Friday, December 28, 2012

Reflections of the Past, Present and Future ~ Happy New Year 2013

***** It hardly seems normal, and it 's because it isn't normal. This year's end seems to be a  repeat of four years ago. Elections over, we know who has won and that changes are gonna come but perhaps now we have a bit more insight as what those changes might be.

The agenda four years ago it was "change and hope" .. change from what and hope for what was not defined therefore we got surprises and alas a hell of a lot of what we didn't want: Debt.  Lesson: always ask questions about the vague. In this case the lesson was not learned, obviously, questions are still not asked about the real state of the Union.

Four years ago it was the Republicans who wished to call back Congress and resolve the imminent "cliff" problem, remember? The Democrats wanted no part of it as they knew Obama would be in office in just 1 month and then they could be in control. They got their wish, leaving everyone hanging and still in one month what we got is more debt, and with each following plan still more debt. Every rescue plan involved inflation and debt. So now we're facing more of the same.

Those who think the markets show that we have "recovered" probably don't count in inflation. It looks nice on the charts, and yes, if  you invested 3.5 years ago you've done real well, but what has the dollar lost? Does that $USD of 2008 still buy as much as the $USD of today? Is it any concern to you that it does not? Perhaps you haven't felt its full force yet, but you will.

I kept writing and talking about the real agenda of the last 3.5 years: "Markets needed to be "green at any cost"  until the election". Now that it has been accomplished, what is next?  Well, here are my predictions .. yes, predictions.. the same that I don't usually make,  my crystal ball broke long ago.

We'll have inflation and the higher the market goes the more it will prove the point. Reality is that the more money you dump into the economy the less it buys, and it creates greed and inflates prices. This is where the numbers look good and many get fooled, wanting more of it therefore perpetuating even more inflation.  Top it with demanded hiring,  along with demanded pay increases.  Therefore, the USD will be less powerful. We'll never "recover" because there is no such thing. You cannot have back the past.  The future is what you create today,  but of course you've heard all this before haven't 'ya?

Predictions as they are will always be proved inconclusive mostly because timelines in the Universe are virtually non existent and since most people predictions to be stuck to a time, it's virtually impossible. We create time by measuring and counting, we also control time, which can be argued but be it  good or bad, it can also be right or wrong. The Universe cares not. We're just one little dust speck in it even with all of our feelings of importance.

If  you keep thinking the imminent cliff will be solved with still more debt,  think yourself something like the Universe;  you are in sometime, somewhere impossible to prove right or wrong; good or bad; when or where.  Many of us will be gone by the time it could be argued and those who may write about it can put their own spin, bend, story on it and the rest of us, if we have any memory at all, will long have stopped caring.

The living will go on living and dealing with today's "reality" as they perceive it. So my prediction is that there will be more separation of the classes, less of the middle class because battling to keep pace becomes the top most daily task and the more difficult it is to keep up with the business of living, the less we pay attention to who is doing what to us. Those who are trying to survive are the most are easily yoked, led, regulated and willing to be maneuvered. Wishing more regulation (change) in order to correct the past will continue the erosion because no matter what spin you put on it, in this case, "less will yield more" and not the other way around.

So if  you want to know the future, look at what you are allowing to take, rule, provide over your life today.  Patterns are there, they will play out and will repeat because they are part of  cycles and we are all in at least one.....

We're all in a long beautiful cycle called LIFE.
Cycles by Frank Sinatra on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
throughout 2013 and beyond

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Holiday Everyone !

Proud to present this year's greeting to you with a specially designed Christmas card.

©Keven VB 2012
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Thanks for reading and supporting my ideas on this blog!

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing into 2013 

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Daily Note - Chart Study $DJIA

No matter which chart you read, it is always good to look freshly upon it from time to time. When I do, all drawings, indicators and notes get removed and I stare at what I call a "Naked Chart". As with all things naked it can either look pleasant or ugly but one thing is for sure, more naked charts you view and study the better you'll recognize what you like.

So, after watching my Monday outlook, take a look at the outlook update for Friday.
Remember that even though you can see new things, once you know what to look for, draw it up all over again. You will probably come to the same conclusion as before unless events have changed the chart movement in an unusual way.

$DJIA Weekly Outlook for Week of 11/26/2012

$DJIA Outlook Update for Friday 11/30/2012

Not much to add, except that on the weekly it looks like a bear flag to me, so hold on ...
Hold On by Alabama Shakes on Grooveshark Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Daily Note - Turkeys and All

***** First and foremost Happy Thanksgiving to every one in the USA and around the world. This holiday in my opinion is the most important because no matter where we are in life or planet, there is always something to be thankful for.

Always celebrate and be thankful for life because there is nothing more glorious than being alive. If you need to be convinced, just looking around should do it. Do you know of a single person or living being that does not fight for life? Next, look at your sky, sunny or grey it has something to offer for your well being, rain and sun are both cleansing.

Then, look around and quit thinking all things are harmful; even if they are, be it short, long, dirty or clean, you've survived them all. So celebrate your survival and be thankful to your smarts even though it may have been a divine intervention that guaranteed it. Then, yes, be thankful for a Creator; Universal or single, I doubt if God cares what you call Him/Her.

Lastly, don't forget to be thankful for the turkey on your table, after all, if Benjamin Franklin had his way it would be our National Bird, and you'd be eating a bald eagle instead. So thank that poor bird for being so ugly that our forefathers thought to pick a more majestic bird to fly alongside our flag.

I think, and it goes without saying that you should be always thankful for your family. No matter how near or far, be sure to be in touch in thought, at least, but a phone call would be better.

So, in thought and through this article, I wish for you a..

