Friday, September 14, 2012

The Daily Note - The Trouble with Results

***** Throughout my moderating years I've always had trouble posting results. To me results are very individual because there are many factors that can influence each trader and trading is a made to order project and not a conveyor belt production. Although algos may come close to it, still, it is mainly a psychological game which is why it's impossible to mimic someone else.

I was a pioneer in posting my plans with charts on my blog. My charts show entries for long and short and with target points for each, which was and still is unique. In doing so, I reduced the surprise element of a potential wrong side and allow for possibility of a flip; all important elements for trading and also good for multiple trades during the day.

Each trader however is an individual and bring their own view and evaluation to the markets. Whenever I post a trade plan it will be viewed through filters I cannot predict. So when it comes to viewing the outcome of a trading plan, better known as "results", it is important to remember that it is the possibility not the actuality that you are viewing. The main point to examine is whether the trading plan is achievable by the trader, namely you. But what is forgotten by most traders who view a "track" record is to question what is needed to achieve near the same.

There is only one way to prove my point. I have many results posted with the trading plan starting back in 2009 when I freely posted a PlayList on this blog for each day and week and posted the best potential point gain for each one. In addition I have opened the results view for my SwingTrades for 2012 which you can visit anytime. Each one is traceable which is the only real proof of how well I make trading plans for my subscribers and only you can evaluate how well you can follow the plan.

Those of us who do trading plan calls can only guide, teach but not trade for you. So in reality you can learn from me, but who can you trust the most to do your best?

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