the week so by that time as many as 50 charts are plotted, often same symbols repeated so you can imagine it can get rather busy. So it's hard to remember from day to day if what I thought last time is playing out unless I revisit them regularly. It also gets difficult when gaps develop from the time I plot them to the time of market open. Often it takes a review to really see the whole picture and how well charting can work given you stick the the system.

I sometimes  get questions,  from traders who tell me they don't understand my charts or how I play them. My guidelines are posted, but I think what happens is that people tend to look at things as being absolute or they wish to have absolutes, therefore, statements like "above" "below", "near", "about" are confusing to them. What I'd like to point out is that no entry or exit can be absolute except the one you execute yourself . If you enter or exit a position in a few pennies above or below the entry price or target price it still can produce a desired gain. Sometimes we get hung up on pennies rather than see the gain that we have attained or the goal that we have met. So I would like to suggest that next time you follow a trade that I post you focus on the overall picture and take your eyes off the flea hopping movement of the tape.

Yes,  it takes management of your own,  as all trades do because there can be no guarantees that the price will continually increase or decrease on a trade as the day moves on, but take a look at the last two days PlayList posted to members and see how they worked the last two days by comparing them to the current charts. Some actually played out to their maximum on Tuesday although they were plotted on a Monday. That's the reason why management becomes a challenge, but if mastered it is for a healthy reward.  

I have postings on this blog  2007 which have covered trading psychology and guidelines to help traders develop style and overcome obstacles. Currently, I  have 21 weeks of posted trading results based on my charting this year, and  posted trades last year since April 2009.   My prior experience is that of a successful room moderator on a professional site for several years. Take a tour of my services in a week (7day) long  participation and I think you will find that I am a willing teacher and guide.  So, read my blog, and the history and see if my service will help you develop your trading style and help you toward your goals. You won't know until you do the action.  (there is no "try")
PlayList  Monday 6/14/10             PlayList  Tuesday 6/15/10

 Stay tuned for my new DailyPick service, which will be available from the blog. 
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Monday, June 14, 2010

The Daily Note - A Short Story

As daytraders we continually seek to find a good short when it is to our advantage. After all, our goal is to capitalize on the disfavor, however temporary, of a stock.  The most likely disfavor scenario is when a stock has been over extended or over bought and owners are ready to take profits. It, being the case it is a good time to sell short and buy back when there is again some interest in the possible profitability of gain or rise in the price.

However, there are numerous other scenarios that can work well also shorting a stock. These are usually dependent on news.  Top of this list is earnings; when a company misses the awaited earning outlook or actual profit that was the consensus among the analysts and traders alike. Traders and investors tend to punish the company by selling  shares when such announcement is made.

Another is when an awaited news story disappoints, such as announcement of a new product that does not meet expectation, disappoints its public or when a new product is not approved by the "gods" that be in control. This latter usually applies to new drug approvals or tests that meet not meet the expected result.

Then, there is the natural diminishing of industry or a company due to lack of further possible growth, dying interest in the product or failure due to a myriad of reasons, provided the government does not step in with a bailout. I imagine the buggy industry suffered a lot during the growth of the horseless carriage, for example.  

The last scenario is when disaster strikes and a company is adversely effected by the fallout.  Such was the case with the airlines and travel industries after 9/11  and more recently the coal mine explosion at MEE and the one in the news now BP and the oil platform explosion resulting in probably the biggest oil leak and perhaps the worst disaster to effect the Gulf.

I think all short positions, taking advantage of a scenario is fair game, except for the last. I really do not see the point of  making a bad situation worse. Especially when the evidence is already there that the companies will lose as a result of the disaster. Keeping in mind that companies are living and breathing entities teaming with people who depend on doing the work for a living, investors who with good cause invested in the company, and of course the company itself that most likely did not get up one morning and decided to create a disaster just for the effect.

