Monday, May 24, 2010

The Daily Note - Living for Today

Good morning, where are we going "Today", and what would you like to accomplish "Today", when and how will we get there "Today"?

When you get up in the morning, what is the first thing you do? Imagine waking, dreams still around the edges of your conciousness, and at that first realization of this being a brand new day and the tomorrow you thought would never come is here right now. Are you ready for it?

We wake up everyday, some with expectation, others with dread, and still more with confusion and very few with knowledge. Planning aside, we really don't know what we can expect of the day unless we ask. Yes, ask the questions of the day: , "Where?","What?" "When?", & "How?". You already know "Who" but don't ask "Why"

Most ask the question "Why" after the day is over which is backwards in my opinion. Besides the fact that there's no answer to the question "why?", it is asked after the fact and not in preparation for it. So with asking "Why?" we actually lament over what we have missed.

Instead consider starting your day with a sense of direction so you don't have to ask at the end of the day, why it is that you are there. Where is it you sense that the day will give you opportunities? Are you ready for them? You may be pleasantly surprised how much preparation doing that simple task will accomplish for Today.

Not being ready for your day allows the whims of the day to rule, and to take you off track, aways from your tasks, and what you wished to be accomplished gets scattered by the minutes flying by and you will also be unlikely to notice the opportunities opening and shutting along with them until they have passed you by. Besides being battered about, like a ship without direction, you are not taking resposibility for what course you are on during the time allotted.

Most successful people have plans. Plans which are jotted down and crossed off as they are accomplished, but successful people also leave themselves to be guided by the day. The "Today". Those who know to trust guidance, guidance from within and without through spirit, have the knowledge that nothing is done alone and we are all really able to tap into that great vast consciousness of mind.

So next time after you rise, before you click on the first stroke on the computer, close your eyes and ask the "today": "Where?","What?" "When?", & "How?". Don't ask "Who?" because it's "I", and if you do it, you'll know and won't have to ask "Why?".

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