Happy Thanksgiving, Happy Family and Happy You
Be Thankful by Sarah Connor on Grooveshark

The Daily Pick - $DJIA weekly outlook published Sunday evening

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Daily Note - $DJIA ~ Learning from History

***** The past always reflects to the future; it's a mirror. That is the reason I rely on history not only for understanding current events but also for mapping a possible future. If you have read my blogs for the past five years, you will see many references about this thought.

Often people mention learning from history but other than saying that it can repeat, we seldom hear about how we can apply the past to the present or future. It's true that the past often repeats, but if we stick to that alone, we will most definitely misjudge our future. The past never really repeats exactly the same way. Different thoughts, circumstances prevent the exact repetition. Despite that the result can most certainly be the same, but don't confuse the meaning of "same" either. In other words, the Zen quote of "I used to be different but now I am the same" comes to mind. We constantly strive to change and grow and enlighten, but as we do we realize that we are the same with a bit more insight into ourselves. Thus we get to know ourselves better and we take this new knowledge along with our past into the future.

Before I confuse you any further, take a look at the current chart of the DJIA and listen to my weekly outlook in order to get a better idea about what I am speaking.

Allow your vision of the charts to encompass all that occurred before and show where it could go; when you draw that line, it is called the "trend line". Observe that although it can trace away from the line for a while, it does not mean it won't return to it in much the same pattern as before. The difference perhaps is the level or the candles are not exactly the same but the outcome is.

So take the time to study the past in order to gain insight into your future and you won't be disappointed with the result. Just remember it's a mirror, a reflection, an ever dancing light.

J ohn L ennon by Watching the wheels on Grooveshark
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Daily Note - Post Storm Outlook

***** Hard to tell the exact effect of a two day closure of markets due to the storm. There could be an initial euphoria about the re-opening and then a drop off due to concerns about the coming reports this week, and the uncertainty of the elections. There will be added impact of the economic uncertainty of the effects of this storm also.

Further impact will probably take some time to assess. We already know that the airlines and transportation will have suffered losses due to cancellations of thousands of flights but the storm could effect the coming holiday markets negatively also. On the other hand, demand will likely be up for the building sector and for the energy sector.

Other positives could be that there should be a surge of available jobs due to need for clean up and re - building as well as the holiday markets ahead which economically speaking are short term positives for the 4th quarter of this year.

As always, not knowing which way it will go, we can only trade them as we see them. So, it's best to keep positive attitudes up and, as always, keep you eyes on the charts and trade them well and carefully!

Cares Away by Robin Datta and Ben Lord on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
The Daily Pick - $DJIA Weekly Outlook

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Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Daily Note - No Such Thing as "Good" News

***** It's no news that "good" is bad and "bad" is good or the that "sick" is really good but being "well" well, who knows. Confusion is the mother of invention now anyway and thus earnings reports may not be the "news" anymore but only the vehicle to load up on future promises be it "good" or "bad" may make no difference. I am speaking strictly post earnings announcement and after hours market trading today.

Witness $AMZN report of missed revenues, earnings and downgraded forward outlook. If we were in "before time" the drop would have been real, retrace perhaps the usual 50% but the drop lower almost guaranteed. Today, it retraced almost 100%. $AAPL which announced much later, was halted prior to announcement then with a minimal drop it too is rebounding as we speak.

For day traders this is just another alert to adjust the way we trade. For others, less experienced, it is startlingly unpredictable and perhaps it is best not to look at the havoc but just wait out the results in the following weeks because nothing is as it seems in the first hours/days/rhythms of this market anymore.

Is it really "the bomb" this way? You be the judge, just don't use real matches.

Good Is Bad by Headrillaz on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - $DJIA Outlook Update

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Daily Note - $NFLX Watcha Gonna Watch?

***** Watcha gonna watch? It's been over a year since I followed and traded $NFLX to the long side. It was an uphill battle, both figuratively and literally, against all opinion and well rewarded for those who followed. When you look at the longer term weekly chart it looks something like the forming of the Sierra Mountain range here in California; sloping to one side, steep decent on the other. The downside was easier because it finally went to the side of the "non-believers"; how many of them suffered on the way up, I cannot guess.

I was following the daily charts then, seeing many cloud formations which I spoke about in my posts and followers may recall. They were compelling the way the breakouts formed and continued upward with gaps, just like the way down. I am not abandoning those pattern thoughts this time either, but I am not watching the dailies as much and I'm not trading Netflix frequently.

I often mention that I must pay attention to something that grabs my notice, and this time it's the weekly where I see a possibility of continued breakout. Of course with the question of the earnings report this afternoon it's not a good idea to jump on today, but see if the pattern will continue tomorrow after the announcement today.

High Sierra by Linda Ronstadt on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - $NFLX

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Daily Note - $GOOG The Courage to Continue

*****Much will bewritten about $GOOG Google earnings leak today so pardon me for adding to the mix. I'm hoping that I may help by being somewhat philosophical about the day and the markets.

I doubt if the results would be any different if the earnings came out at their due time; in fact I believe that the next day may have been much worse due to the likely gap at open. This way, much of it was alleviated save for the halt which was inevitable with this rapid drop.

The rules about trading don't change but many will learn about keeping them as a result of today's dip on the market. So the good thing is that we learn, the bad thing is if we don't. Of what I speak, once again, is keeping stops real and not imaginary. Those who keep mental stops may not look at the the progress of a stock at the right moment but even if they do, the reaction time takes much away from result. Therefore a real stop, or entered stop, will be the life saver at such events. Your attention will be there soon enough to see some of your gains kept or losses kept to a minimum. In trading you cannot be more accurate than that. Which is really the lesson for today.

I did not post any earnings plays today because of the nature of today's GOOG results, and the nature of the way it happened. Any earnings announced post market may be met in an unrealistic way, not worth the gamble. Most people are unreadable in a "panic" mode and since most traders are people, I'll keep my hands away from trading platform. My stops and triggers have been set and played for today. Tomorrow is another day and the courage to move on will forever be the key to trading success and living life passionately.