Sure, there are mistakes and omissions and even criminal negligence that needs to be investigated all in their turn; not during the disaster but afterward. It does no good  for the people affected if we continually bash, short and drive down a company already suffering.  Often times the judgments doled out our unwarranted and not only do  the ones responsible suffer, but also the employees like in the case of Arthur Andersen that drove the company into bankruptcy after years and years of good reputation.

Mass of opinion is not always right and in fact it's often wrong yet  no one in the media or the masses is accountable after the damage is done. Therefore I do not see any joy in receiving the reward out of disaster and if  you consider that  the funds in the case of BP will be needed to help those that truly suffered perhaps it would be better to make sure that BP will be able to pay.  Am I naive? Maybe, but I doubt if I am alone. Perhaps a way to look at it is if I put forth the challenge that all those who profited from the BP disaster, by shorting the company,  donate the funds to those who are suffering the effect.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Friday, June 11, 2010

The Daily Note - Keep in Focus

Ever wonder how to focus, and how to gain that focus back when you lose it? Did you know that focusing really emanates from the third eye not the two eyes you see with? If not, try this exercise any time you wish to be focused on a subject or items: imagine a thread from your third eye on or to the object or subject. Notice how your mind intesifies on the subject/object without much effort as long as you remain in contact via the thread. Also notice that you see much more clearly, broadly and intensly than you normally see and also become aware of more possibilities as they unfold. Eventually you won't need the thread, for it is not necessary, but it's a good tool to remember when you lose focus.

Using tools like this help me trade and helps me to keep it simple so, rather than thinking there's too much information out there, I'm thinking there's much information not ever noticed for lack of interest and other information noticed for abundance of bling. But in either case, information does not need to be cut off or eliminated and/or controlled, as Obama said in a speech recently, but rather that people's focus needs to be trained so they may be able to reap the infinitesimal information available everywhere.

Recently there was a report about people using social media not being able to focus and having part of their brain functions suppressed. I'm sure of it, because most people really do not know how to focus and get off track with following too much at once. And there lies the real culprit: following too much information at once and it is also the reason for my topic.

I am not immune from losing focus and in fact it's exactly what happened yesterday while trying to set up for the day. Charts ready, it became evident fast that the day will gap up past my entry points and thought I, that they were not even going to be usable. How wrong I was became evident only later when assessing that most of my plays were and worked from the first target and many reached the final target during the day. Alas my focus returned a bit late for the day, so it becomes a lesson for tomorrow: Never give up on my PlayList.
Just take a look :


Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Daily Note - Resisting Change

Seeing the elections last evening especially here in California, it reminded me of the fact that no matter how we may protest, change always takes place only when we are ready for it. Many years ago I was advised about the actualization of change and I am continually amazed at how true it is.

Besides the timing it takes preparation, but first it is realization that it's needed. So, truth be known, change takes place in an instance, but the realization for its need and the preparation or acceptance of it can take a lifetime. That is why we take so long about changing our habits. It's not the change its realization and acceptance that you need to focus on.

When in a bad trading habit, (such as: not quitting when goal is met, not placing stops, not taking profits, to name a few) do not kick yourself for not changing when you realize it after the fact, but kick yourself for not accepting that change is needed. Once you do that, the rest is easy and if you don't believe me, pay attention to the timing for let's say .. 40 years enough? You think that's too long? Think about your habits that you are still carrying around since......?

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Daily Note - Not Just Another Day

Do you ever wake up and wonder how you will face the day? Wonder if anything will change, or worry that it will. Maybe yesterday was great for you or perhaps it was a wish for a do-over, so today you are bringing the baggage with you. Which is a caution flag if you do.

The best way to approach your trading day is with a fresh outlook. The best way is to clear the presumptions and judgments away from yesterday. The best way is to look at the charts with renewed wonder and anticipation of possibilities.

