Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Daily Note - The Art of Dancing

Dancers move to the music with taking steps forward, backward, sideways, around and sometimes even leave the ground. They sway with a partner every-which-way on the dance floor, most often than not with exhilaration, smile and feeling of joy. So why not you,trader?

Watching the charts move throughout the day is like watching dancers around the floor.
It is essentially the same as dancing. The floor is their chart space, the positions they take on the floor is their ticks as they move from one area to another.

It is only the beginning dancer that looks at their feet, worried about a misstep making them uncertain of direction and more vulnerable to a stumble. Likewise, beginning traders tend to watch each tick of the chart, worry about loss, uncertain of their target and vulnerable to a stumble.

When we watch dancers, we do not watch where they are on the floor, rather their fluidity, rhythm and body posture. Not individually, unless we are judges, but as a whole. More importantly we do not watch their feet.

As dancers become less worried about each step, and traders about each tick, the dance and the trade become more fluent, more graceful. Both are looking at the direction of their next move on the floor; their goal, once reached, they look toward the next one.

So the goal of a trader is to become a more fluent dancer. To know the direction of the dance and keep on track with the music, pleasing themselves and a watchful audience as well.

Trading and dancing both take years of daily practice, study and vulnerability. Both take doing rather than just watching from the audience and both prone to injuries and failure; but without trying, who is to know if one becomes a success at the art.

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Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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