Monday, May 17, 2010

The Daily Note - Take a Break

Intense trading can really drain you especially when it feels like a wrestling match; some of Friday's choppy trading reminded me of that. Not, wrestling, because I never did , but tug of war for sure.

What is interesting is that often we do not notice how intensely we are involved with the market until we push away from the desk and take a break. The tension falls away almost immediately and you may feel your jaw, your stomach, your shoulders ease off from the tension. That is when you know you have been trading too hard, and possibly why you're not feeling well or doing so well with your trades.

When you notice that your timing is off; your entries/exits are not the best, your patience is low, entering / exiting trades with near desperation, that is a sure sign of being too intense. Your best remedy is to take a break, get away, do some breathing exercises, take a walk in the sunshine, whatever makes you realize that there is a world beyond your desk and your monitors.

Your trading will thank you, not to mention your family.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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