Friday, August 28, 2009

Week of 8/24/2009 Results & Archive

Targets Hit 08/28/09:
$GENZ $57.50 swing overnight from Thursday call entry.

No Calls 08/28/09:

Targets Hit 8/27/09: $BIDU short $336/ $AIG $40, $42, $44, $46 / $SOHU short $62

Posted 08/27/09 02:00 PT

$AIG Long on positive open to about 39-40 breaking above to about 42-44. Short to about 35
$BIDU short below 340 to about 336 breaking below $335 to about 332. Long on positive open to about 346
$GENZ Long above 56.50 to about 57.50 short below 54.90 to about 54
$SOHU Long above 64 to 65 near 66 breaking above to 68; Short below 63 to above 62 breaking to near 60.

I'll be back tomorrow 8/27/09

Targets Hit 09/24/2009: $BIDU Long $350, $353/ $AAPL Long $170.71

Posted 06:10 PT 08/24/09

$AAPL Long above 170 to 171-173 area, looking toward the 180 on this one. Short below 165 to 163 & 160 test ..swing
$BIDU Long to about 350 then 353 Short below 343 to 341.40 then 340-339

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week of 8/17/09 Results & Archive

Targets Hit 08/21/09: BIDU Long $343,$345,$347/PCLN Long $154.90

Posted 8/21/09 06:08PT JPM
$JPM hit target yesterday today the setup is near recent high of 43, in a holding pattern, good news Bernanke speech could propel it toward last Sept highs.
Posted 08/21/09 04:35 PT
$PCLN has momentum, a top and a gap. Long to about 155, then157-160. Short below 151 to about 149.50
$BIDU Long to 343 then345-346 & with further strength to 350; Short below 334 to fill gap to about 331 then 329 on weakness

Targets Hit 08/20/09:
BIDU Long $336 & 338.60/ PCLN 151.50/ JPM $42.63/MCD $56/OIH $105/POT $97.55/ DTO $75.44

Posted 08/20/09 06:25PT
$PCLN Long above 149 to about 150 and higher on volume to 151.50 Short to about $144
Posted BIDU update 08/20/09 05:54PT
$BIDU update short below 332 to about 330-328 then 326 area
$DTO short breaking 73 to about 71 then to 68 area on longer term Long above $74.50 to about $76
Posted 08/20/09 04:48PT
$POT Long to $98
$BIDU $316 still the bumper on this. Short below 326 to near 324 or if opens below 324 target the 321 area. Long above $332 to about 336-338.60 area with breakout above $333

Targets Hit 08/19/2009: APOL Short $63.45/BIDU Pre-Mkt Short $321;Long $331, $331.98/DTO $75, $73/OIH Long $104

Posted 08/19/09 04:34PT
$APOL long above $65 to about $66-66.50 Short below 64 to about 63 if market week couldbreak donw to as low as $61
$BIDU $316 still the bumper on this. Short below 326 to near 324 or if opens below 324 target the 321 area. Long above $329 to about 331-332 area with breakout above $330
$DTO clinging to the 18dma losing it's grip may mean drop to 75-73 area. A bounce above $78.40 could take to 79.50 then $81 area
$OIH break above 103 tro aboout 104 - 105 Short below 101.50 to about 100 breaking below to 98 area
Posted 08/18/09 01:08PT
Several setups with roughly the same story : $AA $AXP $HON $HPQ $IP held by the 18 dma break now below, could drop further toward the 50dma support.
$GE was held in in by the jaw formed by the 18&200 dma' s and needs to break upside or down to escape. There's a gap to fill either way.
$DV is strongly supported by the 200 and 18 dma. and formed a double bottom, yet finishing on the low end of the day, further decline is possible to mid $49 range and a breakdown to mid $48 range below.
$JPM doesn't look too convinced about the correction here and needs to lose the 18dma and drop below the $40 to retest the $38 area. Wait for the conviction of the "sell sell sell". First drop target most likely to the $39. There's a small gap to fill to the upside, which may give it enough courage to retest the $42+ area on a bounce.
$MCD 18dma trendline down possible with to base test and breakdown to about $53.50 a pop up above the 18 to about $56 with $56.60 holding the upside line of this range
$PG not looking too happy here, possible to retest the $54 and equally possible to test the $51 again, whereupon if market is weak, it could go all the way to the $50 area.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kind of Blue but Oh so Cool

Originally released by Columbia Records on August 17, 1959, Kind of Blue heralded the arrival of a revolutionary new American music, a post-bebop modal jazz structured around simple scales and melodic improvisation. Trumpeter/band leader/composer Miles Davis assembled a sextet of legendary players -- Cannonball Adderley (alto sax), Paul Chambers (bass), Jimmy Cobb (drums), John Coltrane (tenor sax), Bill Evans (piano) (Wynton Kelly plays piano on “Freddie Freeloader") -- to create a sublime atmospheric masterpiece. Fifty years after its release, Kind of Blue continues to transport listeners to a realm all its own while inspiring musicians to create to new sounds -- from acoustic jazz to post-modern ambient -- in every genre imaginable.

Though precise figures have been disputed, Kind of Blue has been cited by many music writers not only as Davis's best-selling album, but as the best-selling jazz record of all time. On October 7, 2008, it was certified quadruple platinum in sales by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). It has been regarded by many critics as the greatest jazz album of all time and Davis's masterpiece, and it has been ranked at or near the top of several "best album" lists in disparate genres. The album's influence on music, including jazz, rock and classical music, has led music writers to acknowledge it as one of the most influential albums of all time. In 2002, it was one of fifty recordings chosen that year by the Library of Congress to be added to the National Recording Registry. (Source Wikipedia Encyclopedia)

This album is the perfect example of perfection. It is proof of timeless creation. Enjoy this classic at your leisure and let me know what you think. Anni

Monday, August 10, 2009

How Long Can This Euphoria Last?

It may go to 10,000 to 10,500. The only thing I'm sure of is that it won't do it in one day; or will it?

This market feels so manipulated that I won't be surprised at anything. Of course, when the Government is in control, one might as well study the stars, not the charts. A rocket eventually runs out of fuel and falls away from the vessel it propels into space, I suggest traders on that vessel to prepare for an inevitable return back to earth. That is unless, you trust the government to take care of all your ills, aches and pains upon your landing. Now that's something we can all stand behind: A traders bailout package. Yeah Government!

Who knows when it'll happen. Right now it looks like it has been cleared to reach 9600 without a hitch then 9800 so enjoy the ride, and I'll see you when you get back.

I, for one, need some time off. Does the market feel the same?

Happy Living, Trading and Dancing.