Friday, May 21, 2010

The Daily Note - Pain Is the Killer

I tweeted the following two days ago, I don't know if anyone read it: "The trouble with pain being put off is that it can go from annoying to deadly" $EUR $USD
5:38 AM May 19th via StockTwits Desktop

I was referring to the bad news about the Euro and the money situation which will put all of us eventually into the grave. Just can't see it another way especially with the intent on killing anything good which is pouring out of the White House and Congress everyday. I will admit that it was excellent planning and unbelievable patience that paid off for all those wishing the death of the USA. So it be another dark ages upon us all for the reason of naiveté and plain stupid math.

Create a crisis.. 1st rule of communist takeovers straight from the book; but before you do, make sure people are ready for it.. dumb down education and feed them the false reason of have and have not with extra reason for envy and they will flock to the side of destruction.

Give them pain is the 2nd rule, blame someone falsely for the cause of it, then promise and make certain they think you're the only one who can alleviate the pain and bring better days into their lives. More will flock.

Apply pressure and haste with no time to think, not that they want to anyway, heck they can barely read by now. Sheep, by this time, seldom want to think. Comfort and safety is their goal; and the cry of "Take the Pain away!" becomes louder. So they're promised that there is the only one way out of it and it's in your 20k page solution for them; the trap is now shut but yet they not know.

More blame, more regulation, to confuse further and create more chaos. Foods supplies are down, farming fields are revoked ample water (California), and are not grown as much (China). Energy and warmth are less abundant. When food and money and warmth are the supplies you are lacking and not see the ability to earn, that is when you become enslaved and if you cared, you find the exit closed. The pain you wanted someone else to solve for you becomes now your killer.

It's the same with stops. Many traders put off the pain of stopping out of a bad trade, until such a time as this week arrives, when it becomes the killer. They hang onto hope and promises of better days from all sources: TV, analyzers, government, etc. But now, the day of reality arrived and the account is in margin call or the worth is so low, trading becomes impossible. Out of cash and someone else (broker) is in control and not you. You are now the slave of the trade you did not allow yourself to take a little pain for, and you are entrapped until the world turns. You are in the dark ages of your account.

When people see no way out, they tend to numb themselves to pain, and not realize that it's slowly killing them from the inside out. Consider the huge number of people depressed today and compare it to the increasing demand for regulation and rules, taxes and debt that are piled on your head each day and you're demanded to pay for it all, in the name of false hope and another final solution. You think you're not in pain yet but it's only the beginning.

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