Friday, December 28, 2012

Reflections of the Past, Present and Future ~ Happy New Year 2013

***** It hardly seems normal, and it 's because it isn't normal. This year's end seems to be a  repeat of four years ago. Elections over, we know who has won and that changes are gonna come but perhaps now we have a bit more insight as what those changes might be.

The agenda four years ago it was "change and hope" .. change from what and hope for what was not defined therefore we got surprises and alas a hell of a lot of what we didn't want: Debt.  Lesson: always ask questions about the vague. In this case the lesson was not learned, obviously, questions are still not asked about the real state of the Union.

Four years ago it was the Republicans who wished to call back Congress and resolve the imminent "cliff" problem, remember? The Democrats wanted no part of it as they knew Obama would be in office in just 1 month and then they could be in control. They got their wish, leaving everyone hanging and still in one month what we got is more debt, and with each following plan still more debt. Every rescue plan involved inflation and debt. So now we're facing more of the same.

Those who think the markets show that we have "recovered" probably don't count in inflation. It looks nice on the charts, and yes, if  you invested 3.5 years ago you've done real well, but what has the dollar lost? Does that $USD of 2008 still buy as much as the $USD of today? Is it any concern to you that it does not? Perhaps you haven't felt its full force yet, but you will.

I kept writing and talking about the real agenda of the last 3.5 years: "Markets needed to be "green at any cost"  until the election". Now that it has been accomplished, what is next?  Well, here are my predictions .. yes, predictions.. the same that I don't usually make,  my crystal ball broke long ago.

We'll have inflation and the higher the market goes the more it will prove the point. Reality is that the more money you dump into the economy the less it buys, and it creates greed and inflates prices. This is where the numbers look good and many get fooled, wanting more of it therefore perpetuating even more inflation.  Top it with demanded hiring,  along with demanded pay increases.  Therefore, the USD will be less powerful. We'll never "recover" because there is no such thing. You cannot have back the past.  The future is what you create today,  but of course you've heard all this before haven't 'ya?

Predictions as they are will always be proved inconclusive mostly because timelines in the Universe are virtually non existent and since most people predictions to be stuck to a time, it's virtually impossible. We create time by measuring and counting, we also control time, which can be argued but be it  good or bad, it can also be right or wrong. The Universe cares not. We're just one little dust speck in it even with all of our feelings of importance.

If  you keep thinking the imminent cliff will be solved with still more debt,  think yourself something like the Universe;  you are in sometime, somewhere impossible to prove right or wrong; good or bad; when or where.  Many of us will be gone by the time it could be argued and those who may write about it can put their own spin, bend, story on it and the rest of us, if we have any memory at all, will long have stopped caring.

The living will go on living and dealing with today's "reality" as they perceive it. So my prediction is that there will be more separation of the classes, less of the middle class because battling to keep pace becomes the top most daily task and the more difficult it is to keep up with the business of living, the less we pay attention to who is doing what to us. Those who are trying to survive are the most are easily yoked, led, regulated and willing to be maneuvered. Wishing more regulation (change) in order to correct the past will continue the erosion because no matter what spin you put on it, in this case, "less will yield more" and not the other way around.

So if  you want to know the future, look at what you are allowing to take, rule, provide over your life today.  Patterns are there, they will play out and will repeat because they are part of  cycles and we are all in at least one.....

We're all in a long beautiful cycle called LIFE.
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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
throughout 2013 and beyond

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