Monday, May 31, 2010

The Daily Note - Memorial Day

My son came home today. Well not home to live but moved back into my area, after being away for three years and I was reminded by a friend how lucky I am today.

My friend's son has been away far longer and not only longer but in much more dangerous places than Hollywood. You see my friend's son has served in Iraq twice and now he's in final stages of training as a Green Beret.

My friend's son is what this holiday is about. We need to remember that everyone has a calling and those who are called to serve in wars around us are protecting our freedoms and deserve the highest honor we can give. We forget in our daily lives that people in many places around the world live in far more fear, danger and sorrow. We forget that those who fight just may prevent or at least postpone the possibility of us and our children to suffer the same. We forget that daily they face danger and are ready to die in honor of our flag and our country but most of all that they carry the word of freedom, tenderness and the true word of the American spirit to foreign lands.

They are the true spokesman for America and Her Liberties, not those who apologize for Her, but those who remember Her sons' heroisms in life and sacrifices in death. So remember to thank those who serve today and remember to honor those who served all the yesterdays you gave not a thought to danger from war.

I ache for my friend, while I'm happy for me and I thank God for them all.

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In Honor and Thanks to All Who Serve

Please read the Constitution of the United States before it's lost to us all.

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D said...

Great post Anni, I fear for our young ones and especially for that which is being done to our great country.

Anni_V said...

Thank you Diana, for your comment. This is a great country; it's too great to fail!