Because of the nature of my PlayList reporting and GOOG results for today, I will open my subscriber PlayList for week #143 for all to see. Subscribers can play the list any way they wish the results are posted to the maximum possible with any trade when the rules are kept. Each day presumes cash out at end of day unless overnight (o/n) keep is posted (very rare).

I hope today's lesson will help all traders in some way to become better. As to how you feel about today, I see no better philosophy than that said by Winston Churchill "Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts." I wish you all the courage to continue.

Courage by Manowar on Grooveshark
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
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Friday, September 21, 2012

Trader $STUDY - Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

*****Don't blame circumstances for your trading misbehavior. There's not one of us traders who do not at times blame circumstances for not taking certain actions or sticking to our trading rules. The number of excuses are probably more than for students not doing their homework. You may even have a virtual dog who ate yours.

We all know, if we admit it, that we are at fault for not taking action and the resulting consequences, but we have a hard time admitting it to ourselves. We may shrug it off once, twice or more, but the consequences are much more damaging than we realize because the most comfortable excuses become habits. At that point, we start becoming numb to the feeling of guilt and therefore we have a harder time overcoming the behavior. It is the kind of habitual behavior which can take us out of this game very fast.

So, don't take time to realize your crime, and instead, whenever you find yourself making an excuse for a missed rule on your trading plan, ask yourself "Do you really want to hurt me?" because you are hurting yourself and nobody else the most.

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me by Culture Club on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Daily Note - Living Through Hope

*****Did you notice that "hope", besides being a four letter word, really sucks the life out of you? Perhaps best to compare it to alcohol or infatuation, both of which do the same. At first you feel energized with thoughts full of possibilities but in the end they are all a depressant unless a step is taken to fulfill the fantasy.

Without taking the action all possibilities die because it's activity that creates energy and energy keeps possibilities alive. Without taking action, hope does not become reality, infatuation won't turn into love. Even with alcohol it is the exercise that will prevent you from passing out and possibly taking a few ideas with you from your "higher" self.

Observe as you are looking toward your next trade. At first the planned trade is swimming in hope and if you take action the plan will become real and you'll feel energized. On the other hand if you just watch the plan unfold without your entry, your hope fades and your feeling and mood drop as you see the possibility slip through your fingers. It is at this point where you can get sucked under. It is at this point precisely where your energy drops to zero and it's at this point where you must take action to turn it around for yourself. Realize that non-action perpetuates too and it's precisely the opposite that will get you out, energized and ready to turn all possibilities into reality.

Yes, "hope" is a four letter word but without hope there is no vision of possibilities so it's a necessary "evil" which we must turn into "live" by taking action.

Fading Like a Flower by Roxette on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
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Friday, September 14, 2012

The Daily Note - The Trouble with Results

***** Throughout my moderating years I've always had trouble posting results. To me results are very individual because there are many factors that can influence each trader and trading is a made to order project and not a conveyor belt production. Although algos may come close to it, still, it is mainly a psychological game which is why it's impossible to mimic someone else.

I was a pioneer in posting my plans with charts on my blog. My charts show entries for long and short and with target points for each, which was and still is unique. In doing so, I reduced the surprise element of a potential wrong side and allow for possibility of a flip; all important elements for trading and also good for multiple trades during the day.

Each trader however is an individual and bring their own view and evaluation to the markets. Whenever I post a trade plan it will be viewed through filters I cannot predict. So when it comes to viewing the outcome of a trading plan, better known as "results", it is important to remember that it is the possibility not the actuality that you are viewing. The main point to examine is whether the trading plan is achievable by the trader, namely you. But what is forgotten by most traders who view a "track" record is to question what is needed to achieve near the same.

There is only one way to prove my point. I have many results posted with the trading plan starting back in 2009 when I freely posted a PlayList on this blog for each day and week and posted the best potential point gain for each one. In addition I have opened the results view for my SwingTrades for 2012 which you can visit anytime. Each one is traceable which is the only real proof of how well I make trading plans for my subscribers and only you can evaluate how well you can follow the plan.

Those of us who do trading plan calls can only guide, teach but not trade for you. So in reality you can learn from me, but who can you trust the most to do your best?

Listen to Your Heart by Roxette on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Daily Note - A Lesson in Time

***** If you ever wonder about time, ponder this: possibilities are endless what you do with them are not. No matter what you like to do creativity is somehow involved. You create the dream, you create the possibility and with each passing moment a new one arises until you cease to exist, but the possibility still goes on, beyond even your time. Once something is created it evolves. It's passed on like a baton to someone else willing to hear and listen and to act on the next opportunity.

Playing, dancing, love, or any art, occupation is like that. Something ignites another idea; another take on the same theme and there you have continuity and creation.

Getting the concept is easier than the act itself. Reminding me of a friend who passed on. We used to wonder, how many ways can one play and dance to "Take 5"; discovering that there were more possibilities than time. Time for us ran out 5 years ago but not for the music that plays on and for great memories that live on. Here yet is another rendition and my imagination goes on and on and on ...

Take 5 by Northside on Grooveshark
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - $DJIA Weekly Outlook
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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Daily Note - Trader's $STUDY VII

*****I've been watching the DJIA for the past few months and featuring the outlook on youtube, StockTwits and on this blog.

"Can't You Hear Me Knocking" Start the day with a Stones tune cover by Santana & Weiland, to help $DJIA push through resistance. Finally accomplished stage one this last week, but still in a difficult zone.

"I Ain't Superstitious" Hard not to be superstitious when in this business. I bet many not admitting that they are. If you are, there is no harm is keeping a lucky charm, but if you trade according to the stars and not the charts, you will be taken on a ride.

