Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Daily Note - Missing in Action

It was one of those days for me. Totally off my game. Not my trading game, but myself game, my schedule gone haywire. Missed the morning. My mind was running on about what to do, where to go, where to run, knowing there was nowhere to hide. Can't hide like I could've yesterday, I wrote about it remember? "What a perfect set up", my thoughts retorted, "You said it", said I, "Fear of Success?", oh my!

Thinking my customers thought I've gone AWOL. "How do you excuse it?", as if I would or could, but thoughts always look for a way out, otherwise, problem solving would be impossible, as would problem facing.

I've been warned for sure, by friends, that going on would be not be good for my health. No, no question about it, I ignored the human side of self and went on burning candles, pressing on. Trouble with liking living and knowledge is that there is always more to do and to learn, and never enough time for them; or maybe, I'm still thinking I can do it all.

We all do that, thinking pushing the envelop has a single meaning. Truth is you cannot push the envelop and survive if you don't take care of yourself. Full attention and stamina are needed for it, and without proper sleep, well, you just lose that most important part of what you have; the edge.

So, the music stopped, the dancing ended and I took an unscheduled rest. And this morning, late, I stood there thinking that it will only be me and my shadow waiting on the other side. Needing to admit I'm human after all, this time to face the music and not play it, I logged into the room; and I wasn't alone. Thank you, everyone! A song in dedication, to you all ...

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The days when things don't go right, one just has to give it up to a higher good and let the spirit guide.
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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