Yesterday while discussing a trade with some members, who were wondering when it was the best time to trade, I realized just how important it is to remind ourselves to continually look forward to the next trade and not backwards at what was. Some set ups continue to work throughout the day, others don't but we never know ahead of time. It is the reason we have to be open with anticipation rather than closed with finality of trades being done at a certain time frame.

Looking at one of yesterdays' PlayList picks, NFLX, and retraced the day for some setups on based on a strict parameter of my entry and targets posted in the morning, provided a viable trade was unfolding per indicators. The Long entry was $110 with possible targets of $111, $112.50 & $115. The short entry of $109.50 with targets of $108.90 & $107.50. That is what I saw in the charts and this is how the trades unfolded with those entries and targets.

9:33 AM L NFLX 110.00 110.42 0.42
9:34 AM S NFLX 109.50 107.35 2.15
9:54 AM L NFLX 110.00 111.66 1.66
10:33 AM S NFLX 109.50 107.25 2.25
1:17 PM L NFLX 110.00 113.00 3.00
2:35 PM S NFLX 109.50 108.60 0.90
Total 10.38 possible points.

All in all 3 short and 2 long targets were hit off of those entries, total possible points of 10.38. Not bad for a day's work on just one call.

Of course this is hypothetical, and especially on the first morning trigger, the trade may have been too fast to manage, before being taken for short, but the rest of the day worked with relative ease provided the trader stayed open to the possibilities rather than shut off by preconceptions.

It is what I teach traders, not to look too far and too wide but to look at what is in front of them available for picking. Casting your net too far you may gather much junk with a few large fish. Learn to fish with a spear instead, studying habits, searching the waters, knowing the possibilities you can anticipate the catch using your most accurate aim and suddenly it's not just another day.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Monday, June 7, 2010

The Daily Note - Round and Round

Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows. So goes the roulette wheel where fortunes are made and lost on the chance of a bouncing ball. It seems there are times that we as traders and investors alike are belly up to that roulette wheel and some boldly and others more timidly we all pick out numbers and choose our colors depending on our own private birds-eye view of the markets.

Hurry, hurry, put your charts up, ladies and gentlemen, for all to view your birds-eye view. Were you wrong, were you right, last time, this time? Will they notice, will they care, will they even remember? It is a circus you know, all clamoring for your attention as they perform in ring number 1, 2 and 3. Get your tickets over there and then come place them at the next freak show, where maneuvering beyond your imagination performed by market makers is clearly to confuse your reason. It's a 3 ring circus you're viewing.

Ah, but maybe that's not where you'll find the true way to trade. NO, it's over here! Come, join me around the table where all depends on the toss of dice. Is it 7&11, pass or don't pass or snake eyes perhaps. It's all at the craps table so trade away, because it's all a crap shoot anyway.

Is that the way you've been looking to trade better? Follow everyone at once, confuse yourself and try too many approaches at once? Have you been looking at what others do, buying a lotto ticket or two, hoping for the big payoff? If so, I'd advise you to stop trading and play the ponies because you'll have better luck. Trading is not a blind gamble, nor is it hope. Trading is work, it's study, it's art, and it's science so don't go for the snake oil sales gimmick or run away with the circus and stay out of casinos too.

Successful traders are not chasing anyone, they are focusing and saying what they see. It does not mean they are always correct, nor does it mean they have the magic key to your success. It only means they have figured out their own style and strategy. Running around and chasing other traders gets you unfocused and confused; lost in a maze of traders and trades, ticks and picks, and will leave you frustrated at the end of the day.

