Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Daily Note - Post Storm Outlook

***** Hard to tell the exact effect of a two day closure of markets due to the storm. There could be an initial euphoria about the re-opening and then a drop off due to concerns about the coming reports this week, and the uncertainty of the elections. There will be added impact of the economic uncertainty of the effects of this storm also.

Further impact will probably take some time to assess. We already know that the airlines and transportation will have suffered losses due to cancellations of thousands of flights but the storm could effect the coming holiday markets negatively also. On the other hand, demand will likely be up for the building sector and for the energy sector.

Other positives could be that there should be a surge of available jobs due to need for clean up and re - building as well as the holiday markets ahead which economically speaking are short term positives for the 4th quarter of this year.

As always, not knowing which way it will go, we can only trade them as we see them. So, it's best to keep positive attitudes up and, as always, keep you eyes on the charts and trade them well and carefully!

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