Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Daily Note - Living Through Hope

*****Did you notice that "hope", besides being a four letter word, really sucks the life out of you? Perhaps best to compare it to alcohol or infatuation, both of which do the same. At first you feel energized with thoughts full of possibilities but in the end they are all a depressant unless a step is taken to fulfill the fantasy.

Without taking the action all possibilities die because it's activity that creates energy and energy keeps possibilities alive. Without taking action, hope does not become reality, infatuation won't turn into love. Even with alcohol it is the exercise that will prevent you from passing out and possibly taking a few ideas with you from your "higher" self.

Observe as you are looking toward your next trade. At first the planned trade is swimming in hope and if you take action the plan will become real and you'll feel energized. On the other hand if you just watch the plan unfold without your entry, your hope fades and your feeling and mood drop as you see the possibility slip through your fingers. It is at this point where you can get sucked under. It is at this point precisely where your energy drops to zero and it's at this point where you must take action to turn it around for yourself. Realize that non-action perpetuates too and it's precisely the opposite that will get you out, energized and ready to turn all possibilities into reality.

Yes, "hope" is a four letter word but without hope there is no vision of possibilities so it's a necessary "evil" which we must turn into "live" by taking action.

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