Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Daily Note - A Lesson in Time

***** If you ever wonder about time, ponder this: possibilities are endless what you do with them are not. No matter what you like to do creativity is somehow involved. You create the dream, you create the possibility and with each passing moment a new one arises until you cease to exist, but the possibility still goes on, beyond even your time. Once something is created it evolves. It's passed on like a baton to someone else willing to hear and listen and to act on the next opportunity.

Playing, dancing, love, or any art, occupation is like that. Something ignites another idea; another take on the same theme and there you have continuity and creation.

Getting the concept is easier than the act itself. Reminding me of a friend who passed on. We used to wonder, how many ways can one play and dance to "Take 5"; discovering that there were more possibilities than time. Time for us ran out 5 years ago but not for the music that plays on and for great memories that live on. Here yet is another rendition and my imagination goes on and on and on ...

Take 5 by Northside on Grooveshark
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