"Sunshine of My Love" Ponder why it is that traders feel more loved and are more in love when markets go positive. When you're in love, you love the world because good mood generates good outlook. So when you're in the positive of a trade all things tend to look more sunny.

"Little Wing" Santana & Joe Cocker Remember that when you have focus, you'll be riding your trades like flying on the wind. Caution because you can feel indestructible and the willingness to give grows. But the feeling is worth it, just keep your head on and keep your goals in focus.

"Dance The Night Away" - Santana & Pat Monahan Remember all that matters is love and laughter. Happy Trading, Living and Dancing! ~ "Dance The Night Away" - Santana & Pat Monahan

Today's featured artist needs no introduction I'm sure. He's the pioneer of rock-latin-jazz fusion which took me by the storm along with everyone else. Today you are listening to the songs on his album of "The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time" on which he collaborates with contemporary singers to recreate them. Hope you rock out and enjoy it as much as I do. This body stays in motion while Carlos Santana plays. Don't let your love continue sleeping, remember to uphold your love and your world will become better.

While My Guitar Gently Weeps by Santana Featuring India.Arie & Yo-Yo Ma on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Daily Note - Traders as Drivers & Riders*

*****Which one are you? Have you noticed that when you drive, you remember the way better than when you are a passenger? When driving, we get a better feel for the road, when we are passengers we tend to see the scenery of the driver's choosing but cannot necessarily retrace the route we were on.

What we remember depends on how we approach the route; one as driver the other as rider. (no backseat talk here)

Every time we hit our desk for a trading day with the attitude that we are just one person and we have no say or influence over what goes on in the world, we basically take on the role of a rider. Therefore the trade we choose to enter is under someone else's control, and we may not know the destination. We view the scenery, worry about the speed try to give directions and hope to get to our reward. Hmm not very confident is it? It's like you have the gas pedal and someone else you don't know has the wheel. No wonder there are crashes. The reward is that we get to cheer or blame the driver for the outcome.

On the other hand if we hit our desk with an attitude that we are responsible for ourselves and what we do makes a difference in the world and in our lives, we become drivers. Therefore when we choose to enter a trade we know we are in control of the direction, timing, entry, and exit. When we are drivers we have total control of the pedals and wheel and tend to steer ourselves toward a destination. We stop and go and make corrections as we need to and know that our choices make a difference in the outcome. The reward is that we have to take credit for the outcome, be it positive or negative.

In other words, every time we play the rider we allow someone else the steer our way; but when we play the driver we make the choices of our way. Both can be scary and both can be rewarding. We make the decision as to which we wish to be at any given moment of our lives and knowing which we prefer is one of the steps toward developing our trading strategy. So, look yourself in the mirror after a trading day and see which one you chose for that day, then analyze your trades accordingly. You may be surprised at what you discover about your style.

Maybe you're more a rider as you start your day and become a driver as you gain more confidence. Maybe you, like me, prefer to take the wheel right away. Maybe you do one or the other depending on your mood or the day. Regardless of which you are, knowing your tendencies will help you in the trades you take or make and the next time you sit ready for a trading day to begin, you can clearly decide which you wish to be.

Riders On The Storm by Creed on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

*Some content originally published on 11/16/2007 under title "Drivers & Riders"

The Daily Pick - $DJIA

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Friday, August 10, 2012

The Daily Note - Trader's $STUDY VI

***** This weeks Trader's Study theme is discipline. It is only one aspect of trading but it's an important one because without keeping to the rules of your trading your success will most likely suffer. When your success drops and you examine the reasons, be sure to examine your discipline along with the rest of the reasons. Keeping to the trade as planned is one thing but keeping your rules for stops is where discipline is tested and broken most often.

"Start of Something Good" Remember that for a trader, each day has potential. Each day can bring is a start and each day can finish with something good.

"Outta My Head" If you can't get trading out of your head, you may be addicted to trading. This is for real. Be sure to let yourself live. Part of discipline is to allow yourself time to live outside this work. You need to keep sharp, healthy and happy in order to be successful at any profession.

"Crashed" Are you heading for a crash? Keeping your rules for stops is the single most important factor in keeping yourself from crashing. So if you trade without discipline, you may find yourself crashed.

"Breakdown" A breakdown may be necessary before recovery is possible. Yes, unfortunately, we all go through period of failure just like the markets or a stock. When it happens, use it as opportunity to refresh your strategy and/or plan.

"There and Back Again" Trading is a process and it will take you "There and Back Again" before you find a steady path.

"Open Up Your Eyes" There is a life after failure. Recovery takes time and discipline, but first you need to open your eyes to the fact.

"Who's They?" Develop and follow your own self, then know who you are following and why.

"Learn My Lesson" Developing discipline will keep you from repeating lessons.

"No Surprise" Once you're on the path of disciplined trading you will find it's the easier way.

"Spaceship" Find a trading circle to help keep your discipline. They are out there.

Today's featured artist is Chris Daughtry, who's band is "Daughtry". Chris was the surprise elimination of American Idol Season 5 but his seeming failure turned into gold with the realease of his first album which became the fastest selling rock album debut. Shows what discipline and determination can do despite seeming lack of popularity.

Photograph by Santana Feat. Chris Daughtry on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
The Daily Pick - $DJIA

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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Daily Note - $PCLN - Anatomy of an Earnings Play

*****Yesterday was the earnings play of the decade if not the century. $PCLN the darling leader of all traveling stocks lost over 100 points from the close, post announcement, when the company's outlook failed to forecast expected profits. Did anyone know it would happen? Maybe some knew, there were rumors of a miss, but as history shows it was never a good gamble to believe the rumors especially with high flying stocks, and $PCLN is one of them for sure.

