Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Daily Outlook - $DJIA Looking at Channels

*****When we are looking at trends, trendlines and the future, it behooves us to look ahead from the past. It's not to be stuck there, but it's the best way to look how or where a path is heading. It's our most assured way to predict the future if indeed it can be predicted.

Call it the power of suggestion? Perhaps, but we all know that things occur in cycles and trendline channels tend to show those cycles the best. So look back and see where it proves the theory and where it can again prove it in the future. If it follows the path and becomes reality, then we proved it, if it does not, we still learn by finding the evidence against the theory.

Path by Aleksi Perälä on Grooveshark

Good luck, Trade it Well and Carefully, as always

The Daily Pick - $DJIA Weekly Outlook #3

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