Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Daily Note - Chart Study $DJIA

No matter which chart you read, it is always good to look freshly upon it from time to time. When I do, all drawings, indicators and notes get removed and I stare at what I call a "Naked Chart". As with all things naked it can either look pleasant or ugly but one thing is for sure, more naked charts you view and study the better you'll recognize what you like.

So, after watching my Monday outlook, take a look at the outlook update for Friday.
Remember that even though you can see new things, once you know what to look for, draw it up all over again. You will probably come to the same conclusion as before unless events have changed the chart movement in an unusual way.

$DJIA Weekly Outlook for Week of 11/26/2012

$DJIA Outlook Update for Friday 11/30/2012

Not much to add, except that on the weekly it looks like a bear flag to me, so hold on ...
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