Thus I made the call with history in mind, always looking for a wide enough entry range so a whip action will not effect the main move. The 665 entry short was based on support level likely not to cause whip, and vice versa for the long. Targets are picked for likely reverses. True too is that my eye saw a possible 625 -600 also, which I was thinking a bit ridiculous. Of course it now reminds me, once again, to always pay attention to that inner "eye".

The call itself is not as remarkable as the move or, more accurately, the reaction to the news that followed. All targets were taken out early and it almost looked as if a reverse would take hold, but then more selling took over and once 625 hit and 600 neared, the panic set in; driving down the stock to a 100 point loss on the day and then lower to almost 565. the 100 point call gain was missed by 37 cents; unlike I've ever seen before. I watched it with awe, because true to my earnings play rules, I was out at target. Entry again would have only proved that I was with the panic which is always risky business and I don't advocate repeat earnings plays. Best to be happy with the gains one gets. Satisfaction is when I hit my target, not in the butchery.

Clearly the selling was panic driven but also it has history in that all the high flyers have dropped substantially from their heights and not recovering with ease, so in that it may have been justified selling for those who have been in since the beginning of the year when I first called long on it on my SwingList in January. True also is that the call has long fulfilled itself peaking at 774.96 and $PCLN has already dropped more than 100 points and hit 600 once before. So there should be no big surprise at the current level due to a disappointing report. In fact as I mentioned, the 600 should have been expected; I was just not expecting it in one swoop.

What's next? Well it's as we traded it today. There are further drops possible as are support levels. Faith tends to drop along with big drops in prices, therefore selling from top is likely, and reverse plays risky after the first day. Today we played a long from 575-577 to as high as 584 at market open, then waited for the possible short at 565 which began in the afternoon with a slow and steady push down from the 570 (when watching the 15 minute chart) that could not recover making the 565 entry more likely for success as the pressure increased.

This type of trading is not for everyone, but one thing for sure, even small holdings can deliver good gains, and bad losses too. Therefore, know and study what you do and always: Trade them well and carefully!

Laws Of Gravity by Rubik on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
Be Loving, Be Happy, Be Free

The Daily Pick - Revisited $PCLN
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Friday, August 3, 2012

The Daily Note - Trader's $STUDY Friday V

*****How are you prepared technically? I'm not speaking of TA I'm speaking of knowing your platform, your computer, your charting software. Each of those will influence your plans, setup and execution of trades. It encompasses hardware as well as software. Can your equipment handle the memory required, the broadband and the number of monitors needed to be able to trade well? Make no joke about it, if you cannot find or execute the information fast, you are gambling with your profits.

Your desktop is your office; your communication center, your marketing tool and your store. Not unlike any other business, just much more compact, and your profits depend on how well you are able to handle it all. Your computer and communication ability is the extension of your brain, the more familiar you are with all the technical aspects, the easier you will be able to handle your business. So don't underestimate the importance of having good equipment maintained in good condition and then a backup equally available in an instant in case one fails, as machines often do.

"Bums Rush" Know how your platform operates so you don't get the bums rush entering/exiting your trades. You don't have the time nor can you afford to fumble about for the buttons you need for trading.

"Too Much Trouble" When it comes to trade entries does your platform allow you to keep it simple? If you have to take too many steps to set up and enter a trade, it's too much trouble.

"As Long As the Price is Right" The commission you pay makes a big difference in your ability to trade. Does your broker like your money better than you? Negotiate.

"Cheque Book" Be sure you're account is well funded for the type of trading you like to do. Important if you want to stay out of trouble. Margin calls can kill trading ability and profits.

"You Shouldn't Call the Doctor" Don't trade if you can't afford to pay. Always know the risks you are taking.

"Sugar Shaker" "Can't see no chicken sittin' on a pigeon's egg" love that line in the song. Strive to go for the best performer/trader that you can. Analyze which stock you're holding in a sector.

"Roxette" You took the time to study and make a list, so keep it up. Make sure you know what your watchlist is doing everyday, it will give you the best opportunities for profit.

"I'm a Hog for You Baby" You won't lose out if you take profits but you'll get slaughtered if you don't. Many traders dream about taking profits but don't actually do it even when knowing the danger. The fear of missing out is stronger than the fear of loss.

"Shotgun" Keep your targets on alert and take profits when you hit them. This is so very important it's what keeps you in profits and not get slaughtered as above.

"Nothing Like It" Make enjoying life as one of your goals. Take time away from your equipment, platform and the pursuit of profits; you may find that there is "Nothing Like It".

Today's British pub-rock featured band, Dr. Feelgood, hailed from the early 1970s. They became popular with their distinctive British R&B sound. Their high energy style is no longer performed with the original band members but they continue to have worldwide popularity at live events.

Milk And Alcohol by Dr Feelgood on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
Be Alive, Be Happy, Be Free
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Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Daily Note - Trader's $STUDY Friday IV

*****Sometimes no matter how or what we do, it's perplexing that we cannot execute a trade the way we have planned. When it happens, first examine your planning then examine your attitude. If you have prepared well for your trades and still it is difficult for you do trade well, it's a good idea to observe your thought patterns next.

A notebook then becomes essential, even if it is in the form of post-it notes. As you observe each thought, jot it down. Important also to jot down time of day, and market conditions at the time of your thought. Soon enough you'll observe a pattern. Remember that your thought pattern is unique to you, although many may identify with what your are feeling/thinking, still they cannot identify with your solar plexus (your gut)and that is why each trader is unique and cannot truly follow anyone else. Honor your uniqueness and you will become the best trader you can be.

"Feeling Good" Whenever you sit down to trade, resolve yourself to feeling good. No one can change your mood except you. Surround yourself with what makes you feel good, let go of things that don't.

"Come Fly with Me" When a trade is flying your way, be sure to keep head below clouds and feet on the ground. Make sure your alerts and stops are set and keep your targets in mind.

