Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Daily Note - Happy....Happy....Joy..Joy!

The song "Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy" comes to my mind. If you remember Ren and Stimpy it may be familiar. Crazy loony kind of song that will drive you mad while you laugh yourself silly. Something like what this world is doing today. Things are bad/ Things are good/ Nations are doing well/ Nations are going bankrupt and we the people are supposed to enjoy being spun like a yoyo with string attached, never seeing the manipulator nor enjoying the ride. We are totally dependent on them about where we are & where we are going because we are in their hands.

You know I'm not speaking of God, but of people acting like gods, who really don't know which way to 'walk the dogie' to hide the pile it has to deposit eventually. Of course they will ask you and I to clean it up with the proper plastic baggies they forgot to obtain at the market. Something like the equipment for oil spill disaster clean up they were supposed to have on hand. Oops they don't pay the consequences, you and I do, but believe me they know how to yell at companies for not being at the ready, and they know how to fine them collecting the money which will be distributed to...?? Your guess.

Greed as a descriptor has been bandied about everyone and everything except governments and world unions like the U.N and IMF. Not one of them will fess up. But be assured they are the biggest, and greediest of them all, with all the power to point he finger elsewhere or keep telling us that it's because we need saving that they need to spend so much. Right. We need saving alright, but we need saving from them not "from" them.

So we are supposed to jump for joy now, see Market futures,that the IMF bailed out Greece. No one seems to realize who else had a hand in creating Greece's problem, besides Greece. Who made the demands that they come into compliance to the EU and euro before they could be accepted into the European Union? Of course the fastest way to make people feel better and feel like their doing well is to pump and spend other peoples money.. the socialist way. Yep, money runs out and then you have to print some more.. and the cycle continues until....We the people deny them once and for all and bring it all home.

The markets will rally.. something had to save the inevitable crash, with your money, yet again. You see the Ponzi scheme continues but not one in our esteemed over bloated governing body is sitting in jail for it like Maddoff. Now of course, they say it is we who need the diet.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Anonymous said...

From John Mauldin's Newsletter "Outside the Box"

The eurozone leaders assume that this is a liquidity problem. It is not. It is a solvency and balance sheet problem. You do not solve a debt problem with more debt. This only shoves the football a few yards (or maybe I should say meters) down the field. And it is going to cause a MASSIVE misallocation of capital once again which will create more imbalances that will have to be dealt with. Ugh.

Anni_V said...

Thanks, yes, the misconception is a huge problem and it's coming home to roost. See my next article.