Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Daily Note - That Sinking Feeling

You know the one, when your stomach churns as you ride down on the other side of the ferris wheel, you know that you need to take deep breaths keep in control and brace yourself for come what may.

Yes, it seems we are heading for a day headstrong and stormy. Not much more one can say about it, may be a head fake, another horse to the rescue, just that there's this annoying problem. We may be running out of knights to ride those horses, and then what? I'm sure more can be printed, but then more will be owed and eventually it will land on your doorstep just like in Europe. Perhaps now we'll realize why sovereignty works and keeping it home is better than spreading it around into a homogenized mess.

I honestly don't know, but I ask, why if the U.N. has not worked well in the past 50 years and only got more corrupt, do we any one who is thinking in such fashion, think that more of the same under "one world order" will do better with controlling us?.. Oh yes, typo slip, that's why.

What are we thinking?? When property taxes were kept in the community, the money was much more accountable and your neighbors in the city council much more likely to be caught with a lie. Instead of keeping it local, a false hope was sold and bought by the populous that spreading it around would be better for all. To a point, everything is true. To a point but like the Peter Principle everything reaches it's level of incompetence and spreading the wealth only created more incompetent nincompoops than perhaps any other time in history; only proving that spending other peoples and communities money is much easier and much less accountable than spending ones own.

So there you have it. Easy as pie with fat cat's thumbs in each hole collecting from your pockets and not saving a dime let alone the dike. Flood gates are open and they still spew propaganda about how much better they have it under control than a big bad corporation. But it's interesting that when a giant catastrophe of an oil leak happens, all I hear from the "wise ones" is that BP (pssst a corporation) is most capable to clean it up, as government admits that they don't have the thingamajig they are supposed to have for just such a circumstance. In other words they depend of the big bad corporations to do the job, because they can't. (I know don't bother to tell me, this catastrophe is different from the others so it's not the governments responsibility)

In case you're wondering, corporations = private sector; that sector that is fast shrinking, and therefore will need to carry the greater burden since the government is growing and the beast is always hungry. Of course you may think that they will save you.. well, may be. Just that whose money do you suppose they'll use? I know some may not get that connection yet, but one day they may, yet I still have this sinking feeling.

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This was written with heavy sarcasm, but my good wishes for all is meant whole heartedly.
Please take care, trade with care and keep on being happy,
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