"Always On My Mind" Appreciate the trade you are in, not the one someone else is bragging about. There are always temptations around you for another trade, but focus on the one you have. The best chance for success is in the trade you're in, not the trade you're not.

"Fever" When a Stock is hot, it may be too hot to handle. Know what you can trade, know what you can do and you will never go astray by temptation.

"Lost" When you are lost in a trade and can't read the writing on the wall, ask for help. You are not alone! Take time to find those who will help you learn and boost you when you are down.(Moi!:)

"Quando, Quando, Quando" If you have to question "when?" You need to study the chart some more for your answer. The question of "when" is usually answered by the pattern of the chart. It's a lot like reading the stars, which were and can still be used for navigation.

"All of Me" It may be tempting, but don't put all your funds in one trade. This may be old news to many, but some still may need reminders and new traders may not realize how fast this can happen.

"Marie" Crying out the stock's name is useless & likely in desperation; otherwise it would be "yes, Yes, YES!!" Come on, do I have to expand my explanation on this one? LOL

"Save the Last Dance for Me" Forget it, a trade will never save the last dance for anyone. Learn to know when to dance & when to let go. You're deluding yourself if you think a stock will wait for you. Be ready for the last "dance" whenever it may come.

"Home" Keep reminding yourself why you are trading & go home with profits. This may be obvious, yet so many times we need to reminders to remember. Stick up a post-it!

Today's featured artist is Michael Bublé, a Canadian born Jazz singer who prayed nightly to become a singer in his teen years. But he did more than that. According you his first manager, "Bublé would do every gig imaginable, including talent shows, conventions, cruise ships, malls, hotel lounges, bars, clubs, corporate gigs, musical revues, singing telegrams, and even the occasional singing Santa Claus gig". So, remember it takes more than prayers to become the best you can be: you have to apply yourself to what to want.

For Once in My Life by Michael Bublé on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing and
Be Free, Be Alive, Be Happy

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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Daily Note - Trader's $Study Friday III

Action during earnings season always emphasizes our trading flaws and allows us to inspect what elements we may be missing in order to execute better trades. Our observations also get challenged and opportunity to sharpen our chart reading skills presents itself.

Start by observing the the chart and follow the trades throughout the day prior to and after market announcement. Then, observe how the stock reacts to earnings announcement. The next day see how both previous and earnings charts compare and observe the buying/selling interest volume. All these give you clues what the following days will do.

The digestion of earnings always has an initial reaction, a follow-up reaction and a continuation. Once you learn to observe these on the charts, it will help you find the direction for your next trade.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - TBA
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Daily Note - AAPL Earnings Thoughts

AAPL was holding up most of this market for the last quarter in my opinion and I was saying it on some of my outlook reports on YouTube. I also used to say, and got often hammered for it, that Steve Jobs was a marketing genius and the one who was behind AAPL's success as a result. A few times I also mentioned that all kings of mountains eventually have to crumble just because they stick out to be competition targets.. RIMM was mentioned by me as an example among others, like Nokia, Motorola. But, alas, some people kept thinking I was nuts or worse. I, on the other hand, thought that many were blind to the cultism that AAPL products became, which drove much of its sales. AAPL and Steve Jobs were both thought of in the same breath, therefore I wrote some articles about the possibility of more difficult times ahead if and when Steve Jobs moved on.

I never took away from the fact that AAPL was a good product and that their product filled many needs, but in some things I'm a realist and not a romantic. Inventors and inventions in entrepreneur hands tend to make my vision realistic. There are many people out there with a better wheel perhaps or need for no wheel pretty soon, and that is when the future becomes the past. Horse buggies too had their day in the sun.

Now, today, we had an earnings miss, with outlook down, which dropped AAPL 40+ points from day's high. I'm not gloating, it happens that way and kings don't get toppled easily, so I'm not saying it's over by a long shot. Still we all have to remember that Steve Jobs' marketing genius is no longer in play, and Tim Cook still has some proving to do to satisfy not only the cultists but the shoppers who are now looking for more bang for the $buck as the economy falters ever lower with USA being still the last best hope.

Which also reminds me that we need to remember this is an election year. Part of the agenda is to make it worse before better, if the economy looks really bad now and the rescue comes, all will breathe a sigh of relief? Buy into the "hope & change" again? Look to the king and kingpin Bernanke to make sure that by election time we can be "green at any cost" and AAPL will rise again.

Cool Change by Little River Band on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - AAPL
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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Daily Note - Trader's $STUDY Friday II

Welcome to the second week of Trader's Study Friday where we continue to examine the do's, don'ts, trippin' points and places in the world of trading. In general, the mechanical and psychological journey of trading.

Today I'm featuring Gerry Rafferty the Scottish singer, songwriter with a soft voice, powerful messages, yet easy melodies. A type of teacher who you may not mind reminding you about things you have forgotten. He had a spirit and a soul that marched to a different drummer when it came to the music business. He did not like fame and he wanted to be respected for his music and creativity. He received both. His second solo album, City to City, toppled the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack in the US, July 1978.

"Baker Street" Is Wall Street your Baker Street? Used to be easy but now you're crying? Never assume that Wall St. is "easy street". Find your way to a class or a book to learn and to keep on learning.

"The Way That You Do It" Charts have a way to tell you when you got a trade right or wrong. A way to leave you with no doubt. It can help you stay in a trade and show you when to leave it. Reason to believe that everything can be. They come on strong

"Night Owl" Do you stay awake at nights worried about your positions? "You've seen it all and before and like a fool you come back for more" Sound familiar? Don't get lost in dreams with shadows, use your nights to study and prepare for the next day, not for worry. If you prepare, surprises won't keep you up at night. Otherwise you will only repeat what you have done in the past.

