Friday, April 9, 2010

The Daily Note - Gold Like Fire

Go for the Gold is a cry we hear often in sports. We don't say go for the diamond or the platinum although they may be more valuable, we identify with gold as the most precious metal. Psychologically the metal also brings feelings of warmth because of its resemblance to the sun. Visiting museums all over the world it is gold that was the most widely used symbol of wealth. It was reserved for kings and queens as symbol of leadership and worship.

We in our modern history have left much of its worship behind, but if we really assess the recent condition of our economy it would not take to much a leap to realize that it's value could be again most widely coveted. Imagine if the paper currency got devalued of worse if it totally failed.

We are so tied into a world economy that the reality of too big to fail comes home fast but the answer of who will bail us out is nowhere in sight. Look at the difficulty of Greece and then multiplying that, the result is panic. What will you use to help yourself survive and consider what would be first confiscated by a desperate government. It has been done many times and it could happen again.

Yes, gold could again be used as currency and we could worship it again and could use it again as the reason to kill many. We'd like to think we are civilized beings obeying all rules, but the rules of survival are not civilized; survival is at the very core of our evolution and without faith, yes, a faith in God, it could spark anew.

I propose it's our faith in God that will keep us civilized, not a lot of man written rules. Our forefathers knew that and that's why they wrote so few.

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