Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Daily Note - It's a Beautiful Day

It's really difficult to think about trading when there's so much beauty in nature of around us. It's difficult to realize that this beautiful world is made up of so much tug and pull. So much resistance of the good.

There is really a great deal of abundance available to everyone. The formers of this great nation of the USA knew that. They knew that relying on man, that was not the case but relying on spirit, it was indeed the key to the riches for all. Hence, "All men ARE created equal". (And please don't read stupid thoughts into that about gender or other crap that has been the nature of tearing that great phase apart by those who wish to dismantle, destroy and trample those great words.)

Sit in nature for just 5 minutes a day, without your music, phone, games or comuputers, and you will hear spirit using nature to overwhelm your senses with beauty and possibilities. I am convinced that is exactly what our forefathers meant when writing the constitution.

The US Constitution was written out of abundance of possibilities, not like the Communist Manifesto written out of envy, greed and victimization. If you need further comparison, just look at people in nations under that regime, they tend to be depressed; unfortunately just like people in USA are showing more signs of depression the more we get socialism shoved into our everyday lives.

The mistaken belief that socialist flag waivers keep repeating is that they think, they will be lifted up under such rules, and become "rich" as they believe, is their "due". The opposite is the case however and it is the "rich" who get pulled down to the lower level becasue there's no reward for innovation, creation or any other uplifting desire. Only those of the inner political elite, and the higher echelon of our version of the politburo: Franks, Dodds, Pelosi, Reed would enjoy the elitist riches they keep saying others take from the masses without consideration. Indeed they want the massess to be of lower class than themselves because they know not of abundance and therefore they only know how to suppress with their power.

That is the sadness that we will endure, unless we wake up to our ignorance of the facts and read our true history as our forefathers meant, and not the way the Socialist suppressors want us to believe. Wake up and read quickly before the books are confiscated, altered or forever banned and the people forget, and another dark age is upon us. Ever read "Fahrenheit 451"? Imagine it becoming reality. I know the internet and all that but the internet which is rewriting history can just as easily rewrite reality or any publication. You think I'm kidding, it was a concern cited by Germany when Google wished to archive their publications. They should know of what they speak. Having lived through Soviet alienation and alteration of the truth.

So perhaps, it would be wise to memorize before we lose all memory of what freedom was and what it was meant to be.

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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