Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Daily Note - BP Is A Cheap Short

BP has been relentlessly pounded into the ground by the government, media, entertainers, followers of the previously named, and traders. Most of them have absolutely no idea how a company is formed, structured and run. Even traders, who should know better, fall into this category; when one replies to my plea to contribute gains to those who suffer the oil leak results, retorts that the investors deserve what they get and are at fault, another says that he need the money more, shows the lack of education at even the higher levels. Are these the same people who call the companies greedy?  Jim Cramer even calls for it's destruction, but then what may one expect? He is part of the problem of the mob mentality.

But I maintain that BP is a cheap short. It's easy game. There is no sport in it.  It takes no research, no plan, no chance and no psychological  reward. The gains are cheaply won, on the backs of those who worked they bottoms off for years, for less perhaps. Where is the glory in that? These thoughts cross my mind, when a stock plummets off the bad fortune of a company.

You may run happily to the bank with your gains, but does it cross your conscience that the gains you got were off of someone else's hard work?  Do you ever think of the people who lost as a result of this tragedy their life savings, their future or that many may need the funds more than you in this case?  Do you think that the funds may be needed for the solution of the problem? Have you considered donating some funds to those whose lives have been devastated by this tragedy?

Become a solution by donating your cheap won gains to a good cause, namely: The Gulf cleanup.  Then, if you want to short a stock, well do some real homework, research and then the glory be with you for your hard earned gains.


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