Monday, May 5, 2014

The Weekly Outlook and Monday Ramblings

*****Today had pressure to the upside since markets were a bit oversold and relieved that Ukraine did not blow up .. but the markets IMHO do not see what Putin is capable of, hence I am probably more cautious than most. My bias is showing at such times when people think Ukraine has power to decide for itself but without western support (which already showed as weak) they have nothing.  Crimea should not have happened if we were going to help defend their position.

As to the other markets of the world,  I heard today that the air pollution is so bad in China  that it is importing fresh air bags for their citizens to breathe.  Why can't we sell fresh air to China in exchange for our debt? California is now one of the cleanest air states in the USA if not THE cleanest. We are paying a premium for it in our taxes so why not capitalize on our investment?  Something is not right with the world when we still excuse China and blame the USA for climate change when all evidence is to the contrary.

Who's holding things up? Is the economic optimism really so positive amongst the many or is it only amongst the few?  Which "Father" knows best Icahn and Buffett?  We see a lot of news on both but does anyone ever pay attention to what Soros is doing?

In short, I see nothing today that will change my opinion about the outlook yet.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

 The Weekly Outlook $DJIA $SPX $NDX

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Weekly Outlook - A Bull or Bear Be ~ $NDX

*****Looking at the current daily chart of the $NDX today I still fail to be convinced of a bullish position. First there is a downward open wedge pattern that needs to be reversed. Second there is a hesitation here along the top line of the trend-line and third, it's still out of the channel.

Finally the turning point is not until between 3640 - 3650 area and until then there are a few obstacles to overcome. Looking at today's close, history shows that it has reversed from this area numerous times and that the breakout is more difficult but of course not impossible.

The top current trend-line is important here as is the bottom channel line a continuation to the down along the trend-line could break the center support of the open wedge whereas the breakout up could support at least the testing of the 3635 area and further momentum back into the channel.

Regardless of a Bull or Bear be, don't allow your vision to be opaqued by your thinking. Watching the chart will instead clarify doubts one way or another and perhaps you'll also note the possibility of a right shoulder forming.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Weekly Outlook - $NDX Update

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Friday, April 25, 2014

A Daily Note - Anatomy of a DayTrade $AMZN

*****As trades go, we can plan and we can plot but there are days when all our plans from the actions in previous days get tossed. The reason is that there are overnight changes in news and mood that may create gaps which we can clearly not predict.  Scrambling to see how to adjust to these is where many get a bit confused especially when "crutches" are used. Crutches are indicators which may go wild with these swings, adding to the confusion.

It is important to keep in mind the overall patterns that such happenings may create. The truth is that chart patterns once observed, practiced and kept in memory do not change their behavior nor do they lie. So below I present an example of how to analyze the chart accordingly, showing what happened today with $AMZN.  Amazon after announcing earnings last eve looked good for a breakout but this morning it presented a different face. My PlayList call to my subscribers was for a long position from 335-337-339 and short position from 332-330-328. Those who could trade it from premarket were able to take advantage of the high entry short but those who may have gotten to the table later and/or cannot trade premarket times, had a dilemma: If they entered at open were they chasing the trend or if waiting could they completely miss out.

The chart below shows how to analyze such occurrences and once seen, how one can play them. Patience as always is a major key in trading and this morning proved it once again; when analysis is clear positions are held on much more sure footing and therefore with more confidence. When a trader does not analyze but jumps without waiting for clear vision is when mistakes are made and trades can fail.

The quicker a trader can identify and analyze the trend the more he/she can take advantage. Remembering that, always with any trade, an "if/then" plan must be coolly followed for actualizing a successful trade because luck nor trends will always be a friend.

Happy Trading Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - $AMZN

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