Anni enjoys being a trader and she has not tired of it for 14 years. She is a self- taught, self-motivated trader and chartist.  She developed her trading style and strategy using her skills as a keen observer of professionals and her own philosophies about life repeating lessons. She started to read about trading and investing in 1994, became a news interpreter in 2002 and a trading moderator in 2006.  In 2007 she started writing this blog and in 2010 opened her own subscriber trading service.

She has been a member of Twitter since inception and starting in 2007 used it to publicize her blog articles on trading.  When Stocktwits first became a social platform, she joined immediately and a short time later she was featured as one of the Women of StockTwits in Wall Street Cheat Sheet.com. She is now a suggested member of the StockTwits community with over 2400 followers.

Anni has life experience as educator, teacher and coach in languages, sport and dance and because she enjoys teaching about as much as trading she began writing this blog in 2007. She has written and published 518 original articles and she continues to share her observations and education in all areas via writing and coaching and she uses examples of life to compare trading.  Her goal is to familiarize traders and other readers about the similarities in how a trader's style reflects their personality thus helping them develop their own ideal trading strategy.

Anni's signature: "Happy Trading, Living and Dancing" is born out of the philosophy that life is to be enjoyed.  Her love of music incorporated into her daily trading, reflects this philosophy. She also shares the joys of independent life by writing of  her adventures which  include travel, sports and photography.


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