Instead, study styles, not all at once, but one at a time. Be patient and practice, not with real money but with paper. Try what you know on only a handful of stocks, not a bag full. Too many and the grass will always look greener. You will know what works faster practicing on a few stocks. You will learn faster about how to manage entries, exits and take profits. You will also get the most and best reward as well: you will get to know yourself and develop your own style and strategy which will ultimately be your very own. Then you can get off the wheel and quit going round and round

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Daily Note - Hot Air Rising

Hot air would work forever in the markets when people want to believe. Once people stop believing in the hot air, things tend to get unstable. Much of what may have happened today is a direct result on governments insistence that all was OK at the corral, forgetting that the horses were in the barn. Seems that the barn doors may have been flung open today, will they be able to shut it, we'll see. To me this is what it looks like:

Have a great weekend and let it play out

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Daily Note - Past Participle

I found it interesting that after posting these charts for these past many months, I was asked for if I had a track record. Well, besides having one posted under "results" I have these charts. OK so track me. But, more importantly it's not my record that should count, but the record you have. My record is my doing, yours is yours. If your record is good by following my picks, good for you and good for me. I did not do it for you, you did it for yourself.. so, way to go!

We all tend to compare our results as a gauge, but it's not an accurate way of checking track records. What if I am content with 2 trades a day and that is not enough for you? And what if my 2 trades outdoes your 10? Does it really matter if you are reaching your goal? Knowing your needs, setting your goals and reaching them is the best track record you can have. That is the point in a nutshell.

The question is of course legitimate when one is asking for strangers to subscribe to ones service. Mine to be precise. After all, you don't know who I am except for what I have written, and posted as a record. Yet, I enjoy doing what I do, I've done it for far longer than this blog. The posting of trades is not the most enjoyable part of it. Teaching it is what I love the best. Today I took another chance; today I held my first webinar. I hope it won't be my last and I hope you'll join me for the next.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Daily Note - Something's Gotta Give

This tug of war will end one day, soon enough. I am not sure if everyone will survive it, however. Insisting that something will go this way or that only invites disaster. It's like the truism says.. best laid plans.. etc.

Yesteday the world expected a tank beginning of day but the day had other plans for the market and it took off instead. When you are ready of the "either / or" it won't bother you. If you are not, something's gonna give and usually the market is stronger. So we have to zig with the zig and zag with the zag It's exactly why I talk both ways on my picks. Do they always play out? One way or the other, usually they do. And surprise, many times they will play both ways, as many of you who take the "chance" know.

So, today it's your turn. Look at today's chart. What do you see?? Which way will it go?
I only know one thing.. Something's gotta give. It's written in those charts, can you guess this time? Don't let the tug of war fool you. Just follow the market, and you'll see it play out beautifully to its music.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Daily Note - Taking A Chance

Watching the Idols reminded me how much of a chance we need to take to be given a chance. Opportunities come and they go moment by moment, it's like little windows on wings opening & shutting to the Universe tempting you to go through, but you're not really sure what is on the other side. Tempting, yes! Fearful, you bet! The outcome unknown.

I'm not speaking of taking chances without preparation. I'm speaking of, people who on "American Idol" or "You Think You Can Dance", are prepared, study and practice the art they are passionate about and who literally "go for the dream". It takes a tremendous amount of courage just to show up; then it takes more hard work, learning, timing and fortune to make it to the top. But if you think the only winners are the ones that are named the "Idol", you are wrong.

I don't need to see it to know that all who took the chance learned more than those who did not. Whether they follow up on the lesson is a different story. I am also certain that those who made it to the top 20 have a life changing experience. Obviously they are talented enough to beat out thousands, therefore, I'm certain more opportunities will come their way. They have already been rewarded for taking a chance.

For successful trading preparation is study, research and layout. As in everything practice and learning are constant. But for a successful trade, it is necessary to take a chance; without it, there is no reward. At some point you need to take the step to the center of the stage and do what you have prepared. Until you click on the entry, open your throat with the first note, or show your best pirouette, you are not firing on all burners, and rewards are not as great. Taking a chance automatically puts you on the side of more likely to succeed than those who do nothing at all.

Opportunities are gifts, not guarantees. They appear in your life but it's you who must make the move, do the hard work, study, practice and have the determination along with the belief in yourself. Nobody else can do it for you, so it is up to you to do the action to take the chance, to be given a chance. Your life will be different the moment you do; just like in love.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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