Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Daily Note - Past Participle

I found it interesting that after posting these charts for these past many months, I was asked for if I had a track record. Well, besides having one posted under "results" I have these charts. OK so track me. But, more importantly it's not my record that should count, but the record you have. My record is my doing, yours is yours. If your record is good by following my picks, good for you and good for me. I did not do it for you, you did it for yourself.. so, way to go!

We all tend to compare our results as a gauge, but it's not an accurate way of checking track records. What if I am content with 2 trades a day and that is not enough for you? And what if my 2 trades outdoes your 10? Does it really matter if you are reaching your goal? Knowing your needs, setting your goals and reaching them is the best track record you can have. That is the point in a nutshell.

The question is of course legitimate when one is asking for strangers to subscribe to ones service. Mine to be precise. After all, you don't know who I am except for what I have written, and posted as a record. Yet, I enjoy doing what I do, I've done it for far longer than this blog. The posting of trades is not the most enjoyable part of it. Teaching it is what I love the best. Today I took another chance; today I held my first webinar. I hope it won't be my last and I hope you'll join me for the next.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

Today, on the Dance Floor : + 14.11 points. Join us for the next dance: "MEMBERSHIP"
Today's BlogPick was - GOOG the past participle 11 points today.

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