Friday, June 11, 2010

The Daily Note - Keep in Focus

Ever wonder how to focus, and how to gain that focus back when you lose it? Did you know that focusing really emanates from the third eye not the two eyes you see with? If not, try this exercise any time you wish to be focused on a subject or items: imagine a thread from your third eye on or to the object or subject. Notice how your mind intesifies on the subject/object without much effort as long as you remain in contact via the thread. Also notice that you see much more clearly, broadly and intensly than you normally see and also become aware of more possibilities as they unfold. Eventually you won't need the thread, for it is not necessary, but it's a good tool to remember when you lose focus.

Using tools like this help me trade and helps me to keep it simple so, rather than thinking there's too much information out there, I'm thinking there's much information not ever noticed for lack of interest and other information noticed for abundance of bling. But in either case, information does not need to be cut off or eliminated and/or controlled, as Obama said in a speech recently, but rather that people's focus needs to be trained so they may be able to reap the infinitesimal information available everywhere.

Recently there was a report about people using social media not being able to focus and having part of their brain functions suppressed. I'm sure of it, because most people really do not know how to focus and get off track with following too much at once. And there lies the real culprit: following too much information at once and it is also the reason for my topic.

I am not immune from losing focus and in fact it's exactly what happened yesterday while trying to set up for the day. Charts ready, it became evident fast that the day will gap up past my entry points and thought I, that they were not even going to be usable. How wrong I was became evident only later when assessing that most of my plays were and worked from the first target and many reached the final target during the day. Alas my focus returned a bit late for the day, so it becomes a lesson for tomorrow: Never give up on my PlayList.
Just take a look :


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