Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Daily Note - 60K and Counting

***** I just noticed that I've reached over 60K visitors from around the world. It may not seem much to many for little over 5 years of writing, but I appreciate each one of you who read and follow me and my trading life. Over the past five years I've met many of you via letters, photos, even visits. Not everyone kept reading, but most of you stuck around with me through nice times, happy times, hard times and crazy times.

Like living life, the markets never really get easier they just tire some of us out and it's hard to keep things fresh all the time as it is hard to please everyone but I keep dancing because I enjoy it even when my feet hurt. Crazy as it seems, nobody pays me for this and so it's out of pure delicious amusement that I keep coming up with topics. Admittedly sometimes far in between,  but I want you to know that I don't have plans to stop writing just yet, and so this note is to thank you for your following and reading this blog and to ask that you spread the word so soon I can write another note about reaching another 10-100K readers.  In the meantime I'll keep dancing, living and trading .....

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing
and keep reading :)
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Anni_V said...

Keep up the good words. Blogging is hard, and a lot of time is thankless but its about passion for the subject matter. Passion you have.