Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Daily Note - Taking A Chance

Watching the Idols reminded me how much of a chance we need to take to be given a chance. Opportunities come and they go moment by moment, it's like little windows on wings opening & shutting to the Universe tempting you to go through, but you're not really sure what is on the other side. Tempting, yes! Fearful, you bet! The outcome unknown.

I'm not speaking of taking chances without preparation. I'm speaking of, people who on "American Idol" or "You Think You Can Dance", are prepared, study and practice the art they are passionate about and who literally "go for the dream". It takes a tremendous amount of courage just to show up; then it takes more hard work, learning, timing and fortune to make it to the top. But if you think the only winners are the ones that are named the "Idol", you are wrong.

I don't need to see it to know that all who took the chance learned more than those who did not. Whether they follow up on the lesson is a different story. I am also certain that those who made it to the top 20 have a life changing experience. Obviously they are talented enough to beat out thousands, therefore, I'm certain more opportunities will come their way. They have already been rewarded for taking a chance.

For successful trading preparation is study, research and layout. As in everything practice and learning are constant. But for a successful trade, it is necessary to take a chance; without it, there is no reward. At some point you need to take the step to the center of the stage and do what you have prepared. Until you click on the entry, open your throat with the first note, or show your best pirouette, you are not firing on all burners, and rewards are not as great. Taking a chance automatically puts you on the side of more likely to succeed than those who do nothing at all.

Opportunities are gifts, not guarantees. They appear in your life but it's you who must make the move, do the hard work, study, practice and have the determination along with the belief in yourself. Nobody else can do it for you, so it is up to you to do the action to take the chance, to be given a chance. Your life will be different the moment you do; just like in love.

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