"Can I have My Money Back" Practice your trading methods, strategies, style first on paper. There is no way to get your money back in trading once gone, and preservation of capital is of utmost importance.

"Get It Right Next Time" Resolve to learn from trading mistakes and to do it right the next time and keep your resolution! If you do not bounce back from a bad trade you will continue to spiral downward in spirit and method. Keep studying and learning; the light will eventually become brighter.

"Don't Give Up On Me" Don't give up on yourself. Not every idea, strategy or trade will work in your favor. Recognize & love your mistakes. It's important to keep a positive attitude. Know that it took a long time for each and every trader to become a success and admit that you will not be the first to feel that the market is against you.

"Take the Money and Run" When at first you succeed, this is the tempting way to go. Develop your own strategy to keep your trade going for best gains. Study your exits at least as much as you study your entries.

"Change of Heart" Nothing wrong with a changing your mind when trading. Market rhythms change and so should you along with them. Often traders hang on even when writing's on the wall to be dragged down with the trade. Not surrendering a bad trade is what makes most traders fail.

"It's Easy to Talk" and harder to do, but don't marry your trades. They'll break your heart every time and may even kill your ability to trade. Always remember there is another day and time you can meet again :)

"Home & Dry" Is how you will find yourself when you follow your plan and do everything just right. When you do, study it too. Especially because it was the "perfect" plan. Learn from what is you did right as well as what you did wrong.

Remember that we all struggle with our chosen lifestyle, and it takes courage and perseverance to keep on going when we love the life we have chosen.

The Right Moment - 1982 by Gerry Rafferty on Grooveshark
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Daily Note - Earnings Plays

*****Not everyone can work the action on earnings plays. It takes extra hard determination, steel will along with total commitment to stick to what you see and keep the rules. It can also bring gain and loss with equal speed in the same split second.

Trades on earnings are just too quick to enter as the announcement is released. Most people play it as pure reaction and don't plan their plays, but I say you have to let it unfold to your plan. As the announcements are released, wild fluctuations can happen and deciding your trade at that time becomes emotional as well as nearly impossible. Trading becomes fast and momentum furious. So as you quickly try and catch a trade you may end up missing the action at best or far worse, getting a fill that is way off. The execution is important.

My Earnings Play list is planned before announcement and allow for a possible hit long or short without triggering the opposite play. Targets are planned according to possibilities and not dreams. In other words, I have a price target set up as well as an entry target. The idea is to not shoot the stars or the moon but to find a realistic target price, set it up and let it play out. Then be sure to manage the out well, based on what you already determined prior to the action.

Like in all trading styles this too takes practice. Learning to set up the entry and exit is the best friend you can have which is part of the preparation. Then, once the trade is entered, it is important to say in the moment because it's where you have most control. Stay in control of your emotions, and your targets; know what you want, don't let that target fluctuate. You are allowed to change your mind and take a lesser target on your list, but allow for the play to continue and use the lesser target for your stop. Just know that the more you control your trade the more satisfied you'll be with the outcome.

Night Air by Jamie Woon on Grooveshark
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Daily Note - Trader's $STUDY Friday

On Friday the 13th, I debuted a new study series for traders, where each point is set to music and individually posted on StockTwits/Twitter. I plan to feature study points each Friday afternoon in the same way, then post an extended version on this blog. Most points will be random, some may follow a theme but all are aimed at helping you become a better trader.

Some people learn better by reading, others by seeing or listening. I am a listener/seeing type so for me music association is helpful and I hope you find these points usable in your daily practice of trading. So, below is the expanded version of each point posted Friday, but first about the music.

Friday, I featured a very successful debut album by Boston, named "Boston", which was released July of 1976. It has been certified to be the 2nd best debut album so far, with 17x platinum sales by 2003. According to, all eight of the songs on the album still receive regular airplay across the country. I know we all wish that our trades were as successful, but that is what we work on daily when we sit at our desk trading.

So Let's review some of the most basic steps which successful traders practice. Each point is set a title on the album, so you can listen as you learn. Be sure to use "open in new tab" for the links to play each cut so you won't lose this page or copy and paste the links directly on a new tab. Alternatively you can listen to the entire album posted below. Anyway you listen, or not, I hope you enjoy this learning journey: a posse ad esse (from the possible to the actual.

"More Than a Feeling" A successful trader is doing this work because of passion not because of need. Need is a feeling that will take you down, passion will drive you on. More Than a Feeling ♫

"Peace of Mind" While trading always use "STOPS". It helps keep your peace of mind. It is important to be the most relaxed when trading. If you don't like your stop loss, you are not trading correctly. ♫

"Foreplay/Long Time" Always take your time ~ keep on chasing that dream but not the markets. Markets will always be there ready for you to trade, so it's not important to catch each trade and if you use hindsight, you will miss the next one too. ♫

"Rock and Roll Band" Takes a lot of practice on the way to "riches" ~ never worry about things you're missing. Be patient with yourself and don't hurry to "get there". If you focus on what you're missing you are not learning. ~ ♫

"Smokin'" Fast and furious trades are rare, when you get 'em keep dancing with them. In other words, successful traders know that not all trades will be record breakers but when one happens, they know how to ride the wave. ♫

"Hitch A Ride" When trades seem to freeze, it's time to trade the other side (yes, it's the same album). Markets can change quickly and we all find this the hardest to accept sometimes. It's like the flip side of the record (old fashioned term, when records had an A and B side. OK there's no flip side on a CD, so think of a coin then) ♫

"Something About You" If you get a "feeling", check it out. Your gut or instinct can be your best guide. Trading is mostly gut not brain and although many may disagree, it's why women are considered better traders. ♫

"Let Me Take You Home Tonight" Take your profits home, DayTraders(withAnni) always do ;). Yes, day traders cash out each night if they are true day traders but no matter what kind of trader you are, profit is your ultimate goal, so learn to cash it in before giving it all back. ♫

You've been listening to the debut album of Boston, released July 1976, here is the entire album:
Boston (Entire Album) by Boston on Grooveshark

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick NDX

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Daily Note - Born on the 4th of July

What does that have to do with trading? Nothing, I must confess, but give me some time and I'll figure it out. I often quip that I had to be born on this day in order for my family to be allowed into the US of A but other than that, it has no useful purpose except to bring attention to myself, which I am doing shamelessly today.

