Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Today's Outlook: $DJIA Fiscal Cliff Rally?

***** The Fiscal Cliff Rally? Not much can be said about this rally so far, it hit the breakout level then pulled back enough to make one wonder.  Not holding the breakout mark makes it a relief not a conviction, so keep watching the price levels and let's wait until there are moves with more enthusiasm.

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Wed 02 Jan 16:04 Markets are having a good time :) $DJIA finishes with an attitude:  "Don't Stop Me Now!" at 13413 on the way to Mars, ready to explode?  ♫  

Wed 02 Jan 14:11 ~ $DJIA sideways, mentioned before & has to breakout & hold above 13340 for today's rally to be somewhat real 13320-13310 still test and watch. If it breaks below 13310, potential is down to 13265 below (expanded post)

Wed 02 Jan 11:48 ~ $DJIA testing 13320 once again see earlier post at this level for bounce possibility watch the 13310

Wed 02 Jan 10:55 ~ $DJIA current outlook update: Sideways battle until 13330 losing that, watch 13320 to 13310 for possible bounce areas

Wed 02 Jan 10:50 ~ $DJIA update:  b/o at 13368 gains but has trouble holding so far today.

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