Saturday, August 22, 2009

Week of 8/17/09 Results & Archive

Targets Hit 08/21/09: BIDU Long $343,$345,$347/PCLN Long $154.90

Posted 8/21/09 06:08PT JPM
$JPM hit target yesterday today the setup is near recent high of 43, in a holding pattern, good news Bernanke speech could propel it toward last Sept highs.
Posted 08/21/09 04:35 PT
$PCLN has momentum, a top and a gap. Long to about 155, then157-160. Short below 151 to about 149.50
$BIDU Long to 343 then345-346 & with further strength to 350; Short below 334 to fill gap to about 331 then 329 on weakness

Targets Hit 08/20/09:
BIDU Long $336 & 338.60/ PCLN 151.50/ JPM $42.63/MCD $56/OIH $105/POT $97.55/ DTO $75.44

Posted 08/20/09 06:25PT
$PCLN Long above 149 to about 150 and higher on volume to 151.50 Short to about $144
Posted BIDU update 08/20/09 05:54PT
$BIDU update short below 332 to about 330-328 then 326 area
$DTO short breaking 73 to about 71 then to 68 area on longer term Long above $74.50 to about $76
Posted 08/20/09 04:48PT
$POT Long to $98
$BIDU $316 still the bumper on this. Short below 326 to near 324 or if opens below 324 target the 321 area. Long above $332 to about 336-338.60 area with breakout above $333

Targets Hit 08/19/2009: APOL Short $63.45/BIDU Pre-Mkt Short $321;Long $331, $331.98/DTO $75, $73/OIH Long $104

Posted 08/19/09 04:34PT
$APOL long above $65 to about $66-66.50 Short below 64 to about 63 if market week couldbreak donw to as low as $61
$BIDU $316 still the bumper on this. Short below 326 to near 324 or if opens below 324 target the 321 area. Long above $329 to about 331-332 area with breakout above $330
$DTO clinging to the 18dma losing it's grip may mean drop to 75-73 area. A bounce above $78.40 could take to 79.50 then $81 area
$OIH break above 103 tro aboout 104 - 105 Short below 101.50 to about 100 breaking below to 98 area
Posted 08/18/09 01:08PT
Several setups with roughly the same story : $AA $AXP $HON $HPQ $IP held by the 18 dma break now below, could drop further toward the 50dma support.
$GE was held in in by the jaw formed by the 18&200 dma' s and needs to break upside or down to escape. There's a gap to fill either way.
$DV is strongly supported by the 200 and 18 dma. and formed a double bottom, yet finishing on the low end of the day, further decline is possible to mid $49 range and a breakdown to mid $48 range below.
$JPM doesn't look too convinced about the correction here and needs to lose the 18dma and drop below the $40 to retest the $38 area. Wait for the conviction of the "sell sell sell". First drop target most likely to the $39. There's a small gap to fill to the upside, which may give it enough courage to retest the $42+ area on a bounce.
$MCD 18dma trendline down possible with to base test and breakdown to about $53.50 a pop up above the 18 to about $56 with $56.60 holding the upside line of this range
$PG not looking too happy here, possible to retest the $54 and equally possible to test the $51 again, whereupon if market is weak, it could go all the way to the $50 area.