Monday, April 12, 2010

The Daily Note - Going Along for the Ride

Tonight, it's Beethoven who is keeping me sane. Classical alpha waves. All things considered, the computer is an instrument of great intrusion on ones life. It is a necessary instrument in today's world, but with all the information, twitting sound bites, must read information alerted with chirps and dings, alerting bells off charts hitting points needing immediate attention, it is difficult to keep in focus and in tune with ourselves.

There are times of total disconnect with reality due to the hypnotic nature of what we do as traders. It would be wise to remember that we allow it to intrude on us. In fact we invite it as we seek connection with others who, like us, make our living in some way or another on the internet. In other words, we allow it to invade our mind and let ideas grab on, even when the information is not critical.

To be the best at who we are and what we do, alpha waves are one of the key factors in allowing us to stay centered and focused on what we need to accomplish. Tests have proven it, we all have read about it, lived it and also forgotten just how much at peace we can feel when in tune. We seek ways to achieve it, via sports, meditation, outdoor activities, love, but music is the center core of it all. It's the universal language and that is why it resonates so well with our brainwaves. In other words the music we listen to makes a huge difference in shaping our outlook.

We all need a good dose of alpha waves everyday regardless of occupation and it is the best way to trade. It keeps me on track while viewing bumpy charts, jumpy ticks, and gyrating numbers and it's what helps put things into viewable rhythms. Music is what keeps me in the zone and allows me to go along on the ride, but it's the alpha waves it creates that helps me reach my destination.

Beethoven Piano Sonata no.17

Happy Trading, Living and Dancing

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