I'm sure it's not news to you that I'm not the only person to be born on this day of USA's birth, but I may be the only one you can casually know as an immigrant (via parents) and the only one you may also know who is a very ardent supporter of the U.S. Constitution as it was written. I put the caveat "as it was written" only because there is a growing number of people who would either like to scrap or rewrite it into a un-recognizable document.

There is also a growing number of people, I noticed, who are increasingly outspoken about how the alteration will in effect kill the only successful experiment in real freedom of choice. I am happy to see it, because for many years I thought it was only those who knew how the "other" side lives, who knew the dangerous path this country has taken.

I will not lecture you here as to why, I only ask that you, who really want to know of what I speak, read the Declaration of Independence out loud to the group you are with on the 4th of July. Some of your listeners may have never heard it. Also I ask that you read and study the U.S. Constitution and appreciate its simplicity before you vote again.

It is in the simple rule of law that we realize most of our achievements as individuals. It is in the simple where we can be less ruled and allowed to have more choice. If it takes a 1000 pages to make a law, it is an insult to our intelligence and it means that it is not the same for all; in other words, it restricts and we don't have to read it to know.

It's the simple fact that the founders of this country debated, often agonized over words in order to write those simple phrases that are the most simple of laws in that small pamphlet called the "U.S. Constitution". It took them years to write it, yet that small pamphlet of laws allowed this country to be the most advanced and the most desired place to live in on this planet, even to this day. Congress would do much better if they remembered that simple fact and practiced the same.

I try to live by the words that I write and my trading strategy is very much the same. Simple rules for better choices creates my freedom to travel, study and enjoy life.

Made In America by Toby Keith on Grooveshark Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

The Daily Pick - Happy Birthday USA & ME

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Daily Note - Avoiding Self

To me, the reasons why we avoid ourselves is very mysterious until we realize that since birth we've been relying on others how to do, live or enjoy this life. Every day since birth we've been told how, what, or where we need to look to be sure we're doing things well. School only reinforces relying on the outside view and often derides those who look within. All advertising and even entertainment programs now, such as television, motion pictures, magazines remind us daily that "experts" have the answer for everything, thereby diminishing or even killing our sense for self-reliance. And I haven't even mentioned what governments do to lead us to dependence by constantly reminding us that without them, we would not have jobs or our health, and we'd be without roads, energy or even our senses if you listen to them the way they tell it.

School systems including colleges and universities are the second biggest sellers of dependence. Many believe that no one can get educated without them. It is their constant message, especially when coupled with "Everyone MUST have a college degree". Less and less people step outside of the fray to question all this expertise because it has been part of the curriculum of the schools system for at least 3 generations, and we all know it only takes that long to change a society. Don't we?

I am not saying to discard all institutions but in order to keep our own individual creativity and sense of independence we must limit their power over us. It was not the intent of the founders of this country that we be ruled by them but for us to rule ourselves. It is ironic that those perpetuating the notion that the US Constitution is a "living" document are the ones that wish to dominate us more than to let us live within our own means.

In order to wake up your independence, you have to quit avoiding yourself. Quit thinking that others know more about you, and honestly get to know yourself in a non-dependent way. Discover what you can do for yourself. You will see that as you grow more independent so you will help others do the same. It's not a handout, it's a way of life. It's not a dependence it's a way to become free. To awaken your spirit of independence and for you to realize that you're being encouraged to give it up each and every hour of your life, I suggest you go out and watch a bird fly. Who is paving it's way? Who is telling it which way to fly, where to build it's nest and what to eat to stay healthy and alive? Finally ask who is teaching it how to live? I suggest we know the answers well from within us, once we learn to listen to ourselves and not to the commercials, propaganda, or even the "expert" studies.

We all need to cooperate to have something removed as well as to have something added to our lives by outsiders. We all cooperate with those willing to tell us what to do when we become uncaring, lethargic, lazy about ourselves; all leading to giving power to those who are more than willing to indoctrinate us. I don't doubt for a minute that it's not with good intention for the most part, but think about what those good intentions are really taking away from you.

If I tell you that the market, sector or a stock is going to go up or down and tell you to buy or sell according to my reasoning, how do you know what my agenda is with that recommendation? It could be my best intention for all or am I trying to manipulate a large audience to a like or contrary position so I can take advantage of the resultant price rise or drop? I don't delude myself that I could, but we all know that we have to be leery of analysts and brokers. Yet, why are we not equally leery when it comes to large money managers like the Fed, the Congress, the IMF, ECB, or the likes of  George Soros telling us what to do and how to manage our monetary lives. Why is it that we hang on every word they say and allow them to "rule" the markets with reports that they correct over and over again? Much like the "expert" health officials who tell us one year how much coffee is good for us, then change it to a negative the following year for the same quantity.

It's not easy to untangle ourselves from the daily spin unless we become aware of it and train ourselves to have alarms go off when we hear it. Then, in our aware state, we can begin to question what we hear and, if we know ourselves, learn to listen or dismiss all or part of the information. It is thus, with trial and error that we develop ourselves. It is thus that we learn to trust and stop avoiding our "self" in order to become our own ruler of our destiny and become the best that we can be, which, using our own analysis, only we know.

It all gives a new meaning to "Trade what you know" .

B.B. King by To Know You Is To Love You on Grooveshark
Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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