Monday, June 28, 2010

The Daily Note - Have You Something Positive?

I have always counted on people for inspiration; people who I encounter, read about, listen to during my days as I go about life. To be quite honest I have not found any positive inspiration of late. When I witness continued relentless bashing, without any thought of reason, I feel a profound deep disappointment and loss. To witness such behavior in the United States is disheartening.  People it seems have no sense of control or decency especially in the media, but also on social networks.  It's not even a slogan, it's more like a march. The kind of march that kills. Once the banner is picked up, and followed blindly or not, it becomes a dangerous mantra bringing destruction in it's wake.  Break anything just because it's in the neighborhood, mob mentality rules. Intelligent people turn to mentality without reason.

The people who tend to do this type of action have absolutely no comprehension of history. Nor do they care to know, lest they find out they are part of the mob. Claims are actually unreasonable, but people cannot stop themselves once they whipped into a frenzy and as such, creating the mob that destroys and suggests no solution with its action. It's easier to follow and chuckle and laugh along with the rest of the unintelligent media, night show hosts or any number or "rich & famous" in their camp, than to take a problem and evolve the same energy toward a solution.

It is this kind of bashing that plays into the hands of rulers who wish to take over all control. We are dangerously close as it is, with further help from the mob, we will witness the outcome.  You want all major companies to be dictated to by the government? You want them all to be nationalized?  Then you do not want freedom. I can't put it more plainly than that.

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