Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Daily Note - No Such Thing as "Good" News

***** It's no news that "good" is bad and "bad" is good or the that "sick" is really good but being "well" well, who knows. Confusion is the mother of invention now anyway and thus earnings reports may not be the "news" anymore but only the vehicle to load up on future promises be it "good" or "bad" may make no difference. I am speaking strictly post earnings announcement and after hours market trading today.

Witness $AMZN report of missed revenues, earnings and downgraded forward outlook. If we were in "before time" the drop would have been real, retrace perhaps the usual 50% but the drop lower almost guaranteed. Today, it retraced almost 100%. $AAPL which announced much later, was halted prior to announcement then with a minimal drop it too is rebounding as we speak.

For day traders this is just another alert to adjust the way we trade. For others, less experienced, it is startlingly unpredictable and perhaps it is best not to look at the havoc but just wait out the results in the following weeks because nothing is as it seems in the first hours/days/rhythms of this market anymore.

Is it really "the bomb" this way? You be the judge, just